Friday, November 30, 2007

Another See D's stamp set

Here is another wonderful wonderful See D's stamp set that I picked up from Carousel Rubber Stamp store last night, see I only went in there to get some cardstock to make some invitations for my dh's grandparents 60th Wedding Anniversary. I came out with 3 other things...that is not a good store to go into, just because you can't leave without a armful :p! This wonderful set that I picked out last night is called "Evergreen", just beautiful eh?? I couldn't leave it there!! Ok, I could have but then I would have to drive all the way back in today to get, so I thought I would save myself the trip and gas :)! There were 3 others there that are on my list to get, but I have to be good for the next little bit.

And then there were 2...

Last night Julie had invited a few of us crafty card making ladies over to have some crafty time, which I was in serious need of. I was the only one out of the 3 that she had invited to show up, but either way we had a lot of fun.

See I had purchased some of these white boxes to alter, so I could put in some of my handmade greeting cards and envelopes...sort of use it as a nice card box. My problem is that I don't have one of those minds that can have the picture of the box, then wrap the box with the paper all in my head (like my dh)...I have to sit there and ruin several pieces of paper until I get it right. Anyways, I ran to the "Queen of Altering things" and had her help me last night alter one box, so then I could run home and do 3 more of these boxes...I did have redo some of the sides again due to errors. Lol, so then I felt this box I did last night needed something Julie and I raided her stamp collection to find the perfect stamp to go with the patterned paper that was on my box. We found the stamp set (sorry can't remember what it was) but I like it a lot now, and is on my next thing to get list I think...and I stamped the image and cut it out. I mounted my stamped image on some Bravo Burgandy cardstock I had with me, using some mini pop up dots...Julie then suggested adding another layer under the burgandy layer. So I did just that, I added another layer (Mello Moss) and then she felt it needed yet another I added a Gold layer too. It still didn't look what I was looking for...but I still might use it on the box. I don't needs something, any suggestions from any of you?? Should I leave it or add something to it?? Lol, and no Julie no more layers...tee hee...maybe just one more...

I got the boxes from Michael's, they were on sale for like $2-$3 and so you can see why I just couldn't walk away from them. I also got the patterned paper from Michael's too, and yes I did use my coupon...that's the only time I do go is if I have one on me.

Tracy to answer your question as to where I got the "Chai Latte" stamp set, I got it from my favorite stamp store "Carousel Rubber Stamps" it is a great little store here in my area that I frequent a fair bit. Well, that's it for this post I think :)!

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Love it

LOVE it, yip I do, I love my "Chai Latte" stamp set from See d's :)! I decided today I was in the card making mood, and I decided I would break into this stamp set. This layout just came to me while I was sitting having my morning hot chocolate, plus I knew I had some corrogated paper in one of my crafty drawers. Off I went to find that corrogated paper, I didn't ever know what I would use that paper for, it came in a scrapbooking die cuts. So here's the recipe for this card:

I started with chocolate chip cardstock that I purchased from Carousel Rubber stamps store, I then took my "Chai Latte" steam stamp and I inked it up using my dew drop white ink pad. Next, I stamped the steam images in 2 rows of three and then I cut out the correct size of corrogated paper that I was wanting and attached that paper to the cards base using photo stickers. Then I stamped the take out cup of coffee onto a flat white piece of cardstock, then I took my VersaMagic Niagara Mist dew drop ink pad and stamped the sentiment "hey" onto the lable of the coffee cup. That sentiment came from the "Perfectly Clear stamps" by Stampendous that I had purchased from Michael's using my coupon. I colored in the cup using my number 992 Tombow marker, to make it more like one of those take out cups we all get when we are out and need a quick fix. I also thought the card would sort of resemble a coffee to go too, just because of the corrogated paper in the middle of the card, lol !! Voila, my coffee card :)! I actually have no one really in mind for this card, going to have to hold onto it until the right person comes along.

Thanks for stopping by and have a great day :)!

My Grandmother passed away last night

I got a call last night from my mother about 7:30 p.m., saying my Grandmother passed away peacefully and that my Dad was there. I decided that I should make the wonderful nurses and doctor's a special card, basically to say thank you for all they did for her.

The first picture is of the outside of the card! I used Mellow Moss for the base of the card, then I stamped the "Doodle This" flourish onto a lightly marbled cardstock from Carousel using a Green Dew drop ink pad. I then stamped the "Jolie's Fleurs" flower image onto the same marbled cardstock, I colored it in, then attached it to the stem using the mini pop up dots. I also cut a piece of chocolate chip cardstock (from Carousel) to size, then attached the stamped flower/stem to it using the photo stickers. Next, I attached those things to the Mellow moss card base. I then thought that the card needed a little something else on the front of it, so I stamped the "Just a Note" sentiment onto it. That sentiment stamp is from the NEW $1.5o stamp set from Michael's, and they are the clear acryllic stamp sets. The second picture is of the inside of the card, just stamped a "Thank You" sentiment on the inside...sorry the first picture is so dark it doesn't look this dark on my camera ( how frustrating is that).

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Coasters 4 xmas

Here are two different sets of coasters that I just made, have to do something to keep my mind off not being able to see my Grandmother. The two coaster sets I made are of the same 2 images, both came from the "Nightengale set" made by See D's and I got these from Carousel (see a theme here)??? The first set I used the Nightengale bird, and the sentiment came from the Hollydoodles set...beautiful sets :)! I used Brilliance ink on both sets of stamp sets, will be spraying them with my acryllic spray and then adding the cork board to the back of them. For a nice touch I then wrap ribbon around them, and add a nice tag that I make using the SU tag punches. Sorry fot the darkness of the first picture, if I took it with a flash it would just show a dot of matter what angle I took it from, lol...i am far from a pro Photographer. I promise that I will work on it, and give you a better second picture of this first coaster :)!!

Would really like your opinion on the flower coaster, at first I thought it looked elegant but now I am looking at it thinking I need your opinions here. Which I know you are all good at giving :D!

This post is NOT for Alissa's eyes

Lol, this next card I just had to post because I said I would...and I couldn't wait to post it!! It is a card for my sil's (sister in law's) Birthday that was the other day, and so I can't wait for her to get it in the would take a few days to get to her. Sorry, Alissa couldn't wait to show everyone this card :)!

For this card I used brown chocolate chip cardstock that I got from Carousel, and the next layer I used "American Craft" paper called "The Color of Memories" (LOVE this cardstock). I used a scrap piece of blue cardstock that I had from previous projects, and a scrap piece of white flat cardstock that I also got from Carousel. The sentiment came from the NEW clear acryllic $1.50 stamps from Michael's, love that font that the sentiment came from :)! I attached both the sentiment and the blue cardstock on the card base using the "Mini Pop Dots", thought it would make the card stand out more. Anyways, there's the recipe for this card :)!

Just an update on my grandmother, she had the nurse call my mother this morning, then she told my mom that she needed my dad right away. So my mom called my Dad on the cell phone, told him to forget doing his errands and goto the hospital...when he got there it she was just lying there, out of if she hadn't called at all. She had no idea why she had called, the nurses had no idea why he had to get there right away either...poor Oma :(! The dr said she will pass away in the next 2 days...

Monday, November 26, 2007


I had fully intentions of getting a Bday card made for my sil (sister in law), several of those boxes I posted about altered and posted on here but that didn't happen. I came down with Mastitis and a nasty Sinus infection Friday night, thought my head was going to pop off my shoulders that is how much pressure I felt I had in my head. I had a high fever of 104, and could not decide if I was in the bahamas (wish I was) or if I was in the (arctic)...finally my fever broke Saturday night in the middle of the night. I am feeling better, but am still sore on that one side...and my ears are feeling weird...other than that I am good :)! I am going to get off of this computer and get going on those projects :D! I think the hardest thing about the weekend was the head pressure/headache I had, but also the fact I couldn't get in to see my dying grandmother whom I haven't seen in a few months. I have tried to get in to see her, but either I have been sick or someone else in my house has been and we didn't want to pass it on to her. She is having a tough time right now, she has a rare blood disorder and is having a hard time swallowing...the next couple of days will determine if she is going to rally or if things are going the other way. My poor parents are exhausted, and stressed out about her dad shouldn't be stressed out since he just had his heart attack a month ago. Anyways, since I am feeling better I am hoping to get in to see her sometime this week...hoping she will be able to have visitors too. Keep you posted!

Neat ring

I thought I would respond to one of my comments to my post about the "neat ring" :)! Every November there are several Christmas craft shows (you got to be picky as to which one's you goto, because quality isn't the greatest at some of them), my dh's aunts and I make a fun gals afternoon or night out of it. This is my 2nd year going with my dh's Aunts, we have a blast...the place I got the ring from is at one of these annual Christmas craft shows in my area. If interested, I can try to find out if this person has a website out (I am sure they do) and post it on here for all of you. I thought that it is pretty neat that my friend Deborah's relative had a ring like this, and this was a long time ago that they had it...neat to see how trends or crafty ideas come back :). Have a happy stamping day :)!

Friday, November 23, 2007

Anyone know??

Just wondering if anyone knew where one can get recycled cardstock, you know with the flecks and the squiggles all throughout it?? Lol, or just plain ol' recycled cardstock?? Need it to make a few invitations for a friends wedding...

new $1.5o stamps at Michael's in Bayers Lake

Yip, that's what I $1.50 clear acryllic stamps at Michael's in Bayers Lake! Here they are...hurry over if you like any of these here that I have in the picture...probably more in there, just didn't have time to dig. Plus, my 3 year old declared in a loud voice that he had to "pee"...sigh why do they always have to wait until they are in public to declare these things, lol!

Look at this neat ring

Look at this ring closesly...can you guess what it is made from?? Lol, I am sure someone's grandmother or Aunt is rolling over in her grave because of what this ring is made from. It is made from a tea spoon, the kind grandmother's have at their afternoon teas (no offence to any grandmother out there). The person who made this ring, cut off the spoon part of the spoon and then bent the spoon handle into a ring...and voila you have a spoon ring :)! I have 2 spoon bracelets and also a spoon ring, every year at the Christmas craft show I add to my lovely collection :)! Just had to show you this neat idea :)!

Thursday, November 22, 2007

Copic Markers for Blog candy up for grabs

RUN over to this blog FAST : , because Gina has blog candy up for grabs that you just might want...Copic markers a set of 36 I think it was...head on over and leave a comment. Check out her blog, she does amazing work. RUN RUN RUN....

A set of 5 cards

My sister in law has a co-worker that wanted me to make a few Christmas cards for her, and this was after my lovely sil raved about the cards I make (thank you Erin) and so she wanted to have 5 of the "Peaceful Wishes" card that I had made at a SU night at Julie's house (in September I think). I made it basically the same way, but this time I added a little pocket on the inside on the left hand side of the card (at the request of the customer)... it was to put a gift card type thing in the card. I was quite pleased with how the cards turned out, and I set out right away and mailed them to her so they could get to her before December :)! So here is a picture of one of the cards that I made...

I used Always Artichoke as the card base, mellow moss as the second layer, and Bravo Burgandy as the third and another layer of mellow moss as my fourth layer. I first used my first "Peaceful Wishes" card as my measuring stick to measure out the other pieces of cardstock for my 5 cards. Once I had all my pieces cut out, I stamped the sprig using the Always Artichoke ink and then brushed the sides of the cardstock with the ink pad of the "Mellow Moss". Next, I punched the holes that I was going to put my 1/4" Bravo Burgandy grosgrain ribbon through and the punch I used was the SU punch. Next I cut the ribbon to about 2 1/2", then fed both ends through both holes, then I took one end and fed it back through the opposite hole (repeated with the other end of the ribbon). I also used the SU corner ticket punch to take off the corners, which I thought made it look a bit more elegant :)!
I then used my "2 Way Glue" to color in the berries on the stamped image, ad then I tapped on some "Stampendous" ultra fine clear/white glitter onto the glue. I was quite impressed with this glitter, because I didn't have to blow off the excess or bang it off or brush it off the cardstock. I just tapped it once and all the excess came off, which I thought was really, I didn't looke like a huge glitter ball when I was done!! I preferred this glitter over the SU glitter that we used on the original card that I had made at the SU party at Julie's house. Oh, in case you were wondering I got the glitter from my favorite stamping store "Carousel" the other day when I was there :)!
I then attached the top piece of cardstock with the stamped sprig image on it to the piece of Bravo Burgandy using my "Mini Pop Dots" which added a nice touch to the card.
Next, I decided to stamp the images on my larger Mello Moss piece of cardstock using the Mellow Moss ink pad and I stamped 2 sprig images. I stamped one going up and one going down on the cardstock, then I used the Bravo Burgandy ink to stamp the sentiment "Peaceful Wishes" just under the 2 other stamped sprig images. Once that was done, I took the Bravo Burgandy piece of cardstock and attached it over top of the 2 stamped sprig images (it was also placed just above the sentiment) using my picture stickers. Finally, I took the three pieces of cardstock and attached them to the Always Artichoke card base and voila done :)! I just LOVE these colors for Christmas cards, so soft yet elegant together...
Well, I must get going...time to start thinking about supper and add a log or two to my furnace (it is a wood/oil combo), so take care and happy stamping!

Had to show you this cute smile :)

Look at that cutie pie, look at that 4 toothed smile...which is now going to be like a 9 tooth smile, she is working on 5 teeth right now. Poor thing, but thank God for Camillia for teething children, it is the BEST hands down stuff to give them for teething. This cutie pie is going to be 1 on Dec. 8th, hard to believe she is going to be 1...can't wait though...get to have my first girly bday party :D! The other good news is she is slowly getting hair, it is getting longer :D..well it isn't super long right now, but in a few weeks I am sure I will have something to play with :).

This next picture is of her about a minute later of taking this first one, lol, I love this picture !! Wish she had these smiles during our photo session at Sears that we won...but she wouldn't give us a smile like these pictures. She wouldn't even sit with her older brothers for a picture, she cried uncontrollably when she sat with them. So we tried a picture with the boys by themselves, then a picture with her by herself and sure enough she was fine for the picture all by herself. She just wanted to be in her own picture, be the star of the show...she is too funny :)! We did get one picture of the children all together, but I didn't like how it turned I had to go with a picture of the boys and one of her.

My dd also is saying a few words now, and they are: Night night (which is the cutest word she says yet, besides mama of course :p, because she says Ni ni), she says horse, neigh :). Love these firsts of all my children :)!

This weeks cardio kickboxing class

We arrived and we jumped right into our warm up/workout, we mainly worked on our upper bodies (like arms, shoulders, abs) and then we did a cool down stretching time too. Our instructor threw in a few new routines too, which were pushing me to the max that is for sure :)! After the class she told us that was an advanced class workout that she did with us, she knew we could do it but thought that if she told us she wanted to try it with us that we wouldn't go for it. Then she told us that she is putting out a challenge to both her Cardio Kickboxing classes, that if we don't gain more than a pound over the Christmas holidays that she will give that person a free personal training session or two. I am totally up for that :D! I think it isn't just the Christmas dinners that do you in, it is the pre-Christmas baking and Christmas parties that add on the poundage. I hurt my hip this feels like my left leg is a lot longer than my right, lol, feels weird...anyways it is starting to feel better because I went on a good walk 3 times since my Cardio night. Well, that's it from me for now...going to be making some cards today I think, will post them later :D! Hope all is well with you all :)!

I need some altering help :P

Okay, so I bought 2 yes 2 of these boxes to alter...the dimensions are :8 1/2" by 5" by 2 and a bit" (like that last measurement?, tee hee)! I am altering these for one of my family members and my sons teacher at school, but am in need of some help...perhaps lots of help :p! I am wondering if you have any tips for covering these with patterned paper...I am looking at my 12*12 patterned paper thinking this isn't going to work as easily as I thought it would. So, I figured I would come on here and as what would be the easiest way to cover these two boxes?? Any tips would be helpful :)! Would you cover the bottom too, or leave it blank and just work on the top, or would you cover the whole thing?? Lol, yes, this is my first box altering experience :p!

Oh and Happy Thanksgiving to all you American neighbours of mine :)!

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Lookie Lookie at what I found

Yesterday morning was my dd's appointment about her herniated belly button, so the dr. said that she has a "garden variety" hernia. I had to look around to see I wasn't accidentally standing in a garden center of some sort and not at the IWK children's hospital, lol! He said that her hernia is 1.5 cm in diameter, but that it will heal on it's own most likely...however, if it won't heal I am to bring her back in when she is 3 years old and he will fix it. I asked him this time what I should watch for, and he told me a swollen pink sore to the touch belly button plus if she is unconsolable to bring her back in and they will most likely operate then. My wonderful Aunt came with us to watch my middle son while my dd and I were in with the dr, which was a big help to me :) (thank you so much Aunt Elizabeth).

On the way home I had to stop at a ladies house to get some "Rescue Hero" figures, my oldest son has one of these figures but was never really into them. Then just recently he saw the movie, and told my husband over the weekend that he would like more of these figures for either his Birthday or Christmas. Unfortunately, these figures aren't being made I had to find them elsewhere (either e-bay or Kijiji)! I found a lady selling 17 of them, $2 a piece and so I bought all 17 of them :) I can only imagine how thrilled my son will be when he opens these guys up :).

Then I had to goto my favorite store "Carousel" to pick up a stamp set (shown on the left there with the swirly looking bird-beautiful set eh??) that I had ordered awhile ago, and also a cranberry color Tombow marker to do a set of 5 xmas cards for my sil's co-worker. While I was there, I found 3 other stamp sets that I just couldn't leave behind... the first one is one called "Chai Latte" by See d's stamp company, I have been looking for a good coffee cup/mug stamp for awhile now but never saw one that I liked.

The second stamp set was a little See D's stamp set, that is a cupcake birthday stamp set...good for my dd first bday I think :)! The other stamp set is called "Hollydoodles", I found this stampe set hidden in the back room where all the Christmas stamps was behind the table with other Christmas stuff on it. I LOVE this set and can't wait to use it :)! Guess I am you enabler again, lol, sorry gals :P! Almost forgot, I also picked up some white glitter for those cards for my sil's co-worker...couldn't find the right glitter anywhere else...Michael's glitter was too big, or it was in a glue form which I didn't think would work well or look the way I wanted it to. Wonderful looking stamp sets eh??

Monday, November 19, 2007

hehehe, cardio Kickboxing class #4

Sorry, I didn't post anything about last weeks cardio class...between my computer being hormonal, blogger not letting me post pics and or anything really I didn't get it posted. So since all of the above are working, here I am posting about it :D!
Last weeks class was all about the lower body, and boy was it a work out!! That class I thought was a bit more intense, lol, just to give you an idea of how intense it was...I was going strong at the beginning. We were doing knee raises, and I had my knee raises and kicks high...then at the end I could harldy lift my legs ...I pushed myself to keep going and to raise them as high as I could. All the exercises, you could feel a burn in your legs and surrounding was a good burn though...meant we were really giving them a work out :)! Lol, I still need help in the coordination perhaps it is the rhythm department...either way some of the routines we did I had to watch 2 or 3 times before I joined it. I was glad to see I wasn't the only one having these issues, made me feel better!! The thing I noticed that if I watch the instructor until I get the hang of the routine, then find a spot on the wall or floor to look at I can keep that routine going...but if I go back to watching her I fumble.
I am looking forward to tonights class :D, I am ready for this class...although it is really really chilly out there this morning and I don't like this chill to the bone feeling. The good news is that tonight at the gym, there will be mirrors installed...our instructor says that will help thoughts are great now I will get all messed up and I really don't want to see myself doing the Cardio Kickboxing. Lol, silly I know...
Let you know how that class goes tomorrow...

Saturday, November 17, 2007

Guess who is drinking from a sippie cup?

My dd has decided to finally drink from a sippie cup, she doesn't spit it out as much as she used to...which is a nice change. She is drinking milk now, and she drinks some watered down juice...hurray :D! Because before she wouldn't touch either the milk or the juice without making a huge flood all around her, and that was just getting kind of frustrating. She will be 1 years old Dec. 8th :D...hard to believe! That big cup is the only cup she will drink from, because it is like her brothers cups...I have tried every other cup out there and she refuses them.

A new hairdo for me :D!

I felt like I needed a change, my dd was pulling on my hair constantly and I was tired of it! I found one hair dresser, then we moved so she is a little too far away...unless I am in the city. I have tried several other hairdressers, but I come out looking like a poodle or Tina Turner hair do's. So this afternoon I found a spot in the town we live in, I went in...made the appointment for 3:30 p.m. and was looking forward to it. I went in, told the lady that I wanted something, not too short because I have a long neck and she said ok I know just what to do. This is what she cut, wash, dry style all for $27.00 not bad eh?? I have found my hairdresser :D! What do you think??

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Herniated Belly button :(

My poor dd has a herniated belly button, and we've been told that it would fix itself which is beyond me since it sticks out all the time (so how the heck can it heal if her bowel is sticking out through the hole that is supposed to heal?). Anyways, she has developed a very nasty cold/ear infection and with it she coughs a hard flemmy sort of cough which makes her belly button stick out more. I called my family dr. but unfortunately she is booked until the first or second week of December, so she made me an appointment with her co-worker who saw my dd this morning first thing. She actually saw my dd belly button sticking out, she's the first one who has seen it because any other time of course it would go back in when I would be at the doctor's office or at the Children's hospital. Plus, I came with backup which were picture of her belly button sticking out then they will believe me or actually take me seriously. Anywho, she didn't like what she was seeing and told me it probably won't heal on it's, children usually have it when they are a lot younger than she is. So in the end we have a referral to see a surgeon about it, if she doesn't need surgery that is fine...but perhaps now I can get some answers and things to watch out for. We have an appointment with the surgeon on Tuesday morning at we will see what happens there and I will keep you posted!!

A Huggybella card

Okay, Anette don't look because here is a card that I made for you to go along with your winnings from my blog candy draw the other day. I made this using Deja Views patterned paper called "Cat Flowers", I used a scrap piece of chocolate chip cardstock from Carousel which I used my jagged scissors from Fiskars on the edge of the brown cardstock. Then I stamped the "Huggybella" image on some white flat cardstock from Carousel, and colored the image in using my Tombow markers (love these markers). I then attached the white cardstock with the stamped image onto the brown piece of cardstock using my photo stickers, then attached those two things to the base of my card. I really love that patterned paper, I picked up at Michael's the other day when I was in getting a few other things (ie. the xmas wood mounted stamps for $1.50). It is also my first time using the "Huggybella" stamp too, so it was kind of exciting :D!

Noodle head

Here are the pictures that I couldn't get loaded up to go with my "Special Nana meal" post, sorry about that don't know what was wrong!! Here are those pictures though :D!

This was one of those hands on experiences for her,lol, and face!! She is enjoying ever minute of this meal, she sat there for an hour savouring every bite or minute playing with the noodles.

Lol, she made Nana's night I am sure :)! She loves her pasta that is for sure, she'll spend an hour in her chair eating KD when we have it...we have it once in a blue moon. She just goes crazy over noodles/pasta, she can't seem to get it in there fast watch her eat it is funny too..because she snuffles and snorts her way through the meal.

Check this tutorial out


Check this tutorial out:

and here is the finnised product, pretty nice eh??? I saw one this afternoon when I was picking up my SU order from my Demonstrator at her work (Cutting Garden-another crafty store in Halifax). She made one, and was going to show it tonight at one of her SU nights at a friends house...but wanted to show me since I was unable to go tonight...I LOVE IT :)! Going to def. make a few :D!

Monday, November 12, 2007

Netty's blog Candy winnings

Just as promised, here is what Netty won:

She won 5 See D's stamp sets, that I picked up from my favorite little stomping grounds called "Carousel Rubberstamp store" and they are my favorite place to go when I don't have the children. The ladies who work in this store are very good when it comes to product reviews, or when it comes to helping you out with some technique you are having problems with and they have a great little collection of stamps. Sorry this picture is dark, it wasn't dark on my camera when I took the picture and sorry for the fact it is sideways :(!

That upper stamp set that you can't make out, is a Christmas one...going to have to get a better picture of these for you...let me try again and get back to you....because this is an unacceptable picture!

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Here is a cute card I made

I made this cute card, because I am needing one for someone I know...and no it isn't me will find out who it is in due time. They are telling people this weekend...but I cannot say incase some people I know are reading this blog :p! This is my first cute baby card that I actually was please with :), I LOVE this stamp is called "A Birthday Wish" from CTMH...there are only a ew stamp sets that I want from this company and this was one of them. Too cute eh?? Will post more later, got to go deal with a sick dh and a sick son :(! Ttyl, Happy Rememberance day!
For this card I used some of the patterned paper from the stack of paper from the Autumn Leaves collection called "Smitten". I also used some green cardstock from SU called mellow moss (I think), and also some brown chocolate chip scrap piece of cardstock from Carousel stamp store. As I said before this cute bunny came from the stamp set called "A Birthday Wish", and he is stamped on some white cardstock from Carousel stamp store. I colored the bunny in using my Tombow brown and skin colored markers, turned out well I think :)! Happy Stamping !

The Winner Is....

Time to announce the winner of my blog candy :D!!! The winner is.....


So, congratulations and I have decided to get you some of the wonderful stamp sets from Carousel, a little stamp store that I love to visit. I am getting them tomorrow morning, and I will post them for you to see netty and for everyone else to see too :D! I am also in need of your snail mail addy netty, and again Congrats to you. Thank you for all those who entered, come back soon...may have another one in a, counter is going up fast :p!


Friday, November 9, 2007

Here is a card for you :)!

I know you all probably think that I have gone off making cards, not to worry, I have made one, and just to prove it I will post it here :D! It is very much like the one I sent the mother of my son's "dude" *lol*, but it is a girl on this card and this card is for Julie's dd Birthday which is tomorrow. I had to come up with a cute card, and this little girl and the leaves made me think of her :)!

For this card I used some Mellow moss for the base, I used chocolate chip cardstock for the next level, and some left over pink scrap of cardstock that I probably got from Carousel :). The butterfly images on the Mellow moss cardstock, were stamped on using Versamark and the butterfly pluse the sentiment stamp are from the Michael's $1.5o set from the summer time. The Little girl and the leaf came from the Close to My Heart stamp set called "Fabulous Fall", I know I said CTMH but I had to get this set because it had a little girl in it...perfect for cards for my dd and her friends :D.

beautiful eh??

On my way down to pick up my older son the other day from his bus stop, I noticed these berries on this bush...and just had to take a picture of them. I didn't have my camera with me the other day but took this picture this afternoon, sort of think of Christmas with these berries...

Xmas wood $1.5o stamps at Michael's

I was at Michael's today picking up 2 small cardboard boxes (they are white in color, and for altering), to make a card holder for 2 people one of them being my son's teacher. While I was there, I found the new Michael's wood mounted $1.50 stamps...they are cute, but I dunno if I would say that they are "must have's". I did like these one's that I picked out though :)!

I also wanted to get some of that beaded garland that I have seen places, or even some sprigs with red berries on it...but they wanted $40 at Michael's and my neighbour told me goto Wicker Emporium (so that is where I am going to go I think). When I was at the cash the girl told me about Studio G's new Xmas set that should be coming soon (fingers crossed), but she of course didn't know when. Oh well, at least this girl knew something :P!

Thursday, November 8, 2007

Teddy bear

My dd was given a cute little soft teddy bear (think he came from old navy or GAP), and she has really taken to him. Anytime she sees him she lights up, we have to take him with us in the van, and we MUST have him in the crib too...she loves snuggling with him. The other day she saw him on the floor, she crawled over to him and said Teedee....she then smiled at him and gave him a hug. My dh seems to think that it was a fluke, so last night I was talking to my brother on the phone, she was sitting on the floor in front of me and her bear was next to her. I told my brother about this bear, and as I did that she looked over at him...grabbed him and said "Teedee" with a huge grin. So now I am certain that it wasn't just a fluke, that she did infact say it :)! She can also say mama now and nana (Nana is what my children call my mil), wonder what her next word is...I think my fil (father in law) is hoping it is Poppy!
Just love seeing each of my children go through each of the ages and stages, am always amazed at how different each of them are. Amazed at how one is into building/ construction/, the other is into music, exploring, cause and effect things...and my dd is trying to walk/talk :)! I LOVE it :)!!

Had a good Frenchy's day

Frenchy's : is a second hand clothing store, that sells pretty much any article of clothing (sometimes scrapbooking/rubber stamping things too) at a really great price. The clothes are sometimes worn, but sometimes they havne't been worn and have the tags still on them, and they are LOADS of name brand clothing for every age. This is the place I go to get the wonderful "Carter's" clothes for my children, or Old Navy, or Children's Place, or Oshkosh too...or Zellers named clothing....whatever the clothing line it is probably there. Check it out sometime, the clothes are in big table bins (that look like huge sand tables that you would see at a daycare center *oh I am bad :P, but this is what they look like*), you will have to dig. Some people have issues with second hand clothing or digging through the clothes, but just go check it out and stock up on hand sanitizer before you is well worth it. At least I think so!!

Anyways, I went to the Frenchy's out by my mil (mother in laws) house and I usually like to go to that one just because they usually have the clothes that will fit my older son more selection (bins are full). I also goto the one out by my house, but the bins aren't usually full and hardly find things for my sons there. Oops, I apologize I got side tracked there lol...sorry back to my story!! I got 2 things for my oldest son, but didn't find any pants for him which he really needs because I swear he grew 2-4 inches over night. This morning when he got dressed it looked like he was wearing my 3 year old sons clothes, but they weren't they were his clothes he just had a growth spurt. His jeans looked like something one should have worn during that hurricane we had last weekend...poor I found another pair of pants in the closet that will at least fit him for today (will let you know when he gets off the bus if they still fit or if he outgrew them when he was at school, tee hee). My 3 year old son also seemed to have a growth spurt because his winter coat fit him last week, luckily it is a hand-me-down from my older son but still...he didn't even get this winter out of it!! My dd isn't having a growth spurt like them...she is taking it slowly I think...trying to master other things like walking and talking.
So I found a few cute dresses (can NEVER have enough cute dresses, lol, can you tell I am enjoying this girl thing...probably a bit too much), a few shirts for her, 2 sweaters. For my middle son I found a winter Oshkosh coat, a few shirts and a sweater or two...found more things for him today than my older son...I only found 2 things for him. Not a good Frenchy's day for my older son :(! I even found 2 things, yep, me...I am sooooo excited because it is a rare thing for me to find things...the BEST thing is one of those things was a pair of pants. I saw these cords there, they are brown in color, I thought they look like they could fit me but I should check the tag and go from there. Not getting my hopes up, but still hoping, they were a size 11...awww, not my size :(! But I kept looking at them, thinking I can fit into those...or so I think I can :p! I tried them on and yep, I fit in them...wish they were a bit longer in the leg, but they fit...and I also wish they weren't low rise (not a huge fan) but hey they fit perfectly. I think this might be my first sign of the Cardio kickboxing class working for me :D, let's just say it is that for now. Tee hee! Guess what I paid for those pants??? I paid $2.5o for those pants, lol, not bad not bad at all...and the other thing I got was a long sleeved shirt. Now, I am going to have to go to the Frenchy's out here by me to see if there are any pants for my older son...
Okay, that is enough from me about my Frenchy's, sorry for my ramblings on here just had to share my findings today...dunno why I get so excited but I do. Ok, I am gone now...really...

Wednesday, November 7, 2007


Yep, it is that time again (hurray)...3014 is the number on my counter for the number of visitors I have had at my blog :)! Thank you to you all who have visited, who have left comments, advice etc...keep em coming and hope you continue to read my blog :)! Ok, so I will be giving someone some blog candy...leave a comment on this post right here...and I will use the random generator to choose a number on Nov.11 at noon. So post away :)! I will get the blog candy this weekend, and will post the pic of it for you all to enjoy...

READY, SET, GO!!!!!!

Coffee Talk

Well, I read in the November 2007 issue of "Family Circle" magazine and lookie what I found!!! Here is what the article said:

" Keep on drinking your morning java. A new study found that women who downed three or more cups per day (or six cups of tea) are 30% less likely to have memory decline at th age of 65 than those who sip one cup or less daily. Why?? It seems that caffeine may help reduce levels of beta amyloid, a protein that accumulates in the brains of people with Alzheimer's disease says study author Karen Ritchie, Ph.D., of the French National Institute for Health and Medical Research"

Hmm...after I read that I thought to myself, and what about those of us who are having serious memory issues NOW?? Lol, I have been having serious memory loss these past couple of is crazy. Here are a few examples of how bad my memory is:

~ I had purchased several Bella stamps (a very good thing), but I had forgotten where I had put them and was in serious need of finding them to make a card...I looked high, I looked low, I looked in every nook and cranny. I tore apart my little craft room...looked in the last place before I threw a fit and sure enough there they rid of that sick feeling in my stomach. So my theory is that we should all look in the last place first, that way it would save us all that time of running around with that sick feeling in our stomachs.

~ I bought a gift card for someone the other day for Christmas, once I bought it I put it into one of my bags that was under the stroller...I carried on with my day and shopping...then last night, I had couldn't remember for the life of me where I put it...sigh, yep another frenzied whirlwind through the house...yep, it was also in the last place I looked. Lol!

~ Or phone has been acting weird, it has no dial tone, or it likes to call people I haven't talked to or dialed their number for that I called my phone company, and they told me they would be out to my house Thursday morning (this was last week). I totally forgot about them, I went into the city to do some errands...I get home and am standing at the bus stop waiting for my son to come home. Next, thing I see an Aliant truck drive by us...just as they did that my memory came with the truck and I felt soooooooo bad that I had forgotten. Sure enough they came back down the hill, and we flagged them down...they fixed my phone for me...felt awkward!

~My son's school was having a food drive and each child in their class was supposed to bring food in for the day on the calender that had their name on it...My son's day was yesterday, I even told the teacher last night at the parent teacher night that I would put something in his bag for today. Lol, yep you guessed it...I forgot again...sigh.

I am in serious need of my memory to come back and fast, because I am going to be grey haired by the end of this week :p! If anyone has seen my memory somewhere, please send it back to me :p....

Carob chips

My middle son, can't handle any kind of chocolate at all and if he has it at all...even the teeniest weeniest piece will make the poor think freak out. By freak out I mean just go crazy, cry uncontrollably, throw fits like you wouldn't believe and have a complete melt down. It lasts for several hourse, or he will just crash and fall asleep...the other day I heard something about using Carob chips as a substitute for chocolate chips. I remember in high school one of my friends mom's couldn't have chocolate, so she baked with the Carob chips and you couldn't tell the difference. I am going to start looking for the Carob hot chocolate powder, because after a great afternoon outside in this fall weather we have been having my sons like to have hot chocolate. I found the Carob chips at my local Superstore, but the poor man who was helping me didn't know what I was talking about and said I should try one of those hippie dippie health food stores (tee hee). I explained what they were, incase someone else came and asked him where they were...he told me he would have to try some out sometime.
Anyways, I will let you know if my son has the same reaction to this as he does chocolate! He has the same reaction if he drinks milk, he can have milk in anything, have ice cream but he just cannot have milk. So ever since he and his older brother were little they have been drinking Lacteese! It is amazing to think that an allergic reaction isn't always a rash, or swelling, or whatever other reaction one may have...that it may also be behavioral one's...which makes me wonder if some of those children who are called "ADHD" etc. if they could also have some sort of reaction to something they are eating. Know what I mean?? Lol, boy I am such a rambler these past couple of days...I am in the process of making cards and some coasters so I will post later on today once I get them done :)!

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

My First funny Primary school story :D

My middle son, my dd and I walked down to the bus stop...waited....and waited...waited for about an son is now 1/2 hour late coming home on the bus. Almost thinking of going home to get the van and come back to wait...but I didn't want to miss the bus so I stayed. Next, thing the bus comes around the corner, my oldest gets off the bus and the driver apologizes about being late. He tells me they couldn't get the side bus door open so they had to transfer all the kids onto another bus...then I notice my son has a book in his hand that I know isn't ours and I think to myself well it is probably one he borrowed from the library or a friend.
We start walking home, I ask him where he got the book from, he says " There was a book fair at school today and our class went over to the other school to see it. That is where I got the book from!" I said "Oh, I see and did you pay for this book??" Just as I said that I saw that the book was stamped, which meant that it was paid for...which then made me wonder how he got this book since I hadn't given him the money. He then said that his dude's mom got him this book, so I asked him if she said anything to him about paying her back, or if there was a note from the teacher in his bag about this book. He said "nope, my dude's mom said nothing and no note either mommy! "
I then hurry home, start wondering what I should do about I made the mother of my son's dude one of my handmade greeting cards (forgot to take a picture I am sorry... tonight was kind of crazy...will make one like it and post it for you). I goto my sons parent teacher night, ask his teacher and the supposid teacher of this other little boy what happened. They both said that they didn't know who it was who had bought my son the book, but that they had heard all about this several times. The teachers didn't even know who this child was (now I am thinking perhaps it was an imaginary friend of somesort...which he hasn't had for awhile), but the teacher took my card and said she would look into it for me. I will keep you posted on this story...what would you have done if this had happened to you??
In someways I feel sort of guilty about this other mom (whom I don't know) getting my son a book (I start to think may be he was crying and this mom felt bad for him so she got him the book), I feel appreciative that she did that for him. I also sort of feel awkward, mainly because you never know how one may act when getting the re-payment...some people would thank you for paying them back, some might take offence to it. Anyways, enough rambling from me...have a great night :D!

Rant # 2

So the other day I found the new "Creating Keepsake" December 2007 issue at the store, so I got it...I flipped through the pages and came across this nifty thing ( a must have in my books) and I got very very excited. The one in the magazine was white though, not a big I look in the article to see where they got it from. Hurray I noticed that it was from IKEA (what a great store with great things to buy), so I hurried as fast as my fingers could type over to the IKEA site for Canada. I typed it in, I looked in every nook and cranny of that Sonne Cabinet (that is what it is called). I then hurried over to the "Contact us" button, sent off an e-mail... and wait patiently for a reply...and wait....and wait. Then I get a reply, but the pictures they sent me and were telling me about wasn't the one I was talking, they told me they didn't carry anymore of these in any of their Canadian store because Sonne doesn't make them anymore (so they say). I wrote back saying that the one's they sent me pictures of wasn't the right one...they sent me back a reply saying that if I had read the e-mail that they don't make Sonne anymore since October 2007. Nice, real nice I thought...burst my bubble why don't you!

I get an idea of going to the "Creating Keepsakes" magazine site, sending them an see if they had any information...still waiting on a reply, will let you know what I find out from them. It just frustrates me when people are promoting an item, like in a magazine that (a) is available in Canada and U.S. or (b) that isn't discontinued. I know it isn't the magazine's fault, I am sure they didn't know it was going to be discontinued (let's hope they didn't know)...still frustrating for the lil ol' Canadians :p. I think I figured out how to get one of these now, just have to make one or two friends in the States that has an Ikea near them :p or go there myself and haul it home...tee hee. Well, that is it for me for now...hope you have a great night. No more rants for awhile :D! Lol, for a second there I felt like Rick not as good as he is...

Cardio kickboxing class # 3 *wipes brow*

Wow, last night was putting the moves that we learned in our first two classes together and then adding some more new moves to the mix. Faster pased music it seemed last night, she started out with a cool tune that sounded like tribal really wanting to borrow her music she has...that way I can do this at home when this course is done. Anyways, I actually didn't fumble up too badly last night...there were a few moves that I sort of thought to myself I am too old to do...and am not that flexible to do them. I tried them and I did my best...last nights class we just did mostly a leg work out, we did some jabbs and stuff like that but mostly leg stuff.
I am really hoping that she will do some ab stuff too, but then again...we are having our abs tight through the whole class, that is a workout in itself :p! I forget sometimes that I have had my abs tightened, and then I notice that at some point I let them to remember somehow to keep them engaged. I am not sore today, at least not as sore as I thought I would be...there was one exercise we did where we were standing with our feet far apart, we then squatted down as far as we could go with feeling comfortable. Then, we started jumping in that postion but only on the balls of our, the burn you get in your calves is insane especially after 4 rounds of them. I can't wait until next class :)! Haven't seen any results yet, except soreness :P...but I am thinking it is too soon to see any results....will keep you posted :).
Lol, my dad who is recovering nicely from his heart attack told me that if he was to do this cardio kickboxing class he'd have to change the name to "Cardio Kick the Bucket". My mom didn't think that was too funny, but I am glad to see that he is getting his sense of humour back :).

Been tagged

My friend Julie, tagged me and I just noticed...mind you my power did just come back on last there is my excuse. Lol, that just reminded me...yesterday morning when we were listening to the radio (our wind up one) to see if my oldest had school yesterday...the radio announcers kept saying that there are still a lot of people without power therefore school will be cancelled in a lot of areas. For more details please goto our website and find out if your school is one of the schools that is closed, I am thinking "Hello, my power is off ...kind of hard to check your website if there is no power!" It made me laugh!

1. If you could have 100.00 worth of scrapbook paper or assorted embellishments, which would you choose?

I would have to say that I would go with scrapbook paper if it was Crate paper or Autumn Leaves paper, if they weren't that paper I would go with assorted embellishments. Just as Julie said, hard toss up!

2. If you had to choose between using only stamps or rub-ons, which would you choose?

I would choose stamps, because I am not very good at the rubon's just because I can never seem to get all the image on the cardstock that I am using...there is always a bit stuck still on the sheet you rub on with your popsicle stick. Grrr....

3. If you knew how to do both awesome cards and layouts but could only do one for a whole year...which would you do?

i would choose cards, since I haven't scrapbooked in a long time...but I have sort of created a new fun way to too oh and cheap!

4. Would you rather own a scrap booking store or have your own scrapping room at home...

I would rather have my own scrapping room...just since I am not the sales lady type.

5. What is your CURRENT card making or scrapping style?

Pretty much anything goes, except for those collage type cards...haven't ventured into that area yet...nor do I think I will...

Here are the rules..............

Please answer the questions on your blog and tag 5 more people to answer the same questions..........make sure you list on your blog who you are tagging....Thanks!!

Oh I can't choose who to consider yourself all tagged...not you Julie (wouldn't do that to you, since you were the one who tagged me).

Almost at the 3000 mark :D!

Woohoo, almost there :)! 2961 is what my counter said a few seconds ago, and so I think it is high time for more blog candy...once I get to the 3000 mark I will have blog candy up for grabs. So keep on checking my blog for the official blog candy announcement. :) happy blogging and stamping :)!

Sheesh, that was quite the storm...

Yip, we got hit hard here in Nova Scotia with the Hurricane Noel. We lost our power early hours of Saturday morning, and didn't get our power back until last night at supper time but was worried and heard rumours that it might not have gotten back on until Thursday. Well, I am not back being toasty warm again, kind of a chilly weekend since my hubby bought a lemon generator that spewed oil out the pull chord. So luckily the store he got it from had one left yesterday morning, and so he ran out and got it :)!

The winds were insane, I think our winds here got to 150 and I thought our windows in our house were going to blow in like in the movies. When we got up in the morning we saw the damage on our property, it looks like a bomb went off in the back yard...over 60 trees down and our fence broke into many pieces. The waves (wish I got a pic of these waves) were like 12 m high out here, I could hear the waves from my house and they sounded like a few freight trains going by. We are here, we are safe but we are just very tired from our lack of sleep over the weekend...and am really just wanting to stay in my pj's all day in bed. I unfortunately have my son's first Parent teacher interview tonight at 6:40 p.m., any advice about these meetings??

This first picture is part of my fence just off our deck in the backyard, and with a few of the trees down around it. This deck is attached to the deck in several places, and so we are lucky that we didn't loose our deck too or that the fence didn't become airborn. I might head down towards Lawrence town in a little bit or this afternoon to take some pics for you of this beach and the damage that is there.

I said to my dh that if the winds kept up a lot longer than they did that we would probably have waterfront property now! About 20-30 feet from our poor fence straight back, has trees down and the ocean is like 10-20 more feet past that...

Here is a different angle of our backyard with our fence down...looks worse from this angle I think, and it gives you a better perspective.

Friday, November 2, 2007

Paper Bow

I was on Kristin's blog tonight, and look what I found...she did some amazingly beautiful paper bows. She got this idea from SCS site and did the tutorial there on the paper bows, here is the link for that tutorial : and go bow crazy. Lol, well please also check out Kristin's site too... she does really great work :)!
Gotta go and batten down my hatches, we are in for a doozie of a hurricane or "Big Dangerous Storm" as the radio hosts are still saying (catch phrase of the day). Supposed to pack winds of 140 and we are to get 50-100 mm of rain, thunderstorms too...not liking the sounds of this one but who knows may be it will turn and go out to sea. May not be on in the next couple of days, but we will see how the weather is and go from there...will keep you posted and ttyl :)!

Google reader

Anyone else having issues with their Google reader? When I log in, the top stuff shows up but it just says Done! at the bottom of my screen....and that is as far as it goes. Am wondering if anyone else has this problem or even what I can do to fix this problem?

Not listening...

For those of you who have children, just have a question for you all...I am wondering how you all dealt with or are dealing with your lovely non listening 3-4 year old children?? Why am I asking?? Well, don't worry I have a reason for middle child (son) he hasn't been doing well with listening at all but then again what 3-4 year old listens well?? It was a spur of the moment thing, but I took all his pacifiers (his baba's *that's what he calls them*) and told him he couldn't have his beloved baba's for the rest of the day. He was distraught, beside himself, his world ended!! He even came to me just at bedtime, and he said "mommy, I sorry for not listening to you...will listen and be a good boy!" I gave him a hug, and explained to him the importance of listening to mommy and daddy etc., then I tucked him into bed...and no he hadn't had any Halloween candy all day yesterday. So today we started out really well, then went downhill from there...when we were at the mall getting the rain coat I told him not to jump in the puddles in the parking lot because he didn't have boots on. He just ran over and jumped in both feet together! From there it got worse, I put a Spiderman 3 movie on hold at our local video store and figured I would get one for the boys to watch sometime over the we got in the store, I paid for the Spiderman one...asked my son to pick one out...he did but then he wanted chips or anyother candy near that cash register. I explained to him we had enough candy at home from Halloween and chips too...but he just started screaming and stomping his feet. I took the movie from him, put it back, took his hand and led him out of the store calmly...he got his hand free from mine and took off back to the movie I had put back, then screamed louder. I took it and put it back again, telling him that we had to leave now that he was behaving like movies for boys who behave like this. I had my dd in my arms, so I couldn't pick him up to leave the luckily there was another lady there evidently another mother who took the movie from me and put it back. My son wouldn't go near her, and came with me out of the store, meanwhile I look back over my shoulder to the guy at the counter and he is laughing hysterically at us. I was quite upset by the time I got everyone buckled into the van...he has lost his pacifiers again for 2 days this time. Anyways, I thought I would ask you all what you did when your little one's wouldn't listen and threw fits in public??

Your Friendly Enabler here :p!

I was out at Walmart looking for a raincoat for my 5 year old son, because he has outgrown his favorite "Search and Rescue" raincoat (it looks like a coat a fire fighter would wear). Walmart didn't even carry or have any raincoats at all...none in spring, none in fall and none now (nice eh?). While I was there I had to look for some other things, so I went into their Scrapbooking section and guess what I found :D!! I found Autumn Leaves patterned paper (100 sheets for $9.oo), and those patterned paper is 12*12 in case that matters to you. They also had the 8 1/2*11 too I think. Anyways, I got to stacks of it..I got the "Smitten" stack and the "Kaleidoscope" stack. BEAUTIFUL paper, and what a great dea...better than Michael's :p! So RUN RUN RUN to your local Walmart as fast as you can before all the other scrapbookers get there and stock up.
From there I went to Sears, to see if they would have a raincoat *sigh* they only had "Water repelent" raincoats (can't call it a rain coat then can you?) Call it a condenstion free coat or something more suitable. Guess they aren't making your usual good sturdy actual good for a downpour kind of raincoat, no more playing in the rain...not unless it is a mist :p! Oh I am bad...but it is true, they don't make them anymore...if they do they do a shotty job at it. I gave in and got a cool looking "water repelent" coat for my son and I hope it works. Lol, guess he can give it a good work out this weekend with our big dangerous storm (that is what the radio hosts are calling it) hurricane Noel over the weekend. Guess we are going to get a good punch from it, so I am frantically running around trying to get everything wash done, extra water, cans of soup and that sort of thing. My dh seems to be excited because he thinks we will get to use our new generator this weekend, I on the other hand am NOT excited at all about that thought. Have a super day and ty for all your great comments :)!

Thursday, November 1, 2007

Love this card :)!

I made this card for Julia Stainton, to say thank you for the wonderful blog candy that I had won on her blog a month ago. I won the Gina K. stamp set called "Make A Wish!", love this stamp set and I can;t wait to use it. I have been bust running around getting xmas shopping done, helping my mom and dad out, trying to get 2 of my 3 children well again, while trucking my older son to and from the bus stop for school. I will use this set this weekend, and I will post it so you all can see how nice this set is :)!
For this card I used my Lizzie Anne stamp set called "Jolies Fleurs", what a beautiful stamp set this one is...have used it a lot and am going to use it on my drafting table that I got (sorry still haven't gotten around to designing that yet either). I am soooo bad :p! I used brown cardstock for the base of my card ( I think...sorry it has been a bit since I made this card) , and I used some patterned paper that I got from a scrapbook desk calander that my mom gave me last Christmas. Then I used some brown cardstock, and mounted the marble cardstock with the stamped flower image on it and I used a dot to raise up my flower to give the card some extra punch. I used another one of Michael's clear stamp sets for the stem and leaf of this flower and I used the sentiment from another stamp set that I had that also came from Carousel (I think). I used my Tombow markers to color in the flower, the ink that I used was Mellow moss and Bravo Burgandy for the flower stem/ sentiment. Love how this card turned out :D! Thanks again Julia :)!

My lil Tinkerbell

Tee hee, I found this cute Tinkerbell costume on sale and thought it would be perfect for my friend Diana's Halloween party with the other children from our playdate group. Unfortunately, it had to be cancelled due to illness going around the different children and mom's ...oh well, at least she had it on for me to take these pictures of her in it. This is my dd at 10 mos of age, sitting on my couch in the living room looking pretty :p! I had to act fast, because she was trying to teeth on her wings, and also trying to escape from the picture...

We didn't do the regular Halloween thing, and this is about the 7th year we have done this...we usually do something called "Halloween Harvest for the Hungry". The Youth group from our church go out into the community collecting food for the local food bank, and we did really well this year I think. The 5 of us and about 20 or so Youth were out last night, helping out either driving around getting the food or making hot chocolate at the church for everyone (that was our job last night) or going door to door in the community getting the food. It was a lot of fun, and what a great way to give back to your community :)!

I basically kept taking as many pictures as I could, before she decided to run away on here is the next picture in the sequence of pictures that I took of her in this adorable costume. I LOVE this costume :)! Here is the final picture that I took in the sequence that turned out how I wanted it to, all the other pictures are of her turned away or eating her toes kind of thing. Just wanted to share the cute one's with you all :)!

a sympathy card that I made

Here is a sympathy card that I made, using one of my new clear stamp sets that I got from Michael's when they were 30% off :)! I love this set !! Recommend checking out those lovely new Michael's clear stamp sets, and no I don't mean the $1.50 one's either...too bad...waiting for those new sets to come out too. I used green cardstock that I got from Carousel, marbled looking cardstock from there and also dark green cardstock as well. I used the light green cardstock for the base of my card, used the marbled cardstock for my stamped images. I mounted the marble cardstock onto some dark green cardstock and used the ticket punch on the corners of these cards, to basically give it a elegent touch to the card. I then used my SU Mellow Moss classic ink pad to stamp the leaf images onto the marbled cardstock, then I used my Bravo Burgandy classic ink pad for the sentiment. I used my versamark ink pad to stamp the watermark leaf images all over the base of the card, which I think made a neat effect.

My son enjoying his food

This was taken a few weeks ago, at my oldest son's fiance's (those two are too cute) Birthday party and this picture is of my middle child enjoying/savoring every moment of that cake he can. Lol, this picture reminds me of that french fry add of Jay the little guy who is taking his time eating his french fries while he is reading a comic. My son loves almost every kind of food, he will finnish it if he likes it, but it will take him a long time to get through almost looks like he is falling asleep and his head will fall into his cake.

This next picture is of him taking a big bite of the yummy butterfly cake that, Julie made for her daughter. I must say I was impressed by both the cake and all the hand cut butterfly decorations...great job Julie (sorry I didn't get this on here before now).

I am BACK :D!

ok, sorry everyone for the no posts for the past couple of days but my computer became corrupted and seriously needed help. I am back, and am hoping to get several posts up in the next couple of days that should have been on here a few days ago before I had a corrupted computer.