Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Little Feet

The other night when my dd was sleeping, I went to check on her because she has had a bit of a cough lately anyways I found her asleep with her bum up in the air and her knees tucked under her. What is it with little one's sleeping like that??? I guess the real question is why don't we still sleep like that, lol?? Anways, I have been wanting to take a picture of her little feet but she hasn't been very co-operative until the other night...since she was asleep...otherwise I wouldn't have gotten any photos. Looking at her little feet, I wonder where they will take her, what great adventures she will have, who she will meet and what she will become...ok, enough of the sentimental stuff lol. Just wanted to share them with you :)!

Hugs to you all, and have a wonderful crafty day :)!

Altered tin

I had one of these tins from Princess Auto that I hadn't altered yet, and felt it had come time to do something about it. Nice paper eh?? I thought it would be great to give someone with a nice chocolate treat inside :)!! I wanted to put a message on the little stamped message note, but I didn't know what to put...any ideas??



Provocraft's "Little Princess Heart's" patterned paper by Jeff Goodsell from Michael's, white cardstock, and pink weave cardstock from Carousel.


Black Brilliance ink, and Pixie dust dew drop ink pad


Super Tacky tape, mini pop up dots

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Lookie what I found :)!

I was into Walmart today, to get my dd some more diapers , I also needed a button because a button on a pair of pants that I got from "Frenchy's" (the best place for second hand clothes, if you are into that sort of thing). Anyways, while I was in their fabric section I spotted these great craft organizers :) and I thought they would be great for my ribbon...they were $5.00 of course I got 2. I just had to try them out as soon as I got home, snd was thrilled to pieces that they worked wonderfully for my ribbon. Great storage for other things to I am sure :), like clear stamps or brads or whatever you would like! The lid also has a little storage compartment you can keep pens, brads...

Have a great night or day where ever you live :)!

Monday, January 28, 2008

Show and tell

Lol, by request (Julie) here are my 4 stamp sets that I picked up yesterday (thought I got 5 but it was only 4 large one's and 2 small $1.50 one's). The first stamp set is by Hero Arts, it is a Clear design stamp set.

The second stamp set is by Stampendous, it is the perfectly Clear stamp sets that they have out....this one is a Invitation stamp set. It would be great for a baby shower invitation and also Baby announcements...or other invitations too I am sure :D!

The third stamp set that I picked up is a set of 3 big flowers, with a circle sentiment with a small flower inside, it has tow other sentiments and another small flower and a leaf. This stamp set is also by Stampendous perfectly clear stamps :)!

The fourth stamp set that I picked up had swirly flowers on it, with a bee, some dots in a row (border stamp), 2 little itty bitty flowers and 2 sentiments (thank you and hello). This stamp set is also from Stampendous perfectly clear stamp set :)! I used the first flower set on my doodle card this morning :)!

I don't know if all Michael's is doing this deal or not...but I would call around and ask :)! Happy Stamping :)!

Doodle Challenge card #3

Here is a card that I created using a new stamp set that I picked up from Michael's yesterday, I believe I picked up 5 stamp sets, the clear stamp sets by stampendous and Clear design by Hero Arts. I got each set for $5.oo, they were usually $21-$23 dollar stamp sets marked down to $ you can see why I stocked up :)! I actually got several of the stamp sets to help me out with the "Doodle Challenge", and I decided to use one of the flower stamp sets that I got. The idea for this card came to me in the middle of the night, don't worry I didn't get up in the middle of the night to finnish this card, I waited until I got up this morning and did it :)!

I really liked how this card turned out...might have to add something else to an embellishment of somesort, Like some chrystals or brads, but for now I added a sentiment that says "Just thinking of you". That sentiment came from the clear $1.5o stamp set, aslo from Michael's :)!

Saturday, January 26, 2008

If I can do it, so can YOU

Your card for my "Doodle Challenge" doesn't have to be magnificent, it can be simple and it is easy to let me show you a simple doodle card that I just created a few minutes ago. I went online and typed in "How to doodle" in my search engine and it came up with lots of sites that would be great to get ideas off of. I went to the "Creating Keepsakes" webpage, and cased a doodle they used to teach you how to doodle...but I think I did mine backwards. Goto a website like I did, find a doodle or two, throw them together and you have yourself a doodle card :)...add some pretty patterned paper or embellishment and you are done.

For my card I used a white sort of colored pencil, some SU Mellow Moss cardstock, and a Happy bday sentiment from a clear stamp set that I got from Michael's...I believe it was a Stampendous stamp set. Anywho, enough babbling from that you know that your doodle can be as simple as what I did...please try one yourself :)! I am going to create 4 more of these Doodle cards, or so I hope to...because I myself am not a doodler, well I do doodle but I just don't doodle often because it is out of my comfort zone. I hope to break out of that zone, and get doodling more :)!

Happy Doodling :)!!

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Love this criss cross card

Okay, the other day I mentioned that I wasn't too happy with the criss cross card that I had made because it wasn't really the one I really really liked. I sent the lady who made the card I do like an e-mail, she sent me the instructions on how to make the one I liked a lot :)! Tonight I sat down and made one with the little bit of help from my dh (I know Julie I was shocked, Ben having crafty time with me...what the heck??), and am thrilled to pieces with how this card turned out. I am so excited ( I know, I know silly...but I am sooooooo thrilled about how this card turned out...better than I thought it would). If you would like the directions on how to make this card, I am going to re-write the one's I got and post it for you here in a few days :)!

I want to make lots more of these cards...this one I really really like is easier to make than the SCS one, or at least I think so anyways. Oh, and don't forget to participate in my "Doodle challenge" :)!

I used SU Mellow Moss, SU Bravo Burgandy, flat white cardstock
I used SU Mellow Moss, SU Bravo Burgandy
I used the Crop-A-Dile, an eyelet, a brad and some ribbon
HAPPY stamping :)!


I was in the crafty mood this morning, and when both the children were down for a nap (rare thing they are both sleeping at the same time), but either way I took advantage of this opportunity. I made these 2 coasters, actually I made 2 sets of 6 of each of these 2 coasters that I have posted on here :)! I thought of Tracy and her hot Chai drink when I was making these :)!

For the first coaster I used the See D's stamp set called Chai Latte, what a great set, the idea of putting it on the coaster came to me as I was sitting infront of my computer with my morning cup of coffee. I just LOVE this coaster, I may have to keep it for myself :P!! The second coaster was made from the stamp set by Autumn Leaves called "Leaves", lol and I thought it would be more of an elegant sort of coaster and it does look elegant...I think so anyways.

I finally heard back from the lady who made the criss cross card that I really liked, it is a different style than the one's on SCS and I have the directions to make perhaps I will make one and post it then add the directions to it.

Well, have a wonderful day :)!

Copic marker blog candy

RUN RUN RUN as fast as you can to Gina K.'s blog, because she is offering up a package of 36 copic markers for some lucky person to win on Sunday....hurry and leave a comment...don't want to miss out on this great candy :)!

Have a great day, and hope you will try out my Doodle challenge :)!

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Cuttlebug card and my first card challenge

I was in need of a card for my little sister, her Birthday was yesterday and I needed it to be in the mail today. I was also at Michael's today and I got the Cuttlebug Flower die, so I thought it would be perfect for her card :)! I also got "Far East Stack" of paper by DCWV, some ribbon, 2 magazines, 2 foam stamps...I had a gift card to use there and so this is what I chose to use with it. When I got home I started looking through the "Gift Maker" mag, and I found a great idea to case from it for my card for my sister who is in her I had to make a cool girly card that would be good for a teen. I am very very happy with how this card turned out, and will HAVE to do more freehand doodles on my cards :)!

Catherine's Freehand Challenge:

Woohoo, I am soooooo excited about this challenge because it is my first challenge that I created for all of you to try out :D...and am excited to see what you all come up with :)!! Okay, so for my first Challenge I would like you to all (yes ALL, whether you are new to card making or not)

make a card with any layout that uses mostly free hand doodles. It doesn't matter what embellishments you use, or what sketch you use to create it, it just has to have a lot of freehand doodles. Impossible?? I think not?? Now, I can just imagine what all my friends are saying now that were at a SU night where we had to draw our own flower stems (lol, there was a gasp in the room at the thought of drawing freehand). I would love to see your creations, so please e-mail them to me at :

I will give you until Feb 3rd (my bday, and no I won't tell you how old I will be), to sent me your creations. Have fun with this challenge please, I thought it would be a great challenge to get you all thinking outside the box and also get you to get out of your comfortable crafty zones. Even I need to have more practice with my doodles, as you can see with my card above :p!



Avacado Green, SU Mellow Moss, SU Bravo Burgandy


SU gel pen, Cuttlebug Flower die and glue

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

TY, ty, ty, ty, ty, ty Tracy :D!

I went to my mailbox and boy was it a great mail day for me today :D! I found a envelope in my mailbox from Tracy H., I tore it open to see what she had sent me and here is what I found:

A beautiful card using a See D's stamp set that I had picked up for her here at my favorite store Carousel Rubberstamp store in my area and inside I found a Starbucks gift card to get a hot drink with :). Can never say no to a hot drink :D, especially when the temperatures here have been Arctic like or at least to me they have felt that way. What do you think Julie, are they arctic temperatures to you??? Here is a picture of the inside of Tracy's card, isn't that a great idea to do to make a gift card??? I thought so anyways :)!

Also in that envelope was a little bag with some ribbon (can never have enough ribbon, and some buttons to match) :)! There was also some beautiful paper in it too, which I can't wait to use :), or perhaps I should hord it away for a special

Thank you Tracy for this great mail day, and I would love to have the instructions on how to make this neat cards that had pockets in them looked kind of hokie, but I just loved your card. Beautiful work :)!

Have a great Stamping day :D!

Birthday Party Pictures

Here's the Birthday boy, he doesn't look excited at all about his Birthday does he, lol ??...excited might just be an understatement, lol! Before the party, I went and picked up Julie's girls (Julie had to work) because in my son's eyes you can't have a party without these two very special girls...and then we played and got ready for the party. We also fell back in love again too, lol, on the way to my house, Julie's oldest informed me that when she told my son that they were going to get married that it was a joke and it wasn't for real. However, I think she forgot how much he meant to her because when she arrived here at our house she quickly remembered! She and my older son turned on a movie and sat side by side with an arm around eachother...she had her arm around his shoulder. Then when she heard that there were other girls coming, she really didn't want them to come and didn't want to meet I think the engagement is still on, lol. I figured out that she just doesn't like people knowing about it, because they think it is funny and it is a secret...mind you the two of them don't hesitate to tell other people...not too sure how their version of a secret works, I think I will have to ask my son when he gets home from school today.

At 2 p.m. was when all 9 children, yes 9 plus my other 2....thought it would be complete wasn't at all I was shocked. They all just stood there looking at me, which I wasn't expecting, I thought they would go off and play/run around etc...but they didn't. We had cake, party mix, drinks first and then we went and opened all the gifts (I think this was done in record time) with the help of all his friends. Next, we dressed all the children in their hats, coats, boots, mittens, hats to go outside to hit a pinata (not sure of spelling). Then they played out there for another 10 minutes, and then we all came back inside ot play with the new, wait for all the parents to come get the children. Oh yeah I forgot to tell you that this was a Transformer Birthday party, well except for the Lightening Mcqueen Pinata.

Once everyone went home (except for Julie's girls), we cleaned up all the paper and other things so that I could get ready for supper...we invited Julie and her girls to stay for supper. My 2 older children, and Julie's 2 girls all wanted to watch a movie...I think the party tired them out, they all sat there quietly watching "Snow White". When Julie arrived, we had a wonderful spaghetti supper and my boys just loved having the two girls over for the day...what a treat :)! Here is the card that Julie made my son, I just loved that idea...will have to case it for future children's Birthday cards :)!! I thought she had found the dinosaur images online, and then printed them off, but she didn't...she used foam stamps and grey ink (will have to find out what kind of ink...because as I said it looked like she printed it off her computer)...pretty neat I thought :)!

Card from Diana Langman

I recieved another card last week (sorry I am just posting this right now), but was busy trying to get ready for my son's 6th Birthday party which was a success by thre way. I recieved a card from Diana Langman, what a beautiful cuttlebugged card :)! I am going to have to play around a bit more with my cuttlebug, lol, especially since I saw this card...Thank you so much Diana :)!

Stay warm, and happy stamping :)!

Monday, January 21, 2008

My First Criss Cross Card

Okay, here is my first Criss Cross card but was a little disappointed with it because I thought it would resemble one I had seen on SCS but it didn't :(! So I went on SCS and found the card, sent a email off to the person to see if they could send me their directions to make their card...anyways, I do like how mine turned was just the measurements that were off. Here you go Julie, here is my version of the card...still going to add something else to it...then I will re-post it but here is what I have for now :).

I mentioned to Julie the other night when she was here having supper with me and my family if she knew how to make these cards. She told me she had a link at home, was wanting to try to make this card for awhile, and so the next day she sent me an e-mail saying if I would make one she would make one sorta thing. So here we are making these Criss Cross cards together :), to see what eachother came up with! Going to make another one, but change the measurements up a bit :) and I promise I will post the results when I get it done.



A small piece of patterned paper that I got at a friends store (has no name on it), SU Bravo Burgandy and SU Mellow Moss.


Billance Graphite black ink,

super tacky tape, Crop-a-dile, photo stickers, eyelet, ribbon.


SU Carte Postale set

Kelly's blog candy

Head on over to Kelly's blog quick, she has some amazing blog candy up for grabs :)! She has an amazing blog, I love going there to see what she has created next :)! In case the link on her name doesn't work here is the link itself :

Have a super day :)!

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Bday boy

My oldest boy is 6 today :)! Wow, hard to believe!!

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

More pictures from the party

Here is my dd, in the process of playing peek-a-boo with Grandpa (my dad) :)! She is standing on a chair, while my dad is kneeling on the floor hiding behind the back of the chair where she can't see him.

This other picture she just noticed that I am taking her picture, and she wants to come to me but she is unable to get off the chair.

More 60th Wedding Anniversary pics

Here is my dd, with her two little itty bitty pig tails...people kept calling her "Cindy Lou Who" :)! She was just chasing after my oldest son, just as I took this picture...looks like she is having a lot of fun :)!

Here are Uncle Bernie and his wife Aunt Iola (not sure of the spelling of her name, sorry if I got this wrong), Uncle Bernie is my dh's Grandfather's other brother. I am not too sure who they are talking to in this picture...I think it might be Mr. Mason's son (just a guess).

Here are my dh's Uncle Ray and Aunt Judy, Ray is my dh's dad's brother...what can I say his dad came from a large family :)! Ray is really into those model trains, he has a great set up of trains in his 2 boys love going over to their home to play with the trains with Great Uncle Ray. Aunt Judy is one of the Aunt's that I usually goto the Christmas Craft shows with :)!

Here is another picture of my dd, lol, she just finnished doing a dance and has collapsed to the floor for a brief nap. I am not too sure if she fell here to lie down, because there were a few sunny patches there, but she stayed there for a few seconds and then she was off again to dance. She actually went back to that spot on the floor a few times :)!

I am not too sure who these two ladies are, but I am once again hoping for the help from some family member who reads my blog (like Aunt Diane or Aunt Judy or Aunt Nancy).

Here are Nanny (my dh's grandmother) talking with Mrs. Peach *she is sitting down*, and Uncle Paul (Mrs. Peach's son) . I always enjoy talking to Mrs. Peach, she is always such a delight to talk to :) and I always look forward to seeing her at Aunt Diane's open house at Christmas time.

My dd was walking around the room, when all of the sudden she came to a complete stop...then she looked up at this older gentleman. I don't know who this gentleman is except that his name is Mr. Mason, and my dd isn't one for picking out strangers to pick her up and hold her, lol! Next, she raised her hands above her head which usually means pick me up and too her surprise he knew what it meant...he bent down and picked her up. She stayed in his arms for a minute or two, and I think she just might have made that older gentlemans day because he couldn't wipe the huge smile off of his face. Then she wanted to get down, and off she was too cute!!

Here is the group photo of Nanny and Grandad with their children, and they are from left to right:

Stan, Bernie, Nancy, Nanny, Grandad, Diane, Ray and Andrew Paul

This next picture is of 4 generations:
Ben (my dh), Bernie, Grandad, my 2 sons in the front row

Thank you Jean Bircham

Thank you, Jean Bircham for your wonderful card :)! She said that she didn't know who made the stamp, but she colored them in with H20's, and she made the card with scrapbook paper. I belong to a group called the Canadian Card Exchange group, every month before the 20th, we send out 2 cards to 2 people on a list that we are given and then the next month we send out 2 more to the next 2 people on our list. It is a great group to be a part of, and you get to see other people's cards :)! I think the other bonus of CST's card exchange is that you can open your mailbox 2 times a month and find something that isn't a bill :p!


The blog candy winner is :

Val said...
Congrats on reaching more than 4600hits! That's quite an accomplishment. I have just found your blog, and am always happy to find a fellow Canadian stamper!

So if Val can please send me an e-mail that would be great, and I will send out your mystery blog candy and also post what you have won on here too :)! Congrats Val!!

Have a great stamping/crafty day !

card for Elaine Seip's Mom

I saw in the CST post yesterday about Elaine Seip's mom having been just diagnosed with brain cancer, and was wondering if we could send cards to her (either one's that we make or one's that we have already had in our stash of cards). I decided that I was going to make a card, so I went into my SU stamp sets to find a set that I don't use often or not at all and I came across the watercolor mini set. I then needed some inspiration for the layout of the card, I went over to the SCS ( site and went to work looking for the perfect layout for this card. I came across Wendabelle's card, so I cased it, and then I decided to change a few things to make it a bit different but it came out with the same sort of look. I am quite happy with the way this card turned out, and hope that Elaine's mom will enjoy it too :)!

If you would like to send her mother a card too, here is the address for her:

Elaine Seip

838 Spruce Way S.E.

Medicine Hat, AB





SU Mellow Moss, SU Bashful Blue, Brown weave cardstock and white flat cardstock from Carousel


Watercolor mini


SU Bashful blue, SU Brocade blue, SU Mellow moss

Monday, January 14, 2008

60th Wedding Anniversary Party

My dh's Grandparents 60th Wedding Anniversary party was yesterday afternoon, and wow what a turn out :)!! They had a bagpiper walk them in, and when they entered the room they were greeted by friends and was a complete surprise to them and they were so very touched that we would do this for them.

I thought I would share with you some pictures that I took from the party, I didn't take too many because I didn't want to get in the way of the photographer that was there for the party. However, the pictures I did take did turn out really well...except some of the group pictures didn't turn out as well as I had hoped. Guess, I need more practice with this camera!!!

This picture is my favorite one of my dd, I just happened to catch her about to stand up from one of her running/falling down games she was playing while we were there. The other game she liked to play was try to get the photographer's attention so he would take pictures of her, she would see him take a picture of someone and she would run over in front of his camera (especially if he was kneeling down). She was twirling, running, falling over, dancing, lying down all over the was too funny to watch her do this because she usually wouldn't leave my side.

Here are my dh's Aunt Diane, and Uncle Joe (he isn't married to her) they were just talking with eachother when I walked by. Thought it would be a great shot of the two of them...most of these relatives and friends we only see once in a blue moon, and so better get pictures now :). Aunt Diane is my dh's dad's sister, and Uncle Joe is my dh's Grandfather's brother...thought I would start with the easy one's and go from there. Several people I took pictures of I don't know who they are, so hopefully one of the people who were at the party and who read my blog will be able to fill in the blanks :)!

Here is Aunt Nancy (my dh's dad's other sister) and she managed to capture my dd who was trying to escape from the room where the party was being held. For some reason she had a fascination with escaping, and trying to sneak into the golf club's!

Here is my oldest son and my brother in law, they are sitting at one of the tables having a little snuggle time and a chat about something. My brother in law and his wife came down from Moncton (where they live) for the day, they are also expecting their first child at the end of May :)!
I will post more Anniversary pictures later :)!

Anyone know??

I am hoping that someone can tell me which stamp set that this is:

I got this stamp set from someone, and once again they didn't put the sticker on container they sent it in :(! Thank you in advance for your help :)!

Saturday, January 12, 2008

Card for a friend

I was in need of a card for a good friend of mine, so I decided to go into the SCS (Splitcoast Stampers) forum page to check out the card sketches to see if I could find a good card sketch that I could use. I had only ever used the card sketches with SCS one other time, and that was the other day when I needed it to do someone's blog candy card challenge. The card sketch challege that I chose to do was SC157 :)!



SU mellow moss cardstock, SU Bravo Burgandy cardstock, K&Company patterned paper, white flat cardstock and brown weave cardstock from Carousel


Stampendous clear acryllic stamps from Michael's, See D's stamp set called "Nightengale"


Versamark ink pad, SU mellow moss ink pad


SU ticket punch for the corners, Photo stickers, mini pop dots

Have a great crafty day :)!

Thursday, January 10, 2008

card entry for Kristine's giveaway

Here is my card I am entering in Kristine's giveaway challenge, hurry on over and check it out and enter it yourself!! We were to choose from the list of SCS (Splitcoast stampers) challenges, and so I chose SC123 to do...I just picked it randomly because I thought it would be easier than going through all of them and choosing one to do.



Scrap pink of cardstock for my cards base, patterned paper by 3bugsinarug called "smitten-hearts", black cardstock and cream colored cardstock.


Michael's $1.50 stamps and they were the clear acrylic one's


'SU ticket punch, fiskars scissors, fiskars paper trimmer, SU ribbon punch


Black Grosgrain ribbon from Michael's

Here is something for you

I have seen a lot of these cards that had the tag flowers on them over the Christmas holidays, and have wondered how to make them and I found the link to make one...looks pretty easy. I am sure most of you know how to make them, but I thought I would share the link with you incase you too were wondering how to make it.

I am going to make one this evening I think, anyways have a super day :)!

Look at this

Thank you Tracy for that e-mail with that link :)! I have to share this link with you all, this is a ladies scrapbooking shed and all I have to say is WOW...I think I had better start getting lotto tickets :p.

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

New look

Okay, I think I found the blog template that I will use for the next bit...I wasn't sold on the template that I had on here yesterday. What's your thoughts on it?? I may change it for one day on Valentine's day, because I found an awsome template for that...don't worry Julie it isn't the crazyone I had on there before with flashing hearts :p!!!

Recipe for the card for Alisa Tilsner's card sketch challenge

Sorry, I forgot and didn't post the recipe for this card when I first posted slipped my mind. Lol, probably due to the lack of sleep I am dd won't let me sleep at all, as soon as I start to drift off agian she wakes up. She seems to think that I am a 24/7 mini sip *I feel like one, but isn't one*. I have tried everything to get her off of nursing, and onto a bottle...she is fully opposed to bottles, sippy cups, cups. Oh well, we will figure something out :)!



Avacado flat cardstock, white flat cardstock, light brown weave cardstock, Barely Banana cardstock


Clear acrylic sentiment from a Michael's (Stampendous stamp set I believe), All Night Media stamp, Jolies Fleurs stamp by Lizzie Anne Desings


Always Artichoke, Brillance black ink, and my Tombow markers


Photo stickers, and mini pop dots

Have a super stamping/crafty day :)!

Crafty morning

This morning myself and my 2 younger children were going to go for a playdate at a friends house, but her little one's aren't feeling well and they were up most of the night. I haven't seen these friends since way before Christmas, and I did have a Christmas gift for them but needed something for someone I hadn't intended on giving one too. Anyways, this moring I got up and made another one of the altered jars that I have been making for people for Christmas...then I got the phone call about not them being sick. We are going over there Friday if they are all feeling better :)! Lol, as I am sitting here typing this post up...I just realized I didn't give you the recipe for making that card I made yesterday for Alisa Tilsner's card sketch challenge *sigh*. I will post after I finnish doing this post :p!


Cardstock: Pointsetta Linen cardstock by Ek Success

Tin: the tin I got from Princess Auto, they are great tins :)!

Tools: Fiskars paper trimmer, Fiskars scissors and super tacky tape

Sore Thumbs...

Who here has gotten lots of new stamp sets that you had to cut out?? Or who here has had to make a large amount of cards for someone or for some reason and by the time you are done your poor thumbs are sore beyone belief??? I am one of those people who come away with sore thumbs, if I am doing large quantity of cards, or when I have to cut out my stamp sets from SU. Anyways, the other day when I was out at my local Fabric store getting some fleece fabric to make my dd the blanket I posted on here the other day. I was on my way upto the cash register when I saw these beautiful scissors, and since I was a member I got them for a lot less...what a find I thought. I couldn't wait to try them out on some new rubber, on a new card and so when I got home I tried them out on a new stamp set (not an SU set)! This stamp set I tried it on is from Autumn leaves, I was surprised that these clear acryllic stamps weren't trimmed well. These scissors cut the rubber like it was cutting through butter, it was easy and my thumbs weren't aching after cutting out the stamps :)! The scissors aren't stiff or hard to close or open, and they also have a slide button on the side to lock the scissors closed. I must say that these scissors are better or rank up there with the cutting bee scissors that you can get from Michael's. I would highly recommend getting these scissors, especially for anyone who is a demo who offers to cut out their customers stamps for them (Yvonne these scissors are for you).
Have a great crafty day :)!

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

My card for Alisa Tilsner's card Sketch challenge contest

This morning I was doing my morning google reader thing, just trying to catch up on my blog reading ( I know, once you let it go for a is hard to get back in control) when I came across Alisa Tilsners blog. She is having a card sketch challenge, and I decided that I should and must participate in her card hurry up go check it out for yourself :)!

Good Luck :)!

Blog counter

I changed my blog template and seemed to have lost my blog counter, and I don't know what the last number on it was....last I saw it was at 4657 ...grrr how frustrating was that...I thought it would stay on my blog!!


I am thinking about changing my blog's layout or just the header for it...what do you think?? change or leave it?? Don't forget if you haven't already commented to be entered to win some blog candy to do so now on the post entitled BLOG CANDY :)!

Monday, January 7, 2008


My counter says 4576 right now, so it is time for some blog candy since I am behind on doing it for my 4000 hit. Just leave me a comment, and I will draw a name using the Random number generator to get my winner...the draw will take place on January 16th (my oldest sons 6th bday). Will let you know what is up for grabs later :)!

My second CCE card for January

This card is my second card for the Canadian Card Exchange, it is a monthly card exchange that I belong to, one has to make 2 cards a month...and if you are brave you can do 2 card exchanges or more. I am not that brave yet, or have the time to do more cards !! I have put all the cards I get up on my wall in my crafty area, and that way I can admirer them everytime I go in there to make something.


I used the stamp set called "Carte Postale", and I used Hero Arts "Designer Posey" stamp
I used chocolate chip cardstock for the base of my card, patterned paper that I picked up from Michael's, Avacado and white flat cardstock from Carousel.


SU ticket punch on the corners


I used my VersaMagic cloud White, Niagara Mist Dew drop ink pads and SU Always Artichoke ink pad.