Monday, September 10, 2007

Doesn't that just rot your socks....

On the weekend I was at the mall with my mil (mother in law), found a really nice dressy blouse that I really liked but we didn't have time for me to try it off we went. I went into the city today, left my middle child at my mom's place so I could hurry out to the mall and try on the blouse. I got there and they didn't have my size, but I noticed they had just gotten an order in...but the delivery guy didn't leave them the inventory sheet of what he had left for them. So they told me it wouldn't be until tomorrow that they would have everything out...or knew what was going on...frustrating of what. That was the only reason I went there to the mall, I was all excited, and then they burst my balloon of excitement. Sooooooo, I am going to go in the next couple of days...and hopefully they will have my size in...will let you know what happens next in this blouse saga.