Monday, June 16, 2008

We are still ok, and fire is still apparently out of control

We are okay, we just got home last night from my inlaws place and they did have a check point along the only road out of the Eastern had to tell them where you were going and then they'd let you through or not. The main highway is still closed, the other two roads are open now I believe (will find out later when I come into the city) and some schools are closed.
We had quite a lot of confusion in my area, because we were told on the radio that there were bus cancellations, I go onto their website and it doesn't tell you much. I go onto the Elementary school site and they were even worse than the first website...I drive down to the bus stop with all 3 kids in tow incase I had to drive my son. Well, when we got there Stock Transportation told us no bus= no school...then we were told by the school board to look online...I did and it wasn't helpful. Next, we notice our bus is sitting outside our neighbors house and so we ran out to talk to the bus driver. Finally, I called the school (line finally open) and they told me there was school so all the kids got on the now I need several cups of coffee after that!!! I am not impressed with the lack of communication between all the sources...
Okay, so as far as I know there are still 50 homes still evacuated and the main highway is still closed...water bombers are still going strong this morning, they are using the highway as a landing/take off area. That's all I have for you at this point!!



Tracy.H said...

I suppose that with the situation that you can only expect some confusion...but it certainly does not help you out. Hope you enjoyed a nice cup of coffee after your morning. :0)