Thursday, November 15, 2007

Noodle head

Here are the pictures that I couldn't get loaded up to go with my "Special Nana meal" post, sorry about that don't know what was wrong!! Here are those pictures though :D!

This was one of those hands on experiences for her,lol, and face!! She is enjoying ever minute of this meal, she sat there for an hour savouring every bite or minute playing with the noodles.

Lol, she made Nana's night I am sure :)! She loves her pasta that is for sure, she'll spend an hour in her chair eating KD when we have it...we have it once in a blue moon. She just goes crazy over noodles/pasta, she can't seem to get it in there fast watch her eat it is funny too..because she snuffles and snorts her way through the meal.