Tuesday, September 18, 2007

My trip into Photo Memories and Michael's

Lol, so I have been couped up in my house since Wed afternoon when my little guy (the 3 year old) came down with a weird virus...it started with sore legs (the kind of pain you would have if you were stiff). Thursday morning he woke up with a fever, legs so sore that I had to carry him everywhere and he cried the whole day because of the pain...his arms, tummy and mouth hurt him too. Took him into our local children's hosptial and they had no clue what was wrong with him, they did blood work to rule out things...we didn't hear back from the blood work so we assume that it is fine. Friday morning he woke up, no leg pains, or other pains but he had mouth sores all over his mouth...like canker sores almost...so I took him back into the IWK, they said they didn't really know what was going on with him...didn't do a great check up of him either...they just looked in his mouth that was it. He aslo had a rash that I was hoping they would look at, but they didn't...they just said give him Tylenol and let him rest...the other thing is he hasn't really eaten since Thursday morning. All he has been having is popsicles, freezees and juice...I managed to get him to have a bowl of yogurt with some cereal...but he didn't really really want it. My oldest we thought started with the same thing Sunday night, but he didn't get it...dunno what he had!!
Anyways, so as you can imagine I was getting kinda shack happy here...so today (the second day my son has felt better) I decided I needed to get out and what a perfect place to goto would be Michael's and Photo Memories in Bayers Lake. See I had a 50% coupon from Michael's and I heard that there was a paper sale at Photo Memories 10 sheets of paper for $4.oo (not a lot there to choose from for the 10 sheets for $4.oo). I was looking for some xmas cardstock besides which to start on my xmas cards...they usually have beautiful paper and a wide selection. Well, anywho I went into the store and guess who I saw there :D???? I saw Julie *waves hi* (just have to add this in here that Julie looked great, great job Julie) , my son gave her a hug (he just loves her to pieces as well as her daughters) and so we walked around the store together a bit. I was disappointed by their xmas paper selection, just because most of it was glossy kind of paper, it was beautiful paper, but I just wasn't looking or wanting for glossy paper. I got some pretty neat stamp sets (clear one's, Gel-a-tin and "Clear Design" Collectors Edition-xmas one's), and then some paper...not xmas...and stickers (a package for my middle son and a package for my oldest). I said goodbye to Julie and showed her what I bought, because I just couldn't leave without showing her my finds :p! I left Julie in awe of the place, since it was only her first time in that store...am starting to wonder if it was wise to have left her there by herself in a place like that :p *just teasing*.
I then went over to Michael's with low expectations, not looking for anything in particular, but I did find TONS. First off I must say RUN RUN RUN to Michael's, they have a LARGE pad of paper of 90 sheets of xmas cardstock for like $12.99 I think it was...lol, I couldn't let it sit there. Then I found 2 of the clear Studio G stamp sets that I didn't have (picked up a few for some future blog candy), picked up some ribbon (xmas), picked up 8 or so $1.50 wooden mounted stamps and also some recipe cards also for $1.50. The reason I am telling you about them and not showing you a picture, is because my camera won't let me upload pics anymore...I think it is the cord that isn't working...the cord you plug in from your camera to your computer. As soon as I get it up and running again I will post these pictures of my finds :D! I was stopped at a light on my way home, to notice that Julie was behind me in the line up and I tried to show her the BIG pad of xmas paper..but I don't think she could see very well. Plus, I was getting odd looks from others in line...tee hee...crazy chicks we are!


Tracy.H said...

I have heard of this weird virus before. Same thing happened to my niece when she was about 4? She couldn't walk...don't think she had the sores in her mouth though. They just gave her some antibiotics and she was fine. Strange.

Sounds like a fun shopping day...I might need one of those soon myself ;0)

Julie Mutch said...

OOH, I had so much fun there today...if only I hadn't ran out of time before I had to pick up the girls at school! I could have wandered around in there all day! lol :) Big hugs to Ethan, too. He's such a cutie!

Thanks for the compliments! I feel great, too! Losing the weight is the best thing I could have done for myself. I'm so glad I did! :)


rebecca said...

I have to limit my trips to Michael's because I go nutz, too. Luckily, it's a ways away. Great finds!