Friday, June 8, 2007

Goodies I bought yesterday :D!

I have been looking forever for a cute girly stamp set, I have found the SU set called "Fairy Nice" that I am going to be getting soon. Yesterday, I went to Photo Dimensions or Photo Memories store in Halifax and as I said before I only tend to go there for cardstock!! That is the main reason I went there yesterday, to get some good quality cardstock :)...but I came across this cute stamp set :)! Will make a card later and post it, using this stamp set :)!

This is the other stamp set that I found (sorry, I didn't rotate it) it too is acrylic again not my fav kind of stamp but since I found out that Brilliance ink is the BEST to work with this kind of stamp I am sort of kind of getting attached to these stamp sets. Oh, the possibilities with this stamp set :D!

This next stamp set (sorry hard to see I think), is a great birthday stamp set....have a few birthdays that I have to make cards for over the next 2-3 weeks :)! Can't wait to use this stamp set either :D!!


Tracy.H said...

Have fun with the new toys! That second set looks great!

Julie Mutch said...

Oh, these sets are just too cute! Good find! :) I still haven't been there...I'm scared at how much $ I might spend if I go there!!! lol :)