Thursday, November 1, 2007

My lil Tinkerbell

Tee hee, I found this cute Tinkerbell costume on sale and thought it would be perfect for my friend Diana's Halloween party with the other children from our playdate group. Unfortunately, it had to be cancelled due to illness going around the different children and mom's ...oh well, at least she had it on for me to take these pictures of her in it. This is my dd at 10 mos of age, sitting on my couch in the living room looking pretty :p! I had to act fast, because she was trying to teeth on her wings, and also trying to escape from the picture...

We didn't do the regular Halloween thing, and this is about the 7th year we have done this...we usually do something called "Halloween Harvest for the Hungry". The Youth group from our church go out into the community collecting food for the local food bank, and we did really well this year I think. The 5 of us and about 20 or so Youth were out last night, helping out either driving around getting the food or making hot chocolate at the church for everyone (that was our job last night) or going door to door in the community getting the food. It was a lot of fun, and what a great way to give back to your community :)!

I basically kept taking as many pictures as I could, before she decided to run away on here is the next picture in the sequence of pictures that I took of her in this adorable costume. I LOVE this costume :)! Here is the final picture that I took in the sequence that turned out how I wanted it to, all the other pictures are of her turned away or eating her toes kind of thing. Just wanted to share the cute one's with you all :)!


Julie Mutch said...

Ahhhhh, how cute is Maiah as Tinkerbell! This will be the new pic for my fridge! :) Love that costume, too! I was looking at them last night at the Disney store. So many cute costumes to choose from! Maybe I'll stock up if they drop in price a bit more... lol :)

Tracy.H said...

What a cutie!! :0)