Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Lookie Lookie at what I found

Yesterday morning was my dd's appointment about her herniated belly button, so the dr. said that she has a "garden variety" hernia. I had to look around to see I wasn't accidentally standing in a garden center of some sort and not at the IWK children's hospital, lol! He said that her hernia is 1.5 cm in diameter, but that it will heal on it's own most likely...however, if it won't heal I am to bring her back in when she is 3 years old and he will fix it. I asked him this time what I should watch for, and he told me a swollen pink sore to the touch belly button plus if she is unconsolable to bring her back in and they will most likely operate then. My wonderful Aunt came with us to watch my middle son while my dd and I were in with the dr, which was a big help to me :) (thank you so much Aunt Elizabeth).

On the way home I had to stop at a ladies house to get some "Rescue Hero" figures, my oldest son has one of these figures but was never really into them. Then just recently he saw the movie, and told my husband over the weekend that he would like more of these figures for either his Birthday or Christmas. Unfortunately, these figures aren't being made I had to find them elsewhere (either e-bay or Kijiji)! I found a lady selling 17 of them, $2 a piece and so I bought all 17 of them :) I can only imagine how thrilled my son will be when he opens these guys up :).

Then I had to goto my favorite store "Carousel" to pick up a stamp set (shown on the left there with the swirly looking bird-beautiful set eh??) that I had ordered awhile ago, and also a cranberry color Tombow marker to do a set of 5 xmas cards for my sil's co-worker. While I was there, I found 3 other stamp sets that I just couldn't leave behind... the first one is one called "Chai Latte" by See d's stamp company, I have been looking for a good coffee cup/mug stamp for awhile now but never saw one that I liked.

The second stamp set was a little See D's stamp set, that is a cupcake birthday stamp set...good for my dd first bday I think :)! The other stamp set is called "Hollydoodles", I found this stampe set hidden in the back room where all the Christmas stamps was behind the table with other Christmas stuff on it. I LOVE this set and can't wait to use it :)! Guess I am you enabler again, lol, sorry gals :P! Almost forgot, I also picked up some white glitter for those cards for my sil's co-worker...couldn't find the right glitter anywhere else...Michael's glitter was too big, or it was in a glue form which I didn't think would work well or look the way I wanted it to. Wonderful looking stamp sets eh??


Julie Mutch said...

Darn you enablers! lol :) I love my Nightingale set from See D's, but I'm really likin' that Hollydoodles set...might have to take a trip into Carousel again soon! :)

I'm vacuuming and actually getting a sick enjoyment out of it! lol :) I bought a new vacuum this morning and it's actally nice to vacccum with one that doesn't keep catching on the carpet and makes smoke after it's been running for a bit, not to mention that it sounded like a jet engine! lol :)

I'll chat with ya soon! I'm on the run...gotta get supper ready before I go to work in a few hours.


Tracy.H said...

These are beautiful!! Have fun with the new stamps! :0)