Sunday, September 30, 2007

please try it

Lol, forgot to add this to my last post...please try the folio out and e-mail me some pics of your creations :)...can't wait to see them.

Have a super week :D!

Card Folio's over at Just a Little Something's blog that I cased

Check these cute and fun looking things out, looks like they might be a good xmas gift idea or something I will have to try out soon :D! Here's what I found on their site.

The directions for the folio itself are easy peasy! Holding your paper vertically, score at 2". Then holding your paper horizontally, score at 5 1/2.Fold on all score lines with a bone folder. Decorate the cover however you wish, and using a hole punch, place a hole in each pocket side to thread ribbon through to hold the folio shut.You all know that I just love my "Think Happy Thoughts" set. Its totally affordable and I use it all the time. Looks just sweet with the scalloped circle punch! This was a great excuse to pull it out again!

Notecard mat is made with cardstock measuring 5 1/2 x 4 1/4 and the actual note made of neutral cardstock 1/4 inch smaller all around.
I like to decorate them either with a simple stamp, or a strip of designer paper with a matching accent.
In this case, I thought the Three For You punch makes a sweet little adornment (and um, was super quick!) I also added a vintage brad to the center of each flower.

The folio will hold four cards on one side, and four envies on the other.
Voila! You're done! Have a great day everyone!

Here's the link in case you want to see more of Joanne B's work, she does amazing stuff :D!

Saturday, September 29, 2007

Cased card

I needed a card for my dh's nanny, her Birthday is coming up and wanted to do something new so when I was browsing through the Paper Craft November issue I came across this card and thought it would be perfect. Debbie Olson from Norway, MI made the card that I had cased from the magazine :)!

I used white cardstock as m base for my card, then I cut a piece of baby blue cardstock that I had gotten from Kim Prince the other night when I was at Julie's SU night. I then got a white piece of water color paper, and cut a piece of chocolate chip cardstock to fit with the white square piece of white water color paper. I then attached the white cardstock and the chocolate chip cardstock together, then attached them to the blue piece of cardstock that was on the white base. Next, I stamped the "Doodle This" flower stamp onto the white water color cardstock and then I stamped the corner flourish from the same set on the blue cardstock and then onto the white water color cardstock. I took some of my Tombow markers and colored in the flower and whatever corner flourish was showing on the white cardstock, then I took the white pen from SU and colored certain parts of the corner flourish with the white pen. I had a corner piece that I was going to use for another project, but in the end I didn't use it for that and decided this would look perfect for this card. I then used my Word program and printed out the Happy Birthday sentiment onto a white piece of computer paper...attached it to my card and voila almost the same card.

I must say that it was hard to get the corner flourish stamped onto the cardstock like Debbie did on her card...did the best I could. I feel that my card is now lacking something, lol, perhaps one of you have some suggestions?? Let me know what you think please :D!

I gave in finally

yip, that I did...gave in finally!! I have a few of those Michael's 1.5o stamps, also a few acrylic stamp sets and haven't really had a place to put them...been sort of storing them in several empty diaper wipe containers. So, yesterday was the day that I sat down and put all of my clear stamps in cd they are in a more organized state...and I got my cd cases from my local Superstore because my local dollar store didn't have. Plus, they had no idea if they would get them in again and or where they were kept...they were basically as helpful as the staff at Michael's :p! I love this idea of storing them there in these cases, I even glued the printed images that came with the stamps on some plain recipe cards so that I could tuck them into the same case as the stamps. I also decided that now was the time to do this, because I figured I would only be getting more of these kinds of stamps and not less :p!

look at this cute project

The other night, when I was at Julie's SU party I also got to browse through and borrow Kim Princes "CTMH" catty. Oh, boy talk about trouble now :p! There are lots of things I have my eye on in this catty...must haves!! Anyways, when I was browsing through this catty I came across this cute idea that I just might have to case and see what I can come up with but I had to share it with you all :D. It is too cute :), or so I thought anyways!

CCE Card for month September

This is a card I recieved in the mail for Septembers CCE group #6 card exchange, and it was made by Marcia Smelser. Love the technique she used for the front of her card, it looks like she crumped up her paper and colored it with colored pencils or something...I will have to find out :D! Thank you so much for the card :)!

CCE Cuttlebug Card swap cards

Here are some of the cards that I recieved in a "Cuttlebug" cardswap that I participated in, that Julie was the host of. I am only showing you a few for now because I am playing around with some of the other pictures to see if I can get a better pic of them with my camera...some of them are looking either too bright or too dark...hard to explain. Oh yeah, with each card we made (5 each)...we were to include 5 Cuttlebuged pieces of cardstock for the other players.

The first card is from Liz Whitty, Love the stamped image and that cuttle bug folder that she used :)! I also love the barely banana cardstock she used as her card base...wonderful work she does :)!!

The second card that I recieved was made by Tracy Houghton, and she used what looks like to be silver cardstock to use the "Snowflake" Cuttlebug folder on. You got to love this lovely santa stamp she used for the main image of this card...and she added little touches on the card using a silver pen to color in some of the snowflakes, Santa's glasses. Love this card Tracy, and love all the work she's the link to her blog : Check it out :)!

The third card was made by Julie, wow is all I have to is stunning and very elegant looking. I also love her work she does...check out her altered tins :)! I love that stamped flower she used for her stamped image on her card. You can check out her blog at , you won't be disappointed that is for sure.

The other two cards will be posted as soon as I get them looking like I feel they post them now won't even do them justice that they deserve...sorry for your wait on these other two pics.

Friday, September 28, 2007

SU night at Julies

Last night I went to Julie's for a SU night, we made 3 different cards last night and they were all a lot of fun to make. It was neat last night one side of the table there were the more experienced stampers, then there were some who either were newbies or had some experience but not a lot. The side I was on made one card, while the other side made a different card...the funny thing was that the side that was newer at the card making thing got their first card done really fast. Whereas, we took a bit to get our first card was all the ribbons fault that we had to thread the ribbon threw the holes once and then again through the same holes. We all had fun making these cards, no matter what level of card making experience we had :)!

The first card that my side of the table made, was a very beautiful Christmas card and I must say that I was REALLY looking forward to making this card just because I hadn't really decided on what card to make for my Christmas card. Yes, I know I made one the other day that I claimed was going to be my xmas card...but then I spied this card...oh what the heck...I will do both :p!

The second card that my side of the table made was made using "Pumpkin pie" SU cardstock as the base of our card, and "Green Galore" as our second layer of our card, and finally the last layer was the glossy SU paper. We took our glossy paper, stamped the trees from the "Lovely As a Tree" set using the VersaMark onto our glossy cardstock and then we used the Spectrum pad and a wheel to wheel our colors over top of our stamped image. Next, we stamped the "Happy Thanksgiving" sentiment onto our glossy carstock with a few stamped images of leaves using black SU ink and then we attached the glossy cardstock onto the "Green Galore" cardstock. Then we attached those two, to the "Pumpkin pie" cardstock base and Voila card number two done :)!

The final card that we made we used "Bashful Blue" cardstock as our card base, then we stamped snowflakes onto our white cardstock using the "Bashful Blue" SU ink pad and then attached it to the card base. Next, we stamped "Happy Holidays" sentiment onto another piece of white cardstock using the same Bashful blue ink pad, then attached them onto the snoflake stamped card base. We then took a small chipboard frame and covered it with some patterned paper, then sanded the edges of the frame. We then took a scrap piece of white cardstock and stamped a nowman image onto it using Bashful blue ink, then colored in the snowman using SU markers. We then attached the snowman onto the chipboard piece, then attached them both to the front of the card...onto the snowflake stamped cardstock. I must say that I also really loved this card too, and it was my first time using chipboard on a card...I must say I might have to use it a bit more :D!

I was so happy though because I got my Lizzie Anne Design stamp set "Jolies Fleurs" from Kim Prince, and this is the stamp set I will be using on my drafting table. I am sooooooooexcited about getting the table done, but it will have to wait because I have a few other projects on the go right now.

Thursday, September 27, 2007

Before pics of my drafting table :)

The items you see on the table right now....the butterfly there, is only stuck on with that putty stuff and will be incorporated back into the table once I stamp on it. Here is the before shot of my drafting table :), with after shots to follow in a few days because I have to do a bit of planning and stuff.

Sorry the picture isn't too bright...dunno why that is because it was bright on the camera...anyways, gotta play around with that I guess.

My exciting computer update, actually not that exciting :p

Well, I got my computer is like new...hurray, well new in the sense non of my brothers Aramaic files or Latin software is there anymore :D! This computer used to be my brother's until he upgraded to some new Apple computer, and he gave me this one because he knew how much better his was. My brother took Theology in University, and is a very very intellegent, when he was in University he took aramaic, Latin, Greek etc...he is now teaching my nephew who is 9 some Greek or Latin. Anyways, I am now in the process of getting my e-mail up and running and several other programs that I had added on to the computer before it went in to get a re-installation. I will be posting some pics soon of my new drafting table...before shots that is...not after...getting some beautiful stamps tonight and will start stamping tomorrow sometime I think :D!
I gotta run, looking after Julies children tonight so she can goto the fun cirriculum night at her older daughter's (my older son's fiance) school. Then I get to stay late, because Julie is also hosting a SU party tonight...tee excited am I???

Well, I will ttyl and I hope you are all doing fine :)! Oh, since I am here...Cathy I mailed out your goodies today :)!!!

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Ty, Brenda Santer

Thank you Brenda Santer for your wonderful card, I just got it in my mail this afternoon. It is for the September CCE #6 card swap, and wanted to share it with all of you :)!

Update on the computer saga, lol, I got a call this morning saying that it took a lot longer for the Windows 200 to be re-installed on my computer and it won't be ready until tomorrow morning. Then I thought oh no, it will cost more $$ to get fixed since it took longer than expected. Just as I had that thought the man assured me that he won't charge me anymore than what he quoted me before...nice of him I thought :)! I miss my computer....this one I am on right now is old and slow.....

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Winner is....

Okay, the winner of some great blog candy is: CATHY!!! congratulations, and thank you everyone for checking in when you can, reading my blog :), and of course leaving wonderful comments :)! I need your snail mail addy Cathy, so please e-mail me at with your addy :)....congrats again...oh yeah, I used the random number generator to get the winner for this candy. Lol, suppose you are wondering what you won, have won 5 clear "G Studio" stamp sets for a variety of occasions...hope you like them :).

Have a super day :)! Will keep you posted on my puters progress :P!

My poor puter

My computer is at the computer hospital, lol, it needs to have Windows 2000 re-installed (grumbling under breath). Luckily I found someone near where I live who can fix computers and at a good price, I will get it back in a day or two :( *eye twitching*. Thought I wouldn't be able to post on my old sllllooooowwww computer, and would have to delay drawing for my blog candy (not good right!!).

While I was throwing fits this morning early, I thought I would create a card but feels it is lacking's the picture of it (yes, Julie figured out how to get it on here :) ) so you can help me with adding something to it.

Meanwhile I will tell you what I used to make this card :)!! I used the new SU color cardstock called "River Rock", marked it at 4 16 " mark by 5 1/2" mark and cut off what wasn't needed. Was using the "River Rock" cardstock for my cards base, and next I took a piece of white scrap cardstock that I had and I stamped the tree image onto it (the stamp set that I used to make this card is called " Collectors Edition Holiday Cheer" from the Clear Design" stamp set from Hero Arts. Cute stamp set I picked up a few weeks ago at Carsand Mosher PhotoMemories store, I walked by it and I just couldn't leave it there :p. I then measured and cut out a red piece of cardstock (Crimson flat Cardstock from Carousel), that I had left over from another project I did awhile ago... then attached my tree stamped image to the red cardstock with the Photo stickers. Next, I stamped and colored my bird image...then I cut him out carefully and attched him to the cardstock using the photodots. I also used versamark ink pad to add the "Snowflake" looking image that you see all over my cardbase, then I attached the red cardstock with stamped tree image and bird image onto my base using the photo dots. Then I added the sentiment using my black "Brilliance" ink pad, at the bottom of my stamped image :)! Now, I feel that this card is lacking something and am looking to you for help :)...any ideas??

Monday, September 24, 2007

sorry for no pics lately

Just an update, my camera still won't upload pics onto my puter...going to go get it checked out today I think because I am in need of it to upload pictures. Sorry, about no pics :)...will get it up and running soon :D!
Hope you all have a great day :D!

Saturday, September 22, 2007

My weekend purchase

Background history to my story/weekend:

There is a well known yard sale around my area, that is called the 75 mile yard sale...I thought it was this weekend (guess how pumped I was about it, too pumped)...then I found out it was last weekend. My balloon deflated quickly, and was disappointed that I had missed probably several good deals.

My story:

For a little while I have been wanting a craft table, one to create all my paper projects on, one to create all my cards on, one I didn't have to clear off because I had to set the table. I came up with having a drafting table, so the search began (a quiet search mind you), but didn't ever think I would find one this fast and at a reasonable...ok not reasonable but a bargain, nope still not right. I would have to say the word I might find is a "screaming deal" a good, okay I think you get the jist :p!
I looked on a site called Kijiji, it is a site that is for every city ( I think that is how it works) and you type in what you are looking for and ads will pop up corresponding to what you are looking for. I have used this site in the past, I must warn you it isan addictive site, and have been pretty satisfied with the things I have gotten from the people. So I typed in "Drafting table" into the search box, and several (2-3 pages) worth of ads popped I started going through the ads. I came across this one ad, about a drafting table being gotten rid of at the "75 mile" yard sale this weekend (lol, this weekend...really was last weekend) and so I sent off a message to the seller. I asked if the table was still available, if it was in good condition and I asked how much they were asking for it... keeping in mind it was probably way out of my price range but one could be hopeful right?? They replied almost right away, telling me that it was still available, that the yard sale was last weekend (there hear it...that noise was my bubble bursting lol) and that they were asking $20.oo for it. I decided that I should go take a look at it, so I called up my parents (who own a truck) to see if they were available and they said they they came with me to check this table out. For that price I was expecting to find a piece of not worth $20.oo one that was like from the 18th century (lol, not even sure they had them then)! I drove in there this morning to check it out, I was surprised to see what I found!! It was in great shape, it folds up easily (bonus), it does need a good cleaning, it does have 2 chips out of the top of the table but easily fixable I think. Glad to have one of those able to fix pretty much anything kind of dh's :) , who would do anything he could to fix it :)! So I got it, my parents drove it out to our home and it is sitting next to me right now waiting to find that perfect new place to put to do some cleaning of my crafty corner first. I am excited :D, if you couldn't tell from this post !!
Anyways, I am looking at this white table....thinking "my that is one white table, lol...with a bit of dirt and paint on it." I am interested in or thinking about doing something fun to the top of this table...I know I should wait for dh to fix the top first before I do something else to it. I was wanting to either paint something on it...put some really nice paper (like Martha Stewart paper) and put some protective coating on it. I need ideas ladies, or suggestions, I would love some inspiration please...there might be a little itty bitty blog candy involved here too :D!! I would love to have any ideas you might have, and for those wonderful ideas I will give you a chance at winning some yummy little blog candy. How's that for an win I think :D! I will leave this open until Tuesday of this week at lunch :D! So post away :D!

Out of the Mouths of babes

Yesterday morning myself, my middle son who is 3 and my lil dd were invited over to Julie's house for a playdate. Julie and I were standing in her kitchen talking, enjoying some yogurt and our morning coffees as our middle children ran around and played. Next thing, my son comes up the stairs from her basement and starts talking about Julie's he wants Julie to get the kitty and put it somewhere. Out of the blue in the middle of a sentence about the kitty, he says the following "I have a penis!"...then continued on about the kitty all in one breath. Lol, Julie responded "Yes, you do!" It was a good thing that I didn't have coffee in my mouth because I would have choked...then he went by me and started working on a "Dora Puzzle" on her fridge. We tried to not laugh when he was watching, but that only made it worse and I laughed so hard I started to least it was at Julie's and not at the bank or middle of the grocery store. never know what these little one's will say..I can only imagine what we all said in public when we were little to mortify our parents.

Friday, September 21, 2007

No stamps I guess...

Well, I am seriously starting to wonder about those RSF (Rubber Stamping Fun) stamp sets...for the review team that I belong to. Still haven't seen them in my mailbox, still haven't gotten an e-mail about them...wondering if we in Nova Scotia or Canada are ever going to get them. I called the number on their site, I get a voice recording saying that the person I am trying to reach isn't there. So I go online to the site, in hopes to talk on their chat hook up but that isn't working either...I sent e-mails but alas nothing still. Anyone else try to contact them or recieved their stamps who live in Canada???

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Another fun thing I found :D

I found this over at Come Stamp With Me Blog I I thought I would start it here :D!

1. WERE YOU NAMED AFTER ANYONE? Nope, not that I know of...

2. WHEN WAS THE LAST TIME YOU CRIED? Over the weekend, because I was home alone dealing with my sick middle child and my dd...while my dh was off camping with my older son with our churches annual retreat. No, sleep...I was worried about what my son had...I think the lack of sleep helped with the over emotional me :p because I am usually not so emotional.

3. DO YOU LIKE YOUR HANDWRITING? Somedays I do and somedays I don't


5. DO YOU HAVE KIDS? 3 children (2 boys and a girl)


7. DO YOU USE SARCASM A LOT? lol, depends on the circumstances...


9. WOULD YOU BUNGEE JUMP? nope, hate heights

10. WHAT IS YOUR FAVORITE CEREAL? fresh homemade granola (my Oma makes the best)

11. DO YOU UNTIE YOUR SHOES WHEN YOU TAKE THEM OFF? don't have ties on my shoes I wear slip on kind of shoes that look like clogs

12. DO YOU THINK YOU ARE STRONG? Depends on what kind of strong we are talking about...physically...not really. Emotionally, yep...depending on what it is. But as I look at it God doesn't give us things we can't handle...sure it might seem like we can't handle them at the time but in the end looking back we can smile and say I got through that. When it comes to rubber stamping stores, and craft stores am I strong to not buy anything...heck no, lol...I can never seem to leave without just one little thing.


14. WHAT IS THE FIRST THING YOU NOTICE ABOUT PEOPLE? Smiles (whether it be in their eyes or mouth), how they handle themselves... behaviour wise I mean.

15. Red or Pink? pink (lol, sorry am into pink things since my dd came a long).

16. WHAT IS THE LEAST FAVORITE THING ABOUT YOURSELF? My flabby baby fat tummy ( and yes Julie even I have one of those) with stretch marks to boot...need to get rid of that....

.17. WHO DO YOU MISS THE MOST? My nana, she meant the world to me...we were so close...oh how I miss her...

18. WHAT COLOR PANTS AND SHOES ARE YOU WEARING? I am wearing AE (American Eagle) jeans, and no shoes...just socks

19. WHAT WAS THE LAST THING YOU ATE? Boiled dinner ( lol)

20. WHAT ARE YOU LISTENING TO RIGHT NOW? Diego movie, my dd trying to goto sleep...


22. FAVORITE SMELLS? Coffee, or Tim Hortons


24. DO YOU LIKE THE PERSON WHO SENT THIS TO YOU? n/a since I kinda cased this from someone elses blog :p!

25. FAVORITE SPORTS TO WATCH? soccer, Arial Skiing

26. HAIR COLOR? dark brown

27. EYE COLOR? Hazle with green mixed in

28. DO YOU WEAR CONTACTS? nope...wish I had em though...

29. FAVORITE FOOD? Pizza or is it Boiled dinner :p!


31. LAST MOVIE YOU WATCHED? Diego and the wolf pup movie :p!


33. SUMMER OR WINTER? Summer definitely

34. FAVORITE DESSERT? any kind of cheesecake

35. WHAT BOOK ARE YOU READING NOW? read Good Night moon :p!

36. WHAT IS ON YOUR MOUSE PAD? drops of water...not real water...just picture of drops of water...

37. WHAT DID YOU WATCH ON TV LAST NIGHT? watched Criminal Minds

38. FAVORITE SOUND? Belly laugh from a baby



41. DO YOU HAVE A SPECIAL TALENT? card making or paper crafts/rubber stamping projects

42. WHERE WERE YOU BORN? Sydney, Cape Breton

I tag all of you who are reading this :p! Have fun :D!

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Gack, I almost forgot...

I forgot to tell you about this cool Sizzix Sizzlet die I picked up too, it was a flourish die...I asked one of the workers there ( as much as I hate asking them things, because they usually don't know what they are talking about) if you can use it with the Cuttlebug. The lady I talked to knew what she was talking about :), she said I could use it with the I thanked her and went on my way...sorry I forgot this essential item :p!

My trip into Photo Memories and Michael's

Lol, so I have been couped up in my house since Wed afternoon when my little guy (the 3 year old) came down with a weird started with sore legs (the kind of pain you would have if you were stiff). Thursday morning he woke up with a fever, legs so sore that I had to carry him everywhere and he cried the whole day because of the pain...his arms, tummy and mouth hurt him too. Took him into our local children's hosptial and they had no clue what was wrong with him, they did blood work to rule out things...we didn't hear back from the blood work so we assume that it is fine. Friday morning he woke up, no leg pains, or other pains but he had mouth sores all over his canker sores I took him back into the IWK, they said they didn't really know what was going on with him...didn't do a great check up of him either...they just looked in his mouth that was it. He aslo had a rash that I was hoping they would look at, but they didn't...they just said give him Tylenol and let him rest...the other thing is he hasn't really eaten since Thursday morning. All he has been having is popsicles, freezees and juice...I managed to get him to have a bowl of yogurt with some cereal...but he didn't really really want it. My oldest we thought started with the same thing Sunday night, but he didn't get it...dunno what he had!!
Anyways, so as you can imagine I was getting kinda shack happy today (the second day my son has felt better) I decided I needed to get out and what a perfect place to goto would be Michael's and Photo Memories in Bayers Lake. See I had a 50% coupon from Michael's and I heard that there was a paper sale at Photo Memories 10 sheets of paper for $4.oo (not a lot there to choose from for the 10 sheets for $4.oo). I was looking for some xmas cardstock besides which to start on my xmas cards...they usually have beautiful paper and a wide selection. Well, anywho I went into the store and guess who I saw there :D???? I saw Julie *waves hi* (just have to add this in here that Julie looked great, great job Julie) , my son gave her a hug (he just loves her to pieces as well as her daughters) and so we walked around the store together a bit. I was disappointed by their xmas paper selection, just because most of it was glossy kind of paper, it was beautiful paper, but I just wasn't looking or wanting for glossy paper. I got some pretty neat stamp sets (clear one's, Gel-a-tin and "Clear Design" Collectors Edition-xmas one's), and then some paper...not xmas...and stickers (a package for my middle son and a package for my oldest). I said goodbye to Julie and showed her what I bought, because I just couldn't leave without showing her my finds :p! I left Julie in awe of the place, since it was only her first time in that starting to wonder if it was wise to have left her there by herself in a place like that :p *just teasing*.
I then went over to Michael's with low expectations, not looking for anything in particular, but I did find TONS. First off I must say RUN RUN RUN to Michael's, they have a LARGE pad of paper of 90 sheets of xmas cardstock for like $12.99 I think it, I couldn't let it sit there. Then I found 2 of the clear Studio G stamp sets that I didn't have (picked up a few for some future blog candy), picked up some ribbon (xmas), picked up 8 or so $1.50 wooden mounted stamps and also some recipe cards also for $1.50. The reason I am telling you about them and not showing you a picture, is because my camera won't let me upload pics anymore...I think it is the cord that isn't working...the cord you plug in from your camera to your computer. As soon as I get it up and running again I will post these pictures of my finds :D! I was stopped at a light on my way home, to notice that Julie was behind me in the line up and I tried to show her the BIG pad of xmas paper..but I don't think she could see very well. Plus, I was getting odd looks from others in line...tee hee...crazy chicks we are!

Four Things...

Four places I have worked.

1. Eastside Mario;s American Italian Eatery (pizza/salad/desert chick)
2. Pizza Delight
3. Beford Baptist Church summer ministry student
4. Daycare

Four places I have lived.

1. Truro, N.S.
2. Dartmouth
3. Halifax
4. Barrington Passage, N.S.

Four places I have been on vacation.

1. Toronto
2. Sebim Beach, parents cottage
3. Newfoundland
4. cape breton

Four of my favorite foods.

1. Boiled dinner (Corn Beef, cabbage, potatoes, carrots)
2. chocolate
3. pizza
4. cheesecake

Four places I would rather be right now.

1. Newfoundland
2. stamping with friends
3. Costa Rica
4. at a spa :p!

Four friends most likely to respond.

2-Tracy H.
4- Rebecca

I think I will tag you all...oh, I got this from blog...check it out she has a super blog :D!

Monday, September 17, 2007

camera won't upload pics, I think it has to do with cable

Here's a picture that I have tried to upload all day, my camera's cable won't work like it did the other uploading pics for a little while :(! Anyways, here is a card that I made today for my dh's Grandad...he had a knee replacement surgery this morning and I knew that he had been a little worried about having it done. But all went well, and he should be home by Wed or so we hope :)!

For this card I used the stamp set "Winds of Grace" SU stamp set, which I had gotten so that I could finally start making some masculin sorta cards. I used a leftover piece of blue cardstock, and several other pieces of scrap paper from my scrap paper folder. I used my watercolors and painted in the Light house stamped image, I also used some "Swarovski" crystals in the bottom right hand corner of the card. The sentiment I got from "Hero Arts" little messages set, and the ribbon (brown and black gingham) I got from Michael's during one of their ribbon sales a few months back. Oh yeah, the Versamark was used with the "waves" stamp from that "Winds of Grace" set...I used it to make patterned paper....
Hope you like it :)!

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Just Thinking

Good Morning everyone :)! Last night I went to the grocery store, and I picked up the newest copy of the Paper Craft mag. which I was thrilled about because I needed something to perk up my weekend. When I got 2 of my 3 children into bed, I broke out my mag to have some much needed "ME Time" and I came across this card contest that kind of caught my eye. I usually by pass these card making contests, but this time I am feeling the urge to enter...but I don't know what is allowed to be for instance can I use Cuttlebug folders or house mouse stamps etc. or do they all have to be SU?? If anyone has entered one of these card making contests before, I would love to hear from you about it :)!!
Thanks, and I will post more things later on :D!

Saturday, September 15, 2007

check this link out please

This above link is for some directions on how to make picture coasters, you should check this out...and here is the link that shows you one persons picture coasters:

Love what this lady did :)! Hmmm...might be good xmas gifts.

Cards for Julies Cuttlebug card swap

Here are some cards that I made for Julie's Cuttlebug card swap, so if you were part of this card swap and you don't want to see what I created for the swap then I suggest you might want to cover your eyes. I must say that at first I was having diffculties trying to figure out what I could do for the cards, I was thinking one can only do so much with these folders that would look great or okay. I went over to splitcoast stampers and did some research, lol, I checked out what others had done over there using their Cuttlebug folders...that's when I saw the possibilities were endless. So that is when I became excited about this card swap, and here is what I came up with...I hope you enjoy :D! Oh yeah, for all my cards I used white cardstock as my base and added things on from there...I got that white cardstock from "Carousel Rubberstamp" store.

For my first card, I used dark green cardstock that I got from "Carousel Rubberstamp" store and I used the "Script" cuttlebug folder on it. I then used a stamped image "treat for two" (I believe it was called), I watercolored in the image and I let it dry before I mounted it onto a piece of chocolate chip cardstock. I then thought my image was still lacking something, and so I created those corner pieces using some scraps of paper I had from my scrap paper folder I have. Yes, I measured and cut out those 4 corner edges myself and I didn't use the punch that you can get from SU...crazy stamper I know, lol, just following in Julies footsteps for cutting out her scalloped edges out by hand. I also added, some brads that I had purchased from Michael's several months ago...had to find the right brad that suited my project took a few tries before I got it just right. I must say that I am impressed by how this card turned out :D!

For my next card I used some blue patterned cardstock (it has little white circles all over the cardstock and some little blue dots I believe) that I had gotten from Michael's, it came out of their packages of mulitple patterned papers that were on sale a few months ago. I used the snowflake Cuttlebug folder on the paper, and then I was stumped as to where the path of this card was going. Then it came to me that I should use my circle punch in the front of the card, put a sentiment in the window of the card, add a ribbon (I got the ribbon from Michael's) and then add 2 "Swarovski" crystals where the stars were in the sentiment.

The next card that I made I used dark green cardstock, that I had gotten from "Carousel" and used some scraps of chocolate chip cardstock and the birthday Cuttlebug folder on the chocolate cardstock. I then cut the chocolate embossed cardstock lengthwise so that now I have 3 strips of the "Happy Birthday" paper, I attached them to my green cardstock and I used a small stamp from a stamp set that my sister got me for xmas from Michael's (if you want to know the name of that stamp set let me know). I used the versamark to mark the stamped images onto my green cardstock, and then I added 2 heart brads that I had also gotten from Michael's. Love how this card turned out too :), I think it was because of the layout I came up with for the card!

For the next card I made, I used some barely banana cardstock from SU and used the Daisy looking cuttle bug folder. I then attached the embossed cardstock to the white cardstock base that I had made. Next, I used my 2 SU tag punches and made a cute little tag, I attached the tag to the embossed cardstock using the glue dots. Then I added grosgrain ribbon, that I had gotten at Michael's when they ahd some ribbon on sale :)! I also added a sentiment on the tag, the sentiment is from one of the $1.5o stamp sets that I picked up from Michael's as well :)!

The next and final card that I made ,I used some dark green cardstock, that had gotten from "Carousel" and I stamped a swirl kind of image onto the cardstock using my Versamark ink pad. Next I used some left over piece of Barely Banana cardstock from SU to use the "Thank you" Cuttlebug folder on. I attached it using photo stickers, and then I added a metal flower clip to the cards left corner. I felt the card needed something in the corner but didn't want to use brads again.

a card I made using Baroque Motif set

lol, bout time I made something else for you all to view I know...sorry bout that. Here is a card I made the other day, don't ask me what it was for because I can't remember :p! Sorry the picture is dark...don't know what happened there!! I used the "Baroque Motif" set that I borrowed from Julie, while I waited for my set to arrive :D! I used some of those Swarovski crystals to spice my card up a bit, used chocolate chip and white card stock from "Carousel Rubberstamp store". I also used some pink scrap cardstock that I probably also got from the "Carousel Rubber stamp store".
I must say that I really like this set a lot now, and I look forward to seeing what else I can do with it :D!

Look I can stand

These are pictures of my dd that I took as I came around the corner into the kitchen...she didn't know I came in. Lol, and to my surprise this is what I found :) and I didn't know she could do either:
*Sigh* time to move my things up to a new level, lol, I was hoping that I wouldn't have to do that this soon but I guess I do.

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Hey mommy look at me

Here's my dd playing with a new doll, we have gone to several playdates at friends houses who have dolls and she just loves I felt it high time to get her one. She likes this one, but I got a new one the other day that was put out by Lamaze or whatever that company is called. Her dress crinkles, she has a flower shaped rattle on her dress and she is colorful (will take a picture later of this doll so you can all see). I caught her playing with this first doll the other day, and so I had to run and take pictures of this occasion. Sure she is a little rough with it, but you should hear the noises she makes when she is playing with it...the cooing and giggles. Isn't it amazing how it seems that we are all programmed to play with the trucks or the dolls?? I always find this so interesting, lol, perhaps it is because I took Early Childhood Education in College. I love this age just because they are always exploring their world, soaking it all up and learning. Cause and effect learning...

grrr I am mad at my blog counter....

when I added the new blog template I didn't realize that I forgot to copy down my blog counter I couldn't remember what the number was so I started from 2000...

Lol, what do you think of my new blog template

Lol, okay sorry bout the multiple puns there in my header...just realized that after I loaded it up and stuff....tee hee. I am bad :p! So please tell me what you think...made 5 cards for Julies card exchange that are due in her hands tomorrow, I will post them later for all of you to enjoy :D!

Monday, September 10, 2007

Doesn't that just rot your socks....

On the weekend I was at the mall with my mil (mother in law), found a really nice dressy blouse that I really liked but we didn't have time for me to try it off we went. I went into the city today, left my middle child at my mom's place so I could hurry out to the mall and try on the blouse. I got there and they didn't have my size, but I noticed they had just gotten an order in...but the delivery guy didn't leave them the inventory sheet of what he had left for them. So they told me it wouldn't be until tomorrow that they would have everything out...or knew what was going on...frustrating of what. That was the only reason I went there to the mall, I was all excited, and then they burst my balloon of excitement. Sooooooo, I am going to go in the next couple of days...and hopefully they will have my size in...will let you know what happens next in this blouse saga.

Friday, September 7, 2007

Not Baroque Anymore :)

Okay, so I think I got my card making groove back :)! Last night I had to make a Thank you card for a couple who was giving away a lot of wood for free, great big hugs logs and some stuff that had already been cut up. So my hubby loaded up one truck load last night, and is going back again tonight for another truck, I think he may need to make a 3rd trip but we will see. So, I thought I would make them a nice card!
Sorry that this picture turned out kinda dark, it really wasn't that dark on my camera...

This second card is for my dh's Aunt, she just lost her grandmother recently and I thought it would be nice to send her family a card. For both these cards I used "Baroque Motif" stamp set, used "Brillance inks" to stamp the images and I used "chocolate chip" cardstock from Carousel Rubber Stamp store as well as the other white cardstock. I also used some eyelets and ribbon that I got from Michaels, in their sale bins :D! Gotta luv those sale bins :D!

I will be making a few more cards later, will post them once I am done :D...have a super day :)!

Thursday, September 6, 2007

My card making mojo is baroque :P

Sorry, had to make a joke out of that...since I have to make a sympathy card for my dh's Aunt who just lost her grandmother. I plan on using the Baroque motif stamp set for the card...Anywho, that title is correct mojo is broke or missing or something. I just don't have what I had before to make cards constantly...and I miss it and want it back :(! So if anyone has seen my cardmaking mojo tell it to come back instantly please :)!

My sons first day of Primary

Well, yesterday was the BIG day in our house where our oldest started Primary and he has to be bused to school too (about a 45 min bus ride). He was so excited yesterday that he forgot what liquid is supposed to go on your cereal...he grabbed the juice container and poured a good 1/2 c of raspberry juice onto his "Honeynut Cheerios". When he did it is looked at me and said "Sorry mommy, but this is not a good start to my Primary day!" Lol, that just melted my heart when he said that :)! This first picture is of him after we got the juice out of his cereal, and my dh was helping him with pouring of the milk...poor guy!

This next picture is of my son holding his lunch box up, it was important that I took this picture because it is a "Lightening Mcqueen" lunch box and it si one that he picked out. See a theme here??

The following picture is my son out on our front deck showing off his "Lightening Mcqueen" backpack, and his huge smile :).

And then there is this picture with a BIGGER smile...can you tell he is excited?? Lol, poor child was so excited he didn't know if he was coming or going or what to do with

Here is the route we walk every morning at about 7:oo a.m. to get to my sons bus stop, nice pretty route but I must say this morning was kind of nippy. The bus comes at 7:05 a.m. and arrives back to our house at 2:13 or there abouts in the afternoon.

This next picture is of my son getting on the school bus without giving me a hug or a kiss goodbye or no wave looking back. Lol, mommy felt sad then :(!

This final picture is of my son on our way home from our first day of school, and it was a super one. He loves the teacher, and he is always looking forward to going back :)! I did well, no tears in the morning...but I did miss him throughout the day. I am glad that he is going to school, glad he likes it and his teachers but there is part of me who is feeling kinda empty...know what I mean???

Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Thank you so much Tracy H.

Thank you so much Tracy for this fabulous card, I needed a little something in the mail today...just one of those kinda days that one needs a little surprise to brighten up their day :)! I just love that Bella stamp too and the colors of your card...made it look earthy :)!

More coasters

Here are a few more different coasters of the 6 sets of 6 that I did over the weekend :)! I am done all 6 sets, wow...took me Sunday night and all day Monday at about 3 p.m. to do all the coasters. I dropped them off at her house last night, and I hope to have them there at her shop sometime today or tomorrow :D!

This first coaster I used Baroque Motif stamp set ( I borrowed from Julie, but I have this stamp set on order right now), but I used the "Brilliance dew drop" ink to stamp the fower. It turned out a lot better than the purple "Stayzon" ink, and the Stayzon" ran together and didn't create a crisp image. Don't get me wrong it still looked good, but it just looked better with the lighter ink and sorry this image is sideways didn't notice until I uploaded it.

This coaster was stamped with archival ink, but it took too long to dry and I wasn't happy with the color of the was too orangy I thought....but other than that I am very happy how it turned out...made it look antique like :D! Those were the only two different coasters I made...the others looked like the one's I posted the other day.... Hope you liked them :D!

Have a super day :)! *sniff, sniff* my son starts Primary tomorrow, and he doesn't want me to meet him at the school...he said "Don't worry mommy I will always come home to you at the end of my day!" Lol, what a sweetie pie :)!

Sunday, September 2, 2007

Check this craft space out

Okay, I found this link on another blog *can't remember who's it was, I'll blame it on 5 nights no sleep*. This is one of the most neat, organized craft room I've seen...just amazing, if you click on a drawer or anywhere in the room it will open up and show you what is inside. This lady even has little drawers for her scrap pieces of paper and they are color coordinated :o!!!!! Wow is all I have to say...ok here's the link:


My HUGE coaster project

Okay, here are the first batch of coasters that I have made up for a friend of mine...I will probably use several of these images over again so I won't post them all multiple times. I still have 4 more sets to make...but I might make another 2 sets for her just in case she wants or needs more. The first coaster I used the "Doodle This" stamp set, I love how this one turned out and I love the swirls on the sides :)!

For this next coaster, I used the "Baroque Motif" SU stamp set...I also used both the red and the black "Stayz On" ink. I first stamped and cut out the flower images on a piece of paper, next I stuck them to the tile and then stamped the swirls pattern over top of them. Next, I unpeeled the cut out images and I was left with the spots I was going to stamp my flowers. I then took the small flower stamp and inked it up with red ink then stamped the flowers where I had marked them out before. That technique is called "Masking", for those of you who didn't know...I am new to this "Masking Technique". This one turned out really nicely I think :D! It looks better in person I must say, this image looks too dark...hmm..oh well !!

This next coaster is also from the "Doodle This" SU stamp set, and also another stamp that I like to use :D! I used black "Stayz On" ink for this image too...I found that you had to let the ink totally dry before you sprayed on the Acrylic protective coating on your coaster. If you don't you will have your ink run and make a mess of your coaster...and we don't want that now do we!

On this coaster I used a stamp that I had recieved from Kim from Creative Diversions blog a few weeks ago, and I think tha this was the perfect medium to use this stamp with. It looks kind of Irish or Gaelic or something...anywho, I LOVE how it turned out :)!

The next coaster I used the branch stamp from the "Best Blossoms" SU set, I love how it turned out...what a neat look!

This next stamp set that I used on the next coaster is called the "Asain Garden", it is a clear acrylic stamp set that I picked up from the Photo Memoriesstore in Bayers Lake. It is the store I always get my really nice cardstock for good and fancy shmancy projects :)! I really enjoy using this stamp is put out by "Gel-A-Tin" stamp company. I just got the Birthday "Gel-A-Tin" set the other day at the new stamping/scrapbooking store I found out in Tantallon.

The next coaster I used Penny Blacks script stamp, I just really love all of Penny Blacks stamps but I must say I really like the Hedgehogs :D!

Michael's s $1.5o stamps

I found some new Michael's $1.5o stamp sets yesterday when I was out, and they had a pile left...this would be the Michael's at the Dartmouth Crossings and not the one out in Bayers Lake area. I just love "Hip, Hip, Horray" set, the "Friends Forever" set and the "Just For you" set and the "Happy Birthday set" oh heck...I LOVE them all :P! Oh yeah, they aren't in the usual spot in the multi leveled basket....they are in the long bin unit as you come in the door to the left...and are in the side that is closest to the door.

If you want to get odd looks and comments

Lol, so yesterday I was asked by a friend to make her several (6 different sets of six coasters), I know that is a lot of tile. Anywho, I went to my friendly neighbourhood Home Depot to get the tumble tile that I use to make the coasters. I knew exactly where the section was, I didn't neeed help or anything like that...but one of the employees felt that he had to come talk to me. So he did the usual, "ummmm, hi can I help you?" phrase and I explained that I was just getting several packages of the tile. He said oh you must be doing a floor or a countertop with those...I said that I wasn't using it for counter tops or floors...that I am not that ambitious and I don't have that much patience. Lol, he looked at me kinda weird and said then what on earth are you using it for?? I said I was making Coasters, again I get an odd look, so I then explained that I was making something for drinks to go on. Lol, he just said "I see, well good luck with that!" and he walked away. Once I got to the cash, the lady there made sort of the same comment about my tiles...I explained to her what I was doing with all this tile and she thought it was a great idea. I was worried I would have to write down the instructions for several people who overheard me telling the cashier. I didn't in the end...just gave very detailed easy instructions for them to follow. Isn't it funny how some people would never think that something has a multi-purpose use, perhaps this is just something us artsy people have and others lack...I dunno.
I also had 2 people in two different stores ask me what aisle I got my dd in, because they didn't see her anywhere in any aisle. I said that she was in the adhiesive aisle,lol, because at this age they need to be stuck to their mommies and around no one else...tee hee...Lol, these were elderly people too...too funny!