Saturday, June 14, 2008

OUT OF CONTROL FIRE. Not to worry though we are okay here

There is an out of control fire about 15-20 minutes from my house, not to worry there is lots of water (ocean) between me and that fire...we are safe here where we are. The fire broke out yesterday afternoon at about 3, and lots of people had to be evacuated from their homes as the fire raged on. My dh went to help out in any way that he could, he got to direct traffic ...turning people around....chaos I guess is a word that best describes what happened yesterday....parents had a hard time getting to their children at the school yesterday, and also at the daycares that are in that area. They all were evacuated to the second elementary school in my area, so parents had to go there, but lots of routes to that school were blocked too, several people called in to tell these parents back roads to take to get to the school. Our power was out too until late last night, it is on now, but I guess there are still lots of areas without power and it is said that people won't be able to go back to their homes for a few days perhaps.
I went into Porter's Lake area a town near me to get some things, it was packed, it was busy, and exits to and from there were all blocked off to the main highway by great big Heavy equipment. It will be blocked perhaps for several more days, the guy I was talking to didn't know when they would open up the highway or any of the other roads out or if there will be school on Monday! We have a family dinner to goto tonight in the city, so we are going to that through the backroads (a very long route) and stay in at my in laws place tonight, so I gotta go pack. I will be back here tomorrow night with perhaps some updates for you :)! Talk to you all later :)!



Tracy.H said...

We heard about the fires and I was worried how close they were to you. Take care and please keep us updated! :0)