Tuesday, June 24, 2008

My First Nestability card

Here is my first Nestabilities card that I made last night, I just had to finish coloring the heart from the SU stamp set "Always" and then stick it all together. I love how it turned out and can't wait to make more cards :)! I made it look like a postage stamp, kinda neat eh??

Happy Creating tonight :)!

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Monday, June 23, 2008

Teacher gift and morning bus driver gift

The first post it note holder I made was for my son's primary teacher, I used some recycled type paper that had the butterflies sort of embossed already on it. I know it looks like I stamped it on, but I didn't :)! The second photo is the post it note holder opened up, so you can see what I did to attach the two covers to the post it notes. I used some left over chipboard for the two covers, then I just covered them with this pretty paper. Easy to make :), but I think I would make sure I had enough room to add a clasp or something to the cover to keep it closed.

The second post it note book I made is for the morning bus driver, she was only with us over the past month and a half but we have really enjoyed her :)!! I got the afternoon bus driver a $10.oo gift card to Tim Horton's since I have seen him several times with Tim's coffee and I didn't know if she drank it. Love making these little notebooks, what fun :)!

Happy Stamping and creating :)!

thinking of you

I have a friend who is overseas right now helping fight the war, and I thought I would send a word of encouragement. Unfortunately, I found out after I put this card in the mail that they had just lost their father 3 days ago :(! So, I thought I should send them a card to let them know we were thinking of them. They have emergency leave I guess to go home to the funeral, then they have to go back overseas...until their tour is done. Inside I stamped this sentiment:

"A hug is a perfect gift. One size fits all and nobody minds if you exchange it."

Cute eh?? Now, I have to get on to make a sympathy card for them too after I finish my son's teacher's gift and morning bus driver's gift.

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Friday, June 20, 2008

New card

Here I go again stepping out of my comfort zone, I got this stamp and thought it would go nicely with the saying inside..."You are just jealous because the voices only talk to me"! I saw that stamp over at Kim's place one night when we were stamping, and it is one that Julie borrowed from Kim to use. I am not one for liking to use faces, or collage type stamps but it looks like that just might be the route I am taking...I am not going to go extreme collage cuz I am not a huge fan. I mean you guys do amazing work when you do the collage cards, but I just can't get mine to ever look right :)!
I also needed a card for one of my CCE swaps that I am behind on until I mail this card off, so I felt a funny card was in order for today :)! Gotta work with those Nestabilities a bit too...hmm...now that I look at this card something doesn't look right, lol!


Thursday, June 19, 2008

HAPPY ANNIVERSARY HUN and to my parents too

June 17, is my hubbies and my anniversary as well as my parents wedding anniversary :)! It has been 8 years for my dh and I and a lot more than that for my parents... HAPPY ANNIVERSARY guys :)!


Wednesday, June 18, 2008

finally I did something with my drafting table

Here are some pics of what I did with my drafting table :), sorry it took so long...I am sure some of you were wondering if I would ever get it done. Don't worry you weren't the only one, I was also thinking this...lol :)! The first picture is of the whole table, and then I took separate shots of each Flourish that I drew so you could get a better idea of what I did. Then I also added something that isn't in the first picture, I added a quote one that I really love a lot...
Here is the quote:

"Life isn't about waiting for the storm to pass;
it's about learning to dance in the rain!" ~ author unknown

I wanted each of the corners to be different, I was originally going to do the same doodles in each corner!! I used templates from Photo Memories , and I used the black Sharpie Marker to draw the doodles. Easy Peasy right?? I didn't use anything to hold the flimsy little plastic templates down either, I just held them down with my hands. Perhaps it would have been easier if I did stick it down with something!!!

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

silly dd

Lol, here is a picture I took of my dd and what she likes to do sometimes with my clean laundry...my lil common thief (something my middle son likes to call people sometimes). I am not too sure why she felt the need to have her rubber boots on, but she made off with this clean sheet from my basket of laundry and felt it was nap time there in the hallway. Just had to share this silly moment with you all :)!

Thank you so much for stopping by, hope you have a great day :)!

Card from my secret Admirer

Here is the card that I told you about yesterday, that I said that I would post today...so here it is :)! I love the letters that you used, I am wondering what you used to make them???? Ty, again to my secret pal :)!

cards that I am way behind on for the CCE group one

This first card is for Fran Nelson, I thought I would do some major layering for her card :)! Her card was for the May CCE, which I hadn't done since life has been kind of complicated lately...but I am mailing them out tomorrow :)! This is a different angle to this same card, so you can see the layers on it :)...and I used the Real Flourish template to draw the flourish that is behind the door.

The next card that I made was for Mary Jane Downey, and I used a cute House mouse stamp that I hadn't inked up before...I have had that stamp for along time though. So I thought I would break it out and christen it :)! I love how this card turned out, and am seriously thinking making more cards with this stamp. Her card is for the June CCE for group #1 :)!
The third card I made, but forgot to take a picture of it...sorry, been one of those chaotic day! That card was for Irene H., her card is also for the June CCE...and I have one more to make for Judy S. Her card was for the May CCE, which I apologize again for not having out to her until now.

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Monday, June 16, 2008

Updates and pics

Here are the pictures that I took on my way through to Dartmouth on the old highway, the 2nd route out of the Eastern Shore area of Nova Scotia. I couldn't believe how wide the path of the forest fire was, it went on for ever it seemed...and the smell was like nothing I had ever smelled before. It didn't smell anything like a bonfire, the air was heavy with this smell, and it smelled old/musty with some smoke smell mixed in...weird smell. I just held my camera up out my window and I kept taking pictures without looking at what I was taking. I will probably go back throughout this week to take more pics, but we will see!! Apparently the 50 remaining homes were allowed to go back to their homes this afternoon, but the main highway is still blocked off with great huge heavy equipment and I am not too sure when it will re-open. I saw several bombers and helicopters still flying around, so I believe the fire is still burning out of control...I will keep you updated as I hear things.
This morning (June 17) the highways and all the roads that were closed due to the fire are now officially open :), so now I don't have to go the long way around! A HUGE thank you goes out to all of the volunteers, firefighters, police and others who helped out during this very stressful weekend for over 5000 people. Also, a HUGE thank you goes out to the water bomber crews that came from away to help our area battle this huge blaze...it is still burning apparently and is still out of control but it is contained.


We are still ok, and fire is still apparently out of control

We are okay, we just got home last night from my inlaws place and they did have a check point along the only road out of the Eastern shore...you had to tell them where you were going and then they'd let you through or not. The main highway is still closed, the other two roads are open now I believe (will find out later when I come into the city) and some schools are closed.
We had quite a lot of confusion in my area, because we were told on the radio that there were bus cancellations, I go onto their website and it doesn't tell you much. I go onto the Elementary school site and they were even worse than the first website...I drive down to the bus stop with all 3 kids in tow incase I had to drive my son. Well, when we got there Stock Transportation told us no bus= no school...then we were told by the school board to look online...I did and it wasn't helpful. Next, we notice our bus is sitting outside our neighbors house and so we ran out to talk to the bus driver. Finally, I called the school (line finally open) and they told me there was school so all the kids got on the bus...so now I need several cups of coffee after that morning...lol!!! I am not impressed with the lack of communication between all the sources...
Okay, so as far as I know there are still 50 homes still evacuated and the main highway is still closed...water bombers are still going strong this morning, they are using the highway as a landing/take off area. That's all I have for you at this point!!


Saturday, June 14, 2008

OUT OF CONTROL FIRE. Not to worry though we are okay here

There is an out of control fire about 15-20 minutes from my house, not to worry there is lots of water (ocean) between me and that fire...we are safe here where we are. The fire broke out yesterday afternoon at about 3, and lots of people had to be evacuated from their homes as the fire raged on. My dh went to help out in any way that he could, he got to direct traffic ...turning people around....chaos I guess is a word that best describes what happened yesterday....parents had a hard time getting to their children at the school yesterday, and also at the daycares that are in that area. They all were evacuated to the second elementary school in my area, so parents had to go there, but lots of routes to that school were blocked too, several people called in to tell these parents back roads to take to get to the school. Our power was out too until late last night, it is on now, but I guess there are still lots of areas without power and it is said that people won't be able to go back to their homes for a few days perhaps.
I went into Porter's Lake area a town near me to get some things, it was packed, it was busy, and exits to and from there were all blocked off to the main highway by great big Heavy equipment. It will be blocked perhaps for several more days, the guy I was talking to didn't know when they would open up the highway or any of the other roads out or if there will be school on Monday! We have a family dinner to goto tonight in the city, so we are going to that through the backroads (a very long route) and stay in at my in laws place tonight, so I gotta go pack. I will be back here tomorrow night with perhaps some updates for you :)! Talk to you all later :)!


Friday, June 13, 2008

oh I am such a bad blogger...

The good news is that I have made yet another pile of cards for you all to see, so the first card that I made was a sympathy card. My birthfather's mom just passed away last weekend, it was very very hard on the whole family because it happened so suddenly. At least she didn't suffer long, she lived a good life...unfortunately I didn't ever meet this fantastic woman. My heart goes out to my dad and his family, hugs and love to you all :)!

The next two cards I made I just made in case I needed a card, to say "thank you" :)! I made the first three cards at Julie's house when we had a crafty night, and a night to celebrate Val's/Julie's Birthday. We missed all of you who couldn't come, can't wait to see you all at the next crafty night :)! Okay, so the card on the right here that looks like a collage is me stepping way out of my comfort zone. I see a collage type stamp, I just don't ever see myself stamping with them...I run the other way. However, I saw this beautiful stamp and I just had to have it...so who knows maybe I am turning over a new leaf here. Thank you so much Julie for the laughs, for the crafty night and HAPPY BIRTHDAY :) *HUGS*!!

I also had to make another 2 sympathy cards, because our pastor's father passed away yesterday morning and then a pastor Emeritus passed away this week too. I didn't finish making the 3rd Sympathy card, I will do that tonight!!

Friday, June 6, 2008

I am still here, lol

I am still here not too worry, just been really busy with life...funny how that happens! Anyways, I do have several things that I have made that I will post probably Tuesday since I know one of the people who is receiving them for a bday prezzie will be looking at my blog. SOoooo, I am sorry but you have to wait :)! I am about to make a bday card that I can show you though, it is for Jane who is offering up some great blog candy, but the key was you had to make her a bday card and send it snail mail. So here is my card creation for her "blog candy giveaway" :)! Julie would def. be proud, just because I went layer crazy here...lol :)!!!

Happy Stamping on this fine beautiful day :)!

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

A Birthday card

I was in need of a birthday card, so here is the once I created by casing one on SCS site by Wendy Weixler. I think I would change the way I had the flowers laid out, and I would even change the size flower that I used. The sized flower that I used seems to be too big for this size card, know what I mean??

Happy Creating :)!

Welcome to our family Levi Daniel

Well, I am a proud Aunt of Levi Daniel who was born this morning in the wee hours and he was 7 lbs. 14 oz :)! Baby and mom are doing fine as far as I know, will keep you posted and hopefully I will have a pic or two :)!