Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Bet ya can't just get one thing :p!!

I like Julie, have a dilema, a quandry a predicament!! Our children's Pre-school teacher told us in a letter that she is no longer employed by the center...her last day is Friday...but our kids go Tuesday and Thursdays. Either way we thought we'd have a week to get something for her, but we don't....we only have one night now and we are both racking our poor tired brains for suggestions. I got this tin, that I am going to alter and it is my first tin altering experience (tee hee, that sounds kinda funny)...
I went to Michael's to get the tin to alter, but just so happened to walk past the counter first and to my shock I saw the $1.50 stamps...they are now carrying those $1.50 stamps, they even know what I am talking about now when I ask for them :)! Anywho, I got a few sets...okay I got like 8 of the sets, but I already had 3 or 4 others from that same set and was glad that I was able to get the rest of them. For those of you who live in my area, they have them in 3 different spots (silly if ya ask me), they are up by the cash register, they are in that cylindrical basket of multi levels and somewhere else down one of the aisles.
I also picked up some ribbon, yes, I got ribbon :p! I couldn't resist especially at $1.50 for the ribbon :)! I think I caught Julies ribbon bug :p! As my title says, I bet ya can't just get one thing..just like that chip add "Bet ya just can't have one!" It is so true don't you think??? I try so hard to go in and get one thing, but then I find so many other goodies...that is so wrong...just like any store that has candy near the checkout or candy machines as you enter or exit the stores. Lol, ok that's enough babbling from me for now!!