Sunday, September 2, 2007

If you want to get odd looks and comments

Lol, so yesterday I was asked by a friend to make her several (6 different sets of six coasters), I know that is a lot of tile. Anywho, I went to my friendly neighbourhood Home Depot to get the tumble tile that I use to make the coasters. I knew exactly where the section was, I didn't neeed help or anything like that...but one of the employees felt that he had to come talk to me. So he did the usual, "ummmm, hi can I help you?" phrase and I explained that I was just getting several packages of the tile. He said oh you must be doing a floor or a countertop with those...I said that I wasn't using it for counter tops or floors...that I am not that ambitious and I don't have that much patience. Lol, he looked at me kinda weird and said then what on earth are you using it for?? I said I was making Coasters, again I get an odd look, so I then explained that I was making something for drinks to go on. Lol, he just said "I see, well good luck with that!" and he walked away. Once I got to the cash, the lady there made sort of the same comment about my tiles...I explained to her what I was doing with all this tile and she thought it was a great idea. I was worried I would have to write down the instructions for several people who overheard me telling the cashier. I didn't in the end...just gave very detailed easy instructions for them to follow. Isn't it funny how some people would never think that something has a multi-purpose use, perhaps this is just something us artsy people have and others lack...I dunno.
I also had 2 people in two different stores ask me what aisle I got my dd in, because they didn't see her anywhere in any aisle. I said that she was in the adhiesive aisle,lol, because at this age they need to be stuck to their mommies and around no one else...tee hee...Lol, these were elderly people too...too funny!