Friday, June 20, 2008

New card

Here I go again stepping out of my comfort zone, I got this stamp and thought it would go nicely with the saying inside..."You are just jealous because the voices only talk to me"! I saw that stamp over at Kim's place one night when we were stamping, and it is one that Julie borrowed from Kim to use. I am not one for liking to use faces, or collage type stamps but it looks like that just might be the route I am taking...I am not going to go extreme collage cuz I am not a huge fan. I mean you guys do amazing work when you do the collage cards, but I just can't get mine to ever look right :)!
I also needed a card for one of my CCE swaps that I am behind on until I mail this card off, so I felt a funny card was in order for today :)! Gotta work with those Nestabilities a bit that I look at this card something doesn't look right, lol!