Monday, April 27, 2009

Doing Life Blog Candy

The blog "Doing Life" is having a blog candy giveaway, check out these gorgeous stamps and other goodies she has up for grabs :)!   


Paperbag Challenge over at

I was blurffing this morning and came across this Paperbag challenge on a blog called ""...thought it sounded like it was a lot of fun to do.  I wanted to create this really neat flower accordian card, so I used a paper bag that one would use for a brown bag lunch and also used my scalloped circle largest Nestability to create my cards accordian style card's base.  

Next, I ran the entire card's base (the paper bag) through the Cuttlebug again using my flower flourish embossing folder.  I opened up my card, cut out 2 more scalloped circle's with my Nestabilities and attached them to the card's base.  You can kind of see the flower flourish embossing there on the center fold of my card, I didn't want to put anything on the center part since it does fold up nicely. 

I then folded my card back up once I stamped some images onto my card, and used a "Dew
 Drop" for the center of my butterfly flower :)!  I took the second largest Scallop Circle Nestability and cut out a scalloped circle with Barely Banana cardstock from SU, then using my scissors I cut flower petals out.  I then used the second smalles classic circle Nestability to get my flower's center, then I assembled my flower and then attached it to the front of my paperbag card's base :).  Pretty neat eh??


Much Ado About Nothing blog candy giveaway

Hurry on over to "Much Ado About Nothing" Blog candy giveaway as she is celebrating 50, 000 hits on her blog....WOW!  Take a look at these goodies, don't think you want to miss out :)!


Sunday, April 26, 2009

Card for a friend

I needed a card for a older friend, their birthday is today but they apparently were all partied out from their open house they had yesterday.  I brought their card to church with me this morning, but they weren't there so they will have to wait and get it the next time I see them :)! I used a picture stamp again, think I really like using these stamps :)!  


Saturday, April 25, 2009

Little Boy Bday card

Here is a card that I made for my son, it is for his Birthday and don't worry for those of you who read my blog we are celebrating early with my family. You didn't miss it :p, it is at the end of May!! 


Friday, April 24, 2009

Something different

Okay, so as I said earlier that I submitted 3 cards for the Stampsmith DT call and was on a card making kick today :)!  This card isn't one of the one's I submitted, not to worry :p!  With the cards I did submit though, I tried out a new style/kind of stamp for me...I used picture stamps and let me tell you I had a lot of fun using them.  The other thing that is different is that I used those prima flowers that EVERYONE has been using since they came out, but I just wasn't ever a huge fan of them. So, again I thought I would step outside my comfort zone and use them on some cards that I made today :D! 

One tip that I have to give to you all if you do try out the picture stamps, you need to have a flat surface and I found that using vellum was the best thing to use.  I tried the SU "Very Vanilla" cardstock, with that I couldn't get a clear image.  Here is what I did after several attempts of stamping these images out, I used a K&Company 12*12 pad of designer paper on my table. I then put the vellum on top of the pad, and then had very litte trouble stamping out the images that I wanted :)!  I also noticed that the ink also mattered as well, I used Archival and found that to be the best...but to each their own when it comes to inks etc.
Here is another little trick I used, I stamped out this image onto Vellum using the Large rectangle Decaled Nestabilities and then I cut out another decaled rectangle piece of SU "Very Vanilla" cardstock. Then I used my super duper spray on adhesive on the stamped image, and attached it to the same sized piece of "Very Vanilla" cardstock. I did this so my image would be easier to see, where as if I didn't use the Very Vanilla I think it would have been harder to see the image.  I also cut out another black decaled piece of cardstock, then attached my stamped image onto that piece of black cardstock but made it sort of look like I had cut a window in my card.  
Thanks for stopping by, hope you had the same beautiful day we had here...I was able to hang out 2 loads of laundry today and the kids played outside for hours :)!  Gotta love this warmer weather, but shhhh...don't want to jinx it :p!


Ketto- Ivy card

I started creating cards today, and couldn't stop which is good because I wanted to get back into trying to seriously make a card a day.  Anyways, I submitted 3 cards for a DT call for the Stampsmith and let me tell you I stepped WAY outside my box with creating these 3 cards...I really enjoyed it :)!  Once I finished making those cards for the DT call, I wanted to make another card using one of my Ketto stamps that I haven't used yet...I know *GASP*!

The other day I was out at "The Cutting Garden", I was there picking up some pretty sticky spray Glue for Vellum.  Well, when I was there I came across this gorgeous cardstock by Zoe Pearn called "Bloom & Grow"...had to grab a few sheets of this stuff.  "The Cutting Garden" has things that the other crafty stores don't have, if you are wanting something that she doesn't carry in her store she will try to get it for you  or look into getting in her store.  
Will be back with other cards in a few minutes or two...


Our Appointment


Our follow up appiontment yesterday morning, was THE most weirdest appointment that I have ever been to...I honestly thought that I walked into the wrong room or perhaps someone was on some sort of trippy drugs...and it wasn't me.  Lol!  The doctor would tell you one thing, then not even 2 seconds later would contradict herself and tell you something was a BIG joke if you ask me.  Long story short, she wants my son off the gluten free diet because she doesn't like it but wants him on the children's form of Prozak for his OCD/ADHD compulsions. I told her I wasn't comfortable with that, since we don't have a diagnosis but she snapped back at me and said "that's because you are anxious!"  Huh?  Did I miss so
mething there...yeah I am anxious, because I don't want to put my son on drugs if we don't have to...and does he really have those things she says he has??  
I sent her in video's and picture clips of concerning behaviors, appaprently according to her it is noral for a child to hit themselves in the head and hum for hours. Not where I come from it isn't!!  I was so puzzled at this point, I was sending weird looks to my Early Interventionist who was there and she was sending them  
Then at the end of the meeting she told me that she was quite concerned about me, that I am anxious, have anxieties and I am VERY stressed!  I wonder why!!!!  So I politely explained to her that I was all of those things because I am not being taken seriously
, that I am not being heard, that my family is a number not a patient...once again to that she says "oh no no no, you are just anxious, stressed...!"  I repeated my speech again at least 5 times about why I am stressed, and she just didn't hear me or want to listen to me...
We are thinking about forgetting about the weird healthcare system and continuing to do what we are doing on our own, which is working for us in a lot of ways. Not 100 % sure what to do next, it is in God's hands :)!


Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Passion for Crafts Blog candy giveaway

Please, hurry on over to Passion For Crafts blog because she is giving away all these amazing goodies to one lucky winner.  Wow, is all I have to say :)!  She will be picking a winner using the Random number generator, on April 30th.


110 Wedding invites for a good friend of mine

So I am now working hard to finish 110 wedding invites for a good friend of mine, however last night I ran into a bit trouble. Why you ask?? There are small panels on the sides of the invites, she wanted to put her wedding date one side and a beautiful poem on the otherside. 


So I printed them out on Vellum, got special adhesive glue, and went to's the kicker!!  Last night as I was doing the next step of the invitations, I noticed that some of the invitations had what looked like a smudge on them but I knew it wasn't a smudge. I thought perhaps the glue was thicker in other places, but I honestly sprayed lightly and didn't go all crazy...either way it didn't look good at all :(!  Then I thought may be if I let them dry longer that it would go away, yeah that didn't happen!!   I have to redo 25 more invitations since something went horribly wrong with the adhesive spray glue I used.  I am almost done those 25 invitations now, but thought I would share with you what I have been doing :).  At the same sad moment, I realized I didn't have enough Vellum to do the other panel...this isn't good...going to have to slow down and breath.   Don't suppose anyone knows how to also take off the 3M brand of adhesive spray off of hands??? If so please leave me a message, as I have tried just about everything and my hands still have lots of glue on :p!
I think the other problem is that I am axious about our appointment tomorrow, it is waying kind of heavily on me just because of how the last appointment went with the same doctor. However, this time I am coming with back up :D!  My Early Interventionist will be there, plus I have short video clips, pictures AND my son is OFF his diet again since we really need this doctor to see how he is off the diet.  Plus, the Neurologist whom we goto see next Thursday wants to see him off the diet as after that appointment we will be putting him right back on his diet :)!  
To answer a question which I am sure some of you might be wondering, yes this diet is ESSENTIAL in my son's life because it is like night and day with him being on or off his diet He goes from being very verbal to almost nothing, the volume he uses to speak at goes way up almost hollering (it is because he can hear the background noises you or I tune out), his clothes bother him more and the list goes on and on.  He knows these foods that he can't have affect him, he tells m
e when a food really bothers him...he says "Mommy, don't ever give me that food again cuz' it makes me go crazy!"  
Will keep you posted as to what happens tomorrow at the appointment, it is happening at 9 a.m. and I just want to get it done with...


Sunday, April 19, 2009

Cased Accordian card

I found this great new card, I cased it over at Vicky's blog  and I had a lot of fun making it :)!  So the first picture of my card that I took, is of the adorable stamp from Stampendous and it is of a park bench with some trees.  I watercolored in the sky and the green grass, with: markers, an acrylic block and my watercoloring brush.  I used Archival black ink to stamp my image on to the watercolor paper.  The "Happy Mother's Day" sentiment is a different seperate stamp by A Muse.  

The second picture is of the card opened up, and am happy how it turned out :)!  However, next time I think I would thread the ribbon differently so that the card can close a bit better than mine does now.

The final picture I took of my accordian card is also of the card opened up, but at a different angle so you can get a better idea of how the card looks.  


Friday, April 17, 2009

Transition meeting

Wow, I think we had 9 people attend our transition meeting for my middle child who will be starting school in the fall:  We had our Early Interventionist, our Speech Therapist, 2 teachers from the preschool he attends, the principal, 2 Learning center teachers, another 2 ladies from the Schoolboard plus myself.  It went really well, and are going to be working hard before school starts with school visits every couple of weeks just to check it out etc.  Plus, they will be providing TONS of social stories etc. to use for him to ready him for school :)!


All the Things I Love blog candy giveaway

Please hurry on over to Bev's blog, because she is celebrating a blogaversary and is giving away some Nesties and other great treats that you don't want to miss out on.  


2 Cards I made last night at Julie's

Last night Julie invited us over to her place to have a crafty night, just to be crafty and work on some projects that we otherwise wouldn't be able to work on (some of us have little helping hands). In the end it was just Val and myself there with Julie, but that is okay we still had fun and I actually was able to make 2 cards while I was there...not sold on my second card I made though...isn't sitting right.

My first card is for my father, we will be having a family bday party next week
end for 5 family members and he is one of them. My parents brought me back this gorgeous train stamp from Chatanooga (sorry if spelling isn't right), so I thought I would use it on his card.  Turned out pretty good, might add something else to it....just not sure what yet!!!  
As for my second card, I had a great idea...but to me it sorta flopped, but I still wanted to post it anyways :)!  Sorry the picture is dark, don't know why it is dark...grrr!!  Will have several more cards to show you later today, after I get back from my meeting at my son's school. Don't worry my son isn't in trouble, just going to a transition  meeting for my middle child who will be starting primary in the fall. Will let you know how that goes :p! 


Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Ink cut and fold blog candy giveaway

Head on over to Ink cut and fold to enter into her great blog candy giveaway, please let her know that I sent you if you do decide to go enter :)!  Oh yeah, and if you like butterfly's (*cough julie* then get on over there and enter ;)!


Sunday, April 12, 2009

Created by Gracie blog candy

Hurry on over to "Created by Gracie's" blog, because she is giving away some blog candy in celebration of Kae's first holy communion. 


Saturday, April 11, 2009

My In laws Wedding Anniversary card

Here is the card that I created for my in laws (sadly it isn't a great picture of the card), can't wait to give it to them tomorrow :)!!  I cased this card from Shannan Teubner's blog, the colors of my card look way better in person...not too sure what happened with this picture :(!  


Neil and Sally's Engagement Card

I had friends a few weeks ago get engaged, I just have been sick and also hadn't seen them at church the past couple of weeks. I am now getting to make a card for them, that I can hopefully give them tomorrow at church :)!  I LOVE this new SU stamp set that I used to create this card called "Thoughts and Prayers".  I cased this card from Silke Ladlow (Our Creative Corner blog), and this is what I created using her card for inspiration.

Congratulations you guys, am very happy for you two :)!  

Bday card for a friend of mine

Yesterday, I found out on Facebook that a good friend of mine was having a Bday and so I just HAD to make her a Birthday card for her.  She is an amazing person, and has helped us in many ways with questions or advice or just supporting us regarding what is going on with our middle son (possibly even our youngest now too).  Thank you Jane for all the help, it is greatly appreciated and HAPPY BIRTHDAY :)!

I know here is a shocker I even did the inside of the card too, talk about stepping outside the box :)! I just thought this card needed something else, and decided to do it on the inside of the card.  I also just HAD to use one of my new Ketto stamps, that I got from She Runs with Scissors.  Go check her site out, she has free shipping for those of us living in Canada :)! 


Easter Card for my Nephew Levi

Here is a little card that I made for my lil nephew who came to visit my in laws for Easter, and so I thought I should get him a little Easter treat.  So I got him this cool stacking cup toy, and boy did he like it :)!  It was great seeing you guys, look forward to seeing you for a longer visit the next time you come down.  


Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Here is what Yvonne's project for us last night

We did 3 projects in all last night, I did one and Yvonne created 2 for us to do last night at our monthly crafty night get together. Here is the first project that Yvonne did with us, and you can find the tutorial for it over at the Splitcoaststampers forum (sorry I don't remember the name of this project for you to look up, but am sure once I post this one of my gals will let me know).  I had fun making this project, gorgeous patterned SU paper too :)!  

The second project that we made with Yvonne, we used the new Sizzix die from SU...she ran black cardstock through the Cuttlebug and using the new die.  Then we had to cut out around the embossed flowers, next we turned it over so the negative embossing is up.  We took some pen glue she had and glued in all the valley's of the flower that was embossed, but on the negative embossed side (clear as mud right?).
  Yvonne then gave us different colored glitter to sprinkle over the glue we had just used, we got rid of any excess glitter by banging it and then brushing off the rest that was where we didn't want it.  We also embossed our sentiments on using black embossing powder, then we used our double sided tape to attach the glittered flower on to part of the cards base.  

Once we finished doing our 3 projects we drew names, so that we could exchange our "challenge cards" with eachother.  Yvonne drew the names
 for us, and she drew Kim's name for is the gorgeous card that I recieved from Kim :)! I put your card up on my crafty room wall, so that anyone who comes to visit us will see what all of my friends have created.   

Before we started our crafty night, we all exchanged the stamps we borrowed from eachother or anything else we had for someone else in our group.  Kim gave me back my Impression Obsession stamp set back that she borrowed from me and she also gave me a beautiful journal that she altered.  The journals 
pages also had 3 corner bookmarks, that had: Hope, Journey and cherish stamped on them. Thank you so much Kim for this beautiful journal, I can't wait to use this for something special :)!  

I also forgot with being sick and all to post
Deborah's card that she made for an extra challenge we put out to our group of gals last month.  Deborah was away from her crafty room visiting her grandchildren, so she made me a beautiful digi card that had the "faux stitching on it" (which was the challenge, to make a card with faux stitching or paper piercing on it).  Thank you so much for this beautiful card Deborah, I have put it up on my crafty room wall so that all might see it :)!


Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Crafty night out with the gals

Tonight, is our monthly get together with some of my very crafty friends...sadly tonight we will only be having a small group out.  We are going to miss our usually larger group of gals that come out, I will keep a project of mine for each of you who couldn't make it out tonight. 

 Every month we take turns teaching a project to the rest of the gals, so tonight is my turn and let me tell you the bar was raised high!!  But since I was sick for the past couple of weeks, I decided to do something somewhat simple but still fun to do :)!  Next time I will do something more challenging ;)!
So here is what I created for the group to do tonight, I cased it off of Waltzingmouse Makes should all seriously check out all her tutorials of projects you can make because they are amazing :).

Also, we always have a challenge card that we have to make for the fun crafty night tonights challenge was to use chipboard somewhere on your project or your project could be made out of chipboard.  So here is my card for that card challenge, love how it turned out :)!!  I will also post what other projects we will be making too...

Inky Hugs,