Monday, November 26, 2007

Neat ring

I thought I would respond to one of my comments to my post about the "neat ring" :)! Every November there are several Christmas craft shows (you got to be picky as to which one's you goto, because quality isn't the greatest at some of them), my dh's aunts and I make a fun gals afternoon or night out of it. This is my 2nd year going with my dh's Aunts, we have a blast...the place I got the ring from is at one of these annual Christmas craft shows in my area. If interested, I can try to find out if this person has a website out (I am sure they do) and post it on here for all of you. I thought that it is pretty neat that my friend Deborah's relative had a ring like this, and this was a long time ago that they had it...neat to see how trends or crafty ideas come back :). Have a happy stamping day :)!


Tracy.H said...

I would love to know if they have a website...thanks! :0)