Monday, November 19, 2007

hehehe, cardio Kickboxing class #4

Sorry, I didn't post anything about last weeks cardio class...between my computer being hormonal, blogger not letting me post pics and or anything really I didn't get it posted. So since all of the above are working, here I am posting about it :D!
Last weeks class was all about the lower body, and boy was it a work out!! That class I thought was a bit more intense, lol, just to give you an idea of how intense it was...I was going strong at the beginning. We were doing knee raises, and I had my knee raises and kicks high...then at the end I could harldy lift my legs ...I pushed myself to keep going and to raise them as high as I could. All the exercises, you could feel a burn in your legs and surrounding was a good burn though...meant we were really giving them a work out :)! Lol, I still need help in the coordination perhaps it is the rhythm department...either way some of the routines we did I had to watch 2 or 3 times before I joined it. I was glad to see I wasn't the only one having these issues, made me feel better!! The thing I noticed that if I watch the instructor until I get the hang of the routine, then find a spot on the wall or floor to look at I can keep that routine going...but if I go back to watching her I fumble.
I am looking forward to tonights class :D, I am ready for this class...although it is really really chilly out there this morning and I don't like this chill to the bone feeling. The good news is that tonight at the gym, there will be mirrors installed...our instructor says that will help thoughts are great now I will get all messed up and I really don't want to see myself doing the Cardio Kickboxing. Lol, silly I know...
Let you know how that class goes tomorrow...