Friday, June 29, 2007

My Anniversary Gift For My Sister In Law and Hubby

I made this explsion box using matt board that I picked up at "Loomis And Toole" in Halifax, they charge half of what Michaels does for the same sized sheet of matt board (lol, I know the spelling of that is wrong...just looks weird). At Michael's you pay at least $20.oo for it and at Loomis you pay $7.oo or off or what!!! I chose the green grass color board :), but they had a lot of colors to choose from.

Steps to make this project:

1) I first took one of my 5 year old son's books from his room that I thought would be a good size, and then I traced it out to make an enlarged plus sign

2) Next, I cut it out using my exacto knife. Once I cut it out I scored the inside of it (the green side because that is the side I wanted facing out).

3) I then cut out a lid for my box...measuring it carefully so that it will fit my box (stressful moments there).

4) Then once I completed that I cut out several sheets of paper (I used pink text paper), so that they could go inside the box and be my picture flaps on all the pannels including the one in the middle of the box. I glued all the picture flaps into the box.

5) I tied all of my box lid corners using some nice green ribbon from "Spool O' Ribbon" that I got from Michael's. I used my Crop-a-dile to punch the holes into my box lid, was like it was cutting through butter...I LOVE my crop-a-dile :)!

6) I used my versamark ink pad and also the weathered white embossing powder to stamp the images on to my box, made a great effect on my box...would recommend it!!!

7) I used the stamp set "Doodle This" for this project and I don't think I would want to use any of my other stamps for this project but you can use any stamp set you would like. I also used the flower from the same set, stamped 2 of them...then colored one of the flowers in and then I attached the flowers together using dimensionals. I also added some leaves under the flower too to make it look more like a flower I guess...then I attached the flower to the top of the box :)!

Voila, I am done my project (stressed and grey haired by the end of it, but it is I am not really grey haired just feel like it)! If you have any questions about this project just send me a comment or e-mail and I will gladly respond to it :)!

Great Little Tins to Alter :D!

Lol, I came across these cute little containers that were just screaming to be altered (haven't altered them yet). They are "Maxwell House Cafe" containers, you can get them at most grocery stores...not very tasty to drink but the containers are great and cute :D! I just had to show you all :)...

Great storage bags...

If you have any friends, relatives or have the little bags that the children's "Robeeze" come in hold onto them. They are great for storing your little dew drop/ink spot ink pads in :), that is what I use them for :)!

Second thing, if they have any of the bags from Kushies cloth diapers get them to hang on to them too :)..dunno what I am going to use mine for yet, but the possibilities are endless :D. The third bag/box I found was at a yard sale, but you can get these material boxes that collaps at Zellers or Superstore (the larger store with clothing line in it). I use mine to store my SU stamp sets in, since I don't have that many of those yet :P! They come in various sizes and shapes
, and check it out!

Early Happy Canada Day :)!

There we go :)! Happy Canada Day everyone! I know it is early to be wishing this I suppose, but we are having a rather busy weekend and I won't be online over the weekend. So, I HAD to come on this morning and wish it now :D! Hope everyone has a safe and fun weekend :)! Oh, and that flag is supposed to be flapping...but there is no flappage happening :(!

Thursday, June 28, 2007

Medium/Small images

I used medium images for the tutorial, but thought it looked for one of the one's in my tutorial I used a small one...oh I dunno bout this...guess I will have to play around with it a bit more...Since I am a newbie at this thing called Blog :p!

Tutorial Card Recipe

I feel really bad about my tutorial for this card, just because I wanted and had good intentions of photographing all the steps *sigh*. Lol, it didn't happen that least I gave you the link if you get stuck :p! I will strive to do better on the next tutorial....

Here is my card recipe:
I used Avacado green cardstock for my base cardstock paper (it looks brown in the picture but it is green), that I got from "Carousel Rubberstamp" store. I used some lime sort of colored scrap paper that I had in my scrap pile, I think that I also probably got it from "Carousel" too. I used the stamp set "Best Blossoms" and the sentiment is from the stamp set called "Warm Words". I used those sets on both the main image on the card and the larger slider card, and I also used my pebbles chalks to make the blue sky look on the main image. I used photo stickers, dimensionals and super tacky tape for the adhesives on this card :)! I used one 3/16 " sized eyelet for the larger slide card, and the ribbon I used is called "Spool o' Ribbon" it is lime green or light green (got it at Michael's). Lol, just remembered my inks...tee hee!! For my inks I used "VersaMagics Malted Mauve" color and the "VersaMagics Niagra Mist" for the flowers and leaves. Then for the sentiment I used Brilliance black pigment ink pad, which I also love to use with my acryllic stamps and Michael's $1.50 stamps.

My Double Slider Card Tutorial

Okkie, I said I was going to make one of these the other day...and life happened and I didn't do one until sorry! I got this from SCS (Splitcoaststampers), here's the addy: I also have to apologize for not having pictures to go with steps 2-10, lol, what can I say I got a little wrapped up in doing the card...I sorta forgot to take pictures for those steps. I will get better at this tutorial thang :P! Here's my version of the card:

Supplies you will need:

~Stamps (of course)

~Word window punch or you can improvise like Julie does...I used my paintbrush program tomake a long rectangle.

~1/2 circle punch (or improvise again)

~ Sticky tape

~regular adhesive


~one 4 1/4" X 11" piece of cardstock scored at 5 1/2" for the card base (any color cardstock)

~one 2"x3 1/2" piece of neutral cardstock for front slider

~ one 3 1/2"x5 piece of neutral cardstock for back slider

~one 3"x 3 1/2" of neutral cardstock for main image

~scrap pieces of cardstock for layering


1. Stamp and embellish all neutral cardstock. Pick the color you want to use for your layers, and add it onto the back of your neutral carstock pieces (you don't have to add layers if you don't want to).

2. Slide the word window punch in from the cards front's long side until it doesn't go any further and punch. OR you can do what I did and use the Paintbrush program on my computer and printed out a shape (long narrow rectangle) that I could use to cut out my slot. Oh yeah, and only punch 2 slots out on one side of your cardstock not both!!

3. Move the punch over a bit and repeat. OR use the template you printed out and use that to make a second slot. I used my exacto knife to cut my slots out that I had traced out using my printed rectangle!! In the end you should have 2 parallel slots on the card front.

4. Punch out 4 circles from scrap paper with a 1/2" circle punch, or improvise again.

5. Add a dimensional on two of your 4 circles.

6. Position the circles at the bottom of each slot behind the cards front

7. Add the other 2 cardstock circles on to of the dimensionals on the other side of the card...

8. Open your card up. Center the back slider in the middle of your card and line up the top of the slider and the top of the card. Make sure to have the stamped image facing you!! Add a glue dot or use photo stickers to the circles.

9. Fold the card. The back slider will adhere to the circles.

10. Open the card, and add a photo sticker or glue dot to each of the circles on the front of the card. Before you close your card, use super tacky tape down either side of the card...then close it up.

11. Center the front slider over the circles. Make sure that the main stamped image will still cover the front slider.
12. Add dimensionals to your main stamped image over the front slider.

13. Position the main image over the front slider. Make sure that when you slide your images that they don't get stuck on any of the dimensionals on your main image.

14. add a little tab using scrap cardstock, or use an eyelet and some ribbon to make a tag that you can pull on to pull out your slider card.

15. Write your message on your smaller slider card that will pop up with the other larger slider card.
Voila you are done :)!

I must say that I really enjoyed making this kind of card, and will have to get myself a word window punch so I can make this card more easily. What a great card, it is different and fun to make! Try it out and let me know what you think :)!

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Winners of my blog candy

Well, as of a few minutes ago my counter on my blog said 1011 :)! Ty, to all of you who posted something...and to all of you who read my blog :D! I loved all your comments (or ramblings as Jim would most likely call them), great ideas they were :D and I can't wait to incorporate them all :)! I hummed and hawed about this and have decided to award 3 blog candies to 3 people...this means however, that the candies I talked about will have to be used at a later date! I have chosen 3 of you to recieve something, and would love for you to e-mail me to give me your snail mail info. Without further adu (think this is how you spell it...):

The 3 winners are:

Tracy: for her comment on using labels for my posts

Kim: who suggested using larger pictures (sorry for the small pictures, will use bigger one's in the future)

Cakvd: who suggested doing more tutorials on the projects/cards that I make (will try to do this more often :D)

There we are folks, thank you again for stopping by and reading/entering for blog candy/ replying :)! Congrats to the 3 of you!!! to e-mail me your snail mail addy's

Battery died...

Okay, I do have some pictures to show you all of my sons preschool graduation ice cream social that we had today but my battery died and it is currently plugged into the wall charging. Once I get my battery charged I will upload some pictures :)!
What a hot muggy day here, ugh!! Where I live it was cold, foggy, wet and I dressed my children accordingly, well let's just say that by the time I got to the preschool it was getting hot fast and sunny. That'll teach me, from now on I will carry clothes for all weather, I will be prepared...okay...or not!
My dd had her follow up appointment today, basically to get the test results back that she had when she was in the hospital and her upper GI test and reflux test results too. Well, all the tests came back negative...but her EEG came back inconclusive because she is a wiggle worm. They are talking of doing another one (as if she will be any less wiggly, sometimes I gotta wonder about these dr's), but they said they want to wait to see what happens. We have another follow up appointment in July sometime, gotta call tomorrow to see when it will be!! So still no idea why she blacked out etc., scarey but frustrating not knowing..but hopefully it was a one time thing and it won't happen again.

Splitcoaststampers Double Slider Card

Please head over to, check out this fun card. Try to make one....I dare you :D!

Monday, June 25, 2007

Blog candy time at my 1000 hits mark :)!

Yip, yip, yip, it is that time again, but this time the blog candy is because I have/or will have 1000 hits on my blog. So, I am going to have to start looking for some goodies...I have no clue what they might be, but will figure it out and let you all know. Here are some hints: Michael's $1.50 stamps (if they are at either of the stores in my area), ribbon, a gift card perhaps to Michael's and perhaps a Penny Black stamp.
To get this blog candy I would love to hear what you think I should add to my blog, or perhaps help me improve on explaining how I did a project or a card...cuz' I know I am not very good at it by any means. There that should do it :), oh yeah and one more thing: Good Luck!!

Sheesh, I am on a crafty kinda kick here...

Thanks to a lovely phone conversation with Julie, I was reminded that I had to come up with another teacher gift for our children's pre-school teacher. Their last day is tomorrow, my son is sad that he might not see the love of his life again (that would be Julie's daughter)...he is also upset he might not see his other friends from preschool again either. Anyways, enough about my sons love life (tee hee- he is only 5)....I decided to create some lovely candles for this teacher, she isn't really his teacher...but the two classes are always together.

Here is my brief tutorial on making these kind of candles :)!

1. Get candles of any size, would be best to use round ones (I got these one's from the dollar store...shhhh, it's a secret)

2. Next I used tissue paper (the same color as your candle), I stamped my image onto the tissue paper.

3. Color your image in to your liking, then cut it out using your scissors.

4. Next take your stamped image on the tissue paper, place it where you want it to be on your candle.

5. Take some wax paper, put it over the stamped image on the candle and hold tight so there aren't any air bubbles. Use your heat embossing gun/dryer, to melt the wax from the wax paper onto the tissue will be able to tell when you've melted the image into the candle. It looks sort of glossy looking once you've melted the image into your candle, then carefully peel off the wax paper...make sure the image is melted into the candle. If it isn't just place the wax paper back over the image and heat until it is into the candle.

6. Now you have done your candle :)! Add ribbon or any sort of embellishment that you would like, or let it be like I did :)!

Kraftin Kimmies Korner card challenge entry

For this challenge we were allowed to use any style, any kind of layout that we wanted...but the key is to use black and a pastel color cardstock in your card like Kimmie did on her blog. Here is my entry for her challenge, I highly recommend going to check out her never know what you are going to find :)!

For the base of my card I decided I would use some black cardstock that I purchased from Michaels, I also got this beautiful pastel colored patterned cardstock called "Garden Floral" by "Scrapbook Walls" ( which is chalk full of pastel colors). I had a scrap piece of pink pastel colored cardstock that I had purchased from Michaels, in one of their 50 sheets of cardstock collection.
To get those jagged edges to my cardstock I used my Fiskars Rotary paper cutter with the special blade, and for my stamped image I used Penny Black's Hedgehog stamp entitled " Buzz in the air". To color in the stamped image I used Prisma colored pencils, which I need to play around with a bit more...still haven't mastered using them yet!! Let me know what you think...

Doing Yoga...ok, she's not but it looks like she is :)!

My lil dd, is learning how to crawl! She started about a week ago, she can only move backwards if she is on my kitchen floor...but if she is on carpet she can roll or also turn in different directions. She now has decided to take up Yoga, she is better than I am at it that is for sure :p! Here are some pictures to show you what I mean :)! She gets up on her hands and knees, or hands and feet, then looks around like ok now how the heck do I get down from here. Next, thing you see is her removing her arms out from under her self or her legs and then you here a little thump. She looks so shocked on the landing, poor thing...but she is so anxious to be able to chase after her two brothers!!! The first picture you see is of her, I like to call getting warmed, or chasing mommy trying to get her camera.

This next picture of her is her getting up onto her knees and hands so she can do her next cool move...which is her with her bum up in the air, and she is on her hands and feet.

Oh dear, now we are stuck!!

Friday, June 22, 2007

Beate's blog weekend sketch #7 challenge

Here is my entry into Beate's weekend sketch challenge #7 raffle, I love doing her card challenges and her tutorials. I highly recommend you popping over to her blog :)!
For this card sketch I used the chocolate chip cardstock from "Carousel Rubberstamp" store (lol, you must be getting tired of seeing this color) for the base. I used "Crate Paper" (my patterned paper for the strip), and I got that at "PhotoMemories" scrapbooking/rubberstamp store. I used a scrap of my "Avacado" cardstock for the base color on the tag, and white linen for the top layer of the tag. I used a $1.50 stamp from one of the clear stamps sets from Michaels for the sentiment and for the versamark design on the chocolate chip cardstock. I really like how this card turned out, I will definitely have to do this again :)...thank you Beate for this card sketch.

Card for Yvonne

This card I made for Yvonne, to say thank you for her SU night :)! I used chocolate chip cardstock that I got from "Carousel Rubberstamp" store, I used a stamp that I also got from there and I used some patterened paper that I got from "PhotoMemories" scrapbooking/rubberstamping store. The patterned paper is called "Crate Paper", I also used "Karat Aquarell" water color crayons and a "Brush H2O". I must say that I preferred using the H2O brush than the artist paint brushes that I have, and I look forward to playing around a bit more with the watercolor crayons :)! I also used "Spool O' Ribbon" I got from Michael's in their cheap $1.5o bins...gotta love those bins :D!

Lots of fun cards at my SU night :)!

Well, my first SU hosting night was last night...what a fun night :)! We did two projects, the first one we made was one called Stone wash card (I think, bad memory...I am sure Julie will come to my rescue with this). What a neat technique that was, one I might not have tried on my own!

The second one was a cute purse, that was actually easier to make than I thought it would be and will make it again for sure. The first one I will probably make again, but it would def. have to be when the kids were NOT around :p because we made quite a mess on our own without children around.

Yvonne (the demonstrator) she also deomonstrated a fun card doing the two step stamping technique and it was amazing...someone will have to tell me what stamp set that was used with that card (not familiar with all the names yet).

Then Yvonne also made me a cute little bag of ribbon, using the new "Three for you Punch Box" from the "Fall/Winter" catalogue. Too cute to open up to get the ribbon out! Thanks again everyone, and especially Yvonne for the fun night :)! Going to host another one...don't worry, I am thinking in the fall sometime :D!

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Card for Muriel Westerman

I came across someone's blog (bad bad bad bad memory I have), don't remember who's it was..just remember that their mother wasn't well and wanted some people to make her a card since she really enjoyed her daughters handmade cards. I decided that I would create a card and send it off to her mother, and here is what I came up with! I hope that it will put a smile on her mother's face :), and that my memory will come back to me :p!

For this card I used "Avacado Flat" cardstock from "Carousel Rubberstamp" store, and I used scraps of cardstock for the tags. Then I used the stamp that I had gotten from the "Carousel Rubberstamp" store... I used the SU tag punches (big and small), the "Crop-a-dile" for the hole and a brad that I had gotten from Michaels. I will definitely make this card again, loved how it turned out :)!

Father's Day card

Here is one of the cards that I made for one of my 4 dad's...well 3 dad's plus my kids dad...tee hee! I has my fil (father in law), my dad, and one for my bdad, one for my hubby...I got this idea from Cambria Turnbow's blog tutorial on the Origami shirt. What a great Father's Day card, and she has a really great blog that you should check out :)!
I used chocolate cardstock that I got at "Carousel Rubberstamp" store, some patterned paper from Michaels called "Blue Raspberry Blossoms" by "Fresh Print" and I had a piece of scrap green cardstock lying around. I also used a black marker to create "buttons" for the shirt...was thinking of adding a tie but felt I had been creative enough and wasn't going to push my luck any further.

Here's a card that I created for my new neighbours

My new neighbours have arrived, yesterday I made cookies (nice homemade chocolate chip one's). I went over last night, once the cookies had cooled off, but no one answered, so I went back this morning...again no one answered. Anywho, to make a long story short I made this little card to stick on their door so that when they were home they could call me so I could go over. When I went to put it on their door they were home, so I met them and they were really nice :) and they have a little boy who is 16 mos old. Looking forward to getting to know them :)!
This card was made from chocolate chip, white plain cardstock and some pink paper that I had purchased at my fav. little stamping store called "Carousel Rubberstamps". I used the dragonfly from the set called Tags and more I think??? I also used the $1.50 Michaels stamp to create the sentiment :)! Enjoy!

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

My parents 40th Wedding Anniversary!

The first picture is of my parents arriving to their 40th wedding Anniversary surprise party that my brother, his wife and I put together. I think we surprised them, what do you think??

This second picture is of their cake that we bought at our local grocery store (Superstore), boy was it yummy and very nicely decorated...I believe that this cake feeds 40-50 people.

The final picture is of my parents cutting that beautiful cake, Happy 40th Anniversary Mom and Dad :)!

My Super Hero!

Look at this great photo that I took of my 3 year old son waiting for his turn to get into his Nana and Poppy's car, he looks like a super hero of some sort...think I would have to call him Blankie boy :). I just love getting candid shots like this one, what a great lil guy...he's my hero (corny I know :p)!

Here is another great photo of my son giving his great nanny a big ol' bear hug, it is rare he gives people he doesn't know that well or see often a hug but he made an exception this time and what a hug this was. I think it made Nannies day :)!

Here's a Little Something I Did...

I decided to make a few of these cute little invitations for some of my friends, because I am having a SU party night at my mother's house Thursday night :)! It is my first time hosting a party, and boy am I excited :)! I used chocolate plain cardstock from "Carousel Rubberstamps" store, blush linen cardstock from there too and also the white plain cardstock is from there too :)! For the stamps I used "Best Blossoms" and also the $1.5o stamps from Michaels too...what a great little project...ooops almost forgot the ribbon is from Michaels too :D! Have a great day!

Monday, June 18, 2007

Son's 3rd Bday Party

Here are three pictures of my son at his 3rd Bday part, he is riding down our driveway at great speeds on this bike and loving every minute of it :)! This was my older sons bike, but he has out grown it much to his disappointment...he really loved this bike because it came from Poppy Phillips from Newfoundland.

This next picture is of the children eating their lunch and cake, while having a few good laughs thanks to my nephew and Ethan. We just had a few people over to celebrate his specil day, I didn't have time to do anything big since I was also in the process of planning my parents 40th anniversary :).

This next picture is of the children still eating their lunch!


Happy Father's Day to all you Dad's, especially to my dh :)! Sorry, I haven't posted anything all weekend but things this weekend were kinda hectic!! I had my parents 4oth wedding anniversary surprise party for them on Saturday with the help of my brother and his wife. I went really really well, I will post some pics later :)! It was also my 7 year anniversary yesterday, and it was also Father's Day...I have never been so busy or felt so tired in all my life. I will have pictures posted and stuff by this evening :)! Have a great day :)!

Friday, June 15, 2007

Shadow box card

Last night was the "Momma's Nite Out", we went to a restaurant called Jack Astors (Dartmouth Crossings) and had supper there. Good times were had, wrong orders were taken and given out (lol) by the staff..not too impressed that way but what I had was good (lobster/crab dip with nachos and pita bread, yummo). While we were sitting there Julie brought a large batch of the cards that you all sent out for her friends "Autistic Society" fundraiser and so we were all going through the cards. Wow, what amazing cards...they were all special and amazing that is for sure!!! Anywho, I saw a shadow box card...I have been wanting to try one, but didn't really want to try it out...until last night that is!! Jamie sort of convinced me to try one, and so here is my version of a shadow box that needs some work and improvements done..if I was to make it again that is.
For this card I used some scrap paper that I had for the back of the card, and for the front of the card, then I used some fun patterned paper that I got from Michaels one day last month or was it 2 months ago. I then used the Michael's $1.5o stamps for the background picture and sentiment, and the "Best Blossoms" SU set for the front design of the card. So here you go Jamie this is a shadow box card, and I will make more tonight :D!

getting rid of...

I have decided to finally get rid of my Sizzix sidekick, plus bday dies and cutting pad! If you are interested in it please leave a comment and I will get in touch with you :)!

I need a change

Lol, here is a recent pic of moi and I need a new hair do....any suggestions?? I feel like I look like that old lady with the bonnet and her hubby is standing there next to her with a pitch is an old photo...they both have stern looks :p! No, I won't shave it all off !

Thomas The Tank Engine recall

You'd think these toy compnies would check to see if their product paint would be dangerous before they produce mass quantities, but what do I know I am only a parent. Don't think they realize how upset my sons and thousands of other children will be...mine will be hysterical, just frustrating that is all...sorry for my rant :P!

here is the link to check out to see if you have the trains or not that were recalled:

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Here is my altered tin :)!

Here is what I finally came up with for a gift for my sons Preschool teacher :)! As I said last night, it was easier than I thought it would be...I just have to go out and get more of that tacky tape I used :)! I will def. be making more of these fun tins...dunno about those pails though with the handles just yet, I will let Julie and other more adventurous people do those :p.
Just to let you all know my dd tests seemed to go well today, we get to hear the results on the 26th of June...while we were there though she had another sort of tremor of her head but of course no one else saw it. Sigh, I am going to be grey haired by next week :p! Sorry this is such a short post, but I have to get my 3 children fed because Mommy is going out tonight with some other mommas like Julie :)! I soooo need this "me time" after a day like today....I will post more over the next couple of days, I have lots of pictures that I took that I would like to get on here :). Here's the angle shot of my tin that I did, lol, thought I would play around with this shot:

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Hurray got teachers gift done!

Okay, I did my first altered wasn't as horrible as I had imagined it to do :)! My first idea was a really really good one, I was going to get a picture of my son on a coffee mug...but they said it would take 2-4 weeks to get done. I don't have 2-4 weeks, hello!!! So next best thing, goto Michael's and get into trouble by not coming out with just one thing, lol! I will post pictures tomorrow, with all the materials listed :D! Sorry for the lack of posting, will do better over the next couple of days :)! Please take care everyone, and Julie don't stay up until 1 or later :p!

Bet ya can't just get one thing :p!!

I like Julie, have a dilema, a quandry a predicament!! Our children's Pre-school teacher told us in a letter that she is no longer employed by the center...her last day is Friday...but our kids go Tuesday and Thursdays. Either way we thought we'd have a week to get something for her, but we don't....we only have one night now and we are both racking our poor tired brains for suggestions. I got this tin, that I am going to alter and it is my first tin altering experience (tee hee, that sounds kinda funny)...
I went to Michael's to get the tin to alter, but just so happened to walk past the counter first and to my shock I saw the $1.50 stamps...they are now carrying those $1.50 stamps, they even know what I am talking about now when I ask for them :)! Anywho, I got a few sets...okay I got like 8 of the sets, but I already had 3 or 4 others from that same set and was glad that I was able to get the rest of them. For those of you who live in my area, they have them in 3 different spots (silly if ya ask me), they are up by the cash register, they are in that cylindrical basket of multi levels and somewhere else down one of the aisles.
I also picked up some ribbon, yes, I got ribbon :p! I couldn't resist especially at $1.50 for the ribbon :)! I think I caught Julies ribbon bug :p! As my title says, I bet ya can't just get one thing..just like that chip add "Bet ya just can't have one!" It is so true don't you think??? I try so hard to go in and get one thing, but then I find so many other goodies...that is so wrong...just like any store that has candy near the checkout or candy machines as you enter or exit the stores. Lol, ok that's enough babbling from me for now!!

Monday, June 11, 2007

Anniversary card for my brother and his wife!

Here is the card that I created for my brother and his wife :)! I used some green avacado paper that I picked up from "Carousel Rubberstamp store", and I also used the blush and the white linen paper from there as well :)! The stamp set that I used to create this card was "Polka Dots and Petals" set and the "Best Blossoms" set too. I really like these two sets, they are great to come up with a different but fun kinda card :)!


The gift that I made them is this cute box ( I will let you know the link to where I cased this project later) , with some of my handmade greeting cards inside, I know I got behind on making it but it will be made in time to give it to them next week :)! I used some cardstock that I picked up from the "Photo Memories" store in my area, it was chocolate card stock and also the patterned paper I used was called Pheobe "Angel Island" by Basic Grey. It isn't a pattern that I necessarily would have chosen to have used, but I thought that this time I would step out of my usual kind of paper pickings and get something fun :)! The "Photo Memories" store is one I have talked about before on my is kinda expensive, but at the same time I just tend to go there for their beautiful cardstock collections...then I just so happened to come across 18 different other things and that is when I get into trouble :p!

Here are two of the 8 cards that I am making for their box :)!

Brotherly Love!

This is a candid picture that I took, I just happened to look out my window to see this great picture and so I got the picture just in time. Just after I took this picture, they got up and ran away ... They were outside playing in the sandbox/water table that we have out on our front deck. Sometimes they can be the best of friends like in this photo, and others it can be a full out war of "it's not fairs"...

Friday, June 8, 2007

Sample of my girly stamp set

Here is the start of a great card, lol, using the girly stamp set I got yesterday...will post finnished project later :D! Too cute :D!!

Goodies I bought yesterday :D!

I have been looking forever for a cute girly stamp set, I have found the SU set called "Fairy Nice" that I am going to be getting soon. Yesterday, I went to Photo Dimensions or Photo Memories store in Halifax and as I said before I only tend to go there for cardstock!! That is the main reason I went there yesterday, to get some good quality cardstock :)...but I came across this cute stamp set :)! Will make a card later and post it, using this stamp set :)!

This is the other stamp set that I found (sorry, I didn't rotate it) it too is acrylic again not my fav kind of stamp but since I found out that Brilliance ink is the BEST to work with this kind of stamp I am sort of kind of getting attached to these stamp sets. Oh, the possibilities with this stamp set :D!

This next stamp set (sorry hard to see I think), is a great birthday stamp set....have a few birthdays that I have to make cards for over the next 2-3 weeks :)! Can't wait to use this stamp set either :D!!