Friday, June 8, 2007


Sorry, I haven't posted anything over the past couple of days either in terms of a card or paper project. I have been busy the past couple of days, but I still haven't heard anything from anyone about follow up appointments for Maiah. Last night my family, my parents and my nephew all went to see "Thomas the Tank Engine" show...I should say it was a musical. Oh, was great for my 5 year old son and my 9/10 year old nephew, but my 3 year old son liked it for the large trains but he wasn't a fan of the musical part. They were selling these light sticks there, I went to check it out...they wanted $15 for one, $10 I could handle may be but $15 I thought was steep. Lol, I forgot how expensive those suvenirs were at shows like this one!
I have to go run some errands this morning, I have to make a Birthday cake (Diego) for my sons Birthday party that we are having this weekend. I am not doing anything fancy with the cake, even though I did see the other day when I was at Michael's the "Diego" cake pan that has the shape of Diego in it. I don't feel like going that elaborate, I am planning on making a regular cake, ice it then add some Diego figures to the cake. Simple, yet is still Diego :)! Lol, watch me run to Michael's :p!
I will post something more later, a card or perhaps a picture of somethings I bought yesterday from another stamping/craft store I like to goto for their cardstock :)! Hope everyone will have a great day :)!