Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Coasters 4 xmas

Here are two different sets of coasters that I just made, have to do something to keep my mind off not being able to see my Grandmother. The two coaster sets I made are of the same 2 images, both came from the "Nightengale set" made by See D's and I got these from Carousel (see a theme here)??? The first set I used the Nightengale bird, and the sentiment came from the Hollydoodles set...beautiful sets :)! I used Brilliance ink on both sets of stamp sets, will be spraying them with my acryllic spray and then adding the cork board to the back of them. For a nice touch I then wrap ribbon around them, and add a nice tag that I make using the SU tag punches. Sorry fot the darkness of the first picture, if I took it with a flash it would just show a dot of light...no matter what angle I took it from, lol...i am far from a pro Photographer. I promise that I will work on it, and give you a better second picture of this first coaster :)!!

Would really like your opinion on the flower coaster, at first I thought it looked elegant but now I am looking at it thinking ugh...so I need your opinions here. Which I know you are all good at giving :D!


Tracy.H said...

I really like the flower one. Maybe just a touch of color might make it pop a little.