Saturday, June 2, 2007

My candle tutorial

I made these three beautiful candles for a friend of mine who is getting married, someone is having a shower for her to which I was invited and I needed a gift. I am also giving her 2 gift cards to Superstore so that she can get her first load or second load of groceries or other things she might need. Then I wanted her to have something else to open, and so I made her these candles :)!

Step1: Find nice white round candles at your local dollar store, and get tissue paper the same color of your candle.

Step2: Stamp your image onto your tissue paper, then cut it out.

Step3: Use two way glue (I used "Glue Stick" from Michael's) to attach your stamped image onto your candle, it worked just as well as the two way glue you can get at Walmart....

Step4: Next use wax paper, wrap the wax paper tightly around the candle and your stamped images. Tape the ends so it won't budge.

Step5: Use your heat gun and heat your wax paper and the image you have covered with the wax paper, until the image looks like it has melted into your candle. Wait a second, then slowly and carefully pull of the wax paper. Don't hold the heat gun on for too long because then your candle will get a rippled look or a drip look.

Then you are done and you have created a beautiful gift for someone :)! I will definitely be making more of these great things soon :D! If you have any questions or something to add to my tutorial...please feel free to leave a comment :)!


Anonymous said...

Very beautiful candles Catherine. I may have to try this sometime.