Thursday, November 8, 2007

Had a good Frenchy's day

Frenchy's : is a second hand clothing store, that sells pretty much any article of clothing (sometimes scrapbooking/rubber stamping things too) at a really great price. The clothes are sometimes worn, but sometimes they havne't been worn and have the tags still on them, and they are LOADS of name brand clothing for every age. This is the place I go to get the wonderful "Carter's" clothes for my children, or Old Navy, or Children's Place, or Oshkosh too...or Zellers named clothing....whatever the clothing line it is probably there. Check it out sometime, the clothes are in big table bins (that look like huge sand tables that you would see at a daycare center *oh I am bad :P, but this is what they look like*), you will have to dig. Some people have issues with second hand clothing or digging through the clothes, but just go check it out and stock up on hand sanitizer before you is well worth it. At least I think so!!

Anyways, I went to the Frenchy's out by my mil (mother in laws) house and I usually like to go to that one just because they usually have the clothes that will fit my older son more selection (bins are full). I also goto the one out by my house, but the bins aren't usually full and hardly find things for my sons there. Oops, I apologize I got side tracked there lol...sorry back to my story!! I got 2 things for my oldest son, but didn't find any pants for him which he really needs because I swear he grew 2-4 inches over night. This morning when he got dressed it looked like he was wearing my 3 year old sons clothes, but they weren't they were his clothes he just had a growth spurt. His jeans looked like something one should have worn during that hurricane we had last weekend...poor I found another pair of pants in the closet that will at least fit him for today (will let you know when he gets off the bus if they still fit or if he outgrew them when he was at school, tee hee). My 3 year old son also seemed to have a growth spurt because his winter coat fit him last week, luckily it is a hand-me-down from my older son but still...he didn't even get this winter out of it!! My dd isn't having a growth spurt like them...she is taking it slowly I think...trying to master other things like walking and talking.
So I found a few cute dresses (can NEVER have enough cute dresses, lol, can you tell I am enjoying this girl thing...probably a bit too much), a few shirts for her, 2 sweaters. For my middle son I found a winter Oshkosh coat, a few shirts and a sweater or two...found more things for him today than my older son...I only found 2 things for him. Not a good Frenchy's day for my older son :(! I even found 2 things, yep, me...I am sooooo excited because it is a rare thing for me to find things...the BEST thing is one of those things was a pair of pants. I saw these cords there, they are brown in color, I thought they look like they could fit me but I should check the tag and go from there. Not getting my hopes up, but still hoping, they were a size 11...awww, not my size :(! But I kept looking at them, thinking I can fit into those...or so I think I can :p! I tried them on and yep, I fit in them...wish they were a bit longer in the leg, but they fit...and I also wish they weren't low rise (not a huge fan) but hey they fit perfectly. I think this might be my first sign of the Cardio kickboxing class working for me :D, let's just say it is that for now. Tee hee! Guess what I paid for those pants??? I paid $2.5o for those pants, lol, not bad not bad at all...and the other thing I got was a long sleeved shirt. Now, I am going to have to go to the Frenchy's out here by me to see if there are any pants for my older son...
Okay, that is enough from me about my Frenchy's, sorry for my ramblings on here just had to share my findings today...dunno why I get so excited but I do. Ok, I am gone now...really...