Friday, June 29, 2007

Great storage bags...

If you have any friends, relatives or have the little bags that the children's "Robeeze" come in hold onto them. They are great for storing your little dew drop/ink spot ink pads in :), that is what I use them for :)!

Second thing, if they have any of the bags from Kushies cloth diapers get them to hang on to them too :)..dunno what I am going to use mine for yet, but the possibilities are endless :D. The third bag/box I found was at a yard sale, but you can get these material boxes that collaps at Zellers or Superstore (the larger store with clothing line in it). I use mine to store my SU stamp sets in, since I don't have that many of those yet :P! They come in various sizes and shapes
, and check it out!