Saturday, June 2, 2007

Thank you Julie and Diana!!

I am sorry I haven't posted anything the past few days, but my everyday activities etc. had to be put on hold due to a scary incident involving my soon to be 6 mos old daughter. Wednesday night, I put her on a playmat with a teething toy...bent over to pick up another toy for her when she started to cry. I turned around, she was crying a lot and was pink in the face from crying...I picked her up to console her and she seemed to calm down a little bit, when all of the sudden...she went limp, her eyes rolled back into her head and she stopped breathing. It seemed like forever, but it was only a few seconds when she came to and she looked shocked (almost to say what was that?). She turned pale, and wasn't acting like herself...she did it 2 more times :(! I tore her off to the local children's hospital, where she was admitted immediately for obeservation and several tests. All her tests came back fine (she had a CAT scan, EEG, blood tests, urine/stool samples etc.) they said it might be reflux or even something called White faint. She is going for more tests this week and next, but they discharged her last night. My two great friends Julie and Diana, came in with some goodies for me sane :)! They brought with them a cute "Faith" rock, chilli, cardmaking/rubberstamping mags (even the SU catalogue), and a beautiful candle and also a beautiful card. Thank you guys for coming in last night even though the visit was short since we were meant a lot :D!