Thursday, November 22, 2007

I need some altering help :P

Okay, so I bought 2 yes 2 of these boxes to alter...the dimensions are :8 1/2" by 5" by 2 and a bit" (like that last measurement?, tee hee)! I am altering these for one of my family members and my sons teacher at school, but am in need of some help...perhaps lots of help :p! I am wondering if you have any tips for covering these with patterned paper...I am looking at my 12*12 patterned paper thinking this isn't going to work as easily as I thought it would. So, I figured I would come on here and as what would be the easiest way to cover these two boxes?? Any tips would be helpful :)! Would you cover the bottom too, or leave it blank and just work on the top, or would you cover the whole thing?? Lol, yes, this is my first box altering experience :p!

Oh and Happy Thanksgiving to all you American neighbours of mine :)!


Tracy.H said...

I say ask the Altering Queen...Julie!! ;0)