Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Carob chips

My middle son, can't handle any kind of chocolate at all and if he has it at all...even the teeniest weeniest piece will make the poor think freak out. By freak out I mean just go crazy, cry uncontrollably, throw fits like you wouldn't believe and have a complete melt down. It lasts for several hourse, or he will just crash and fall asleep...the other day I heard something about using Carob chips as a substitute for chocolate chips. I remember in high school one of my friends mom's couldn't have chocolate, so she baked with the Carob chips and you couldn't tell the difference. I am going to start looking for the Carob hot chocolate powder, because after a great afternoon outside in this fall weather we have been having my sons like to have hot chocolate. I found the Carob chips at my local Superstore, but the poor man who was helping me didn't know what I was talking about and said I should try one of those hippie dippie health food stores (tee hee). I explained what they were, incase someone else came and asked him where they were...he told me he would have to try some out sometime.
Anyways, I will let you know if my son has the same reaction to this as he does chocolate! He has the same reaction if he drinks milk, he can have milk in anything, have ice cream but he just cannot have milk. So ever since he and his older brother were little they have been drinking Lacteese! It is amazing to think that an allergic reaction isn't always a rash, or swelling, or whatever other reaction one may have...that it may also be behavioral one's...which makes me wonder if some of those children who are called "ADHD" etc. if they could also have some sort of reaction to something they are eating. Know what I mean?? Lol, boy I am such a rambler these past couple of days...I am in the process of making cards and some coasters so I will post later on today once I get them done :)!


Tracy.H said...

Good luck with the Carob. Me personally? Don't like it. I had it as a child and hated it!! But that is just personal taste for ya ;0)

I totally believe that alot of these behavior issues are diet related. I know that my girls...well mostly the oldest are effected by sugar. Can always tell when they have had a lot!!! But I experienced some major reactions at my DD bday party with another child. I was shocked at her behavior!! And I have seen some children in my youngest daughters class with serious behavior issues...just makes you wonder.

Nancy said...

I'm the opposite... I cry and freak out WITHOUT Chocolate LOL