Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Christy Croll Contest on her blog

Head on over to Christy Croll's blog, and check out her Contest that she is having over there because she is offering to make a custom stamp design just for the winner of her contest.  Hurry, you do have until April 16th to enter :)!


Monday, March 30, 2009

Ramblings of a Fibre Junky Blog candy giveaway

Here is another great giveaway too, going on over at "Ramblings of a Fibre Junky's" blog...she is giving away some treats too, so please goto her blog and check it out :)! 


Inkydoodle's blog candy giveaway

Hurry on over to InkyDoodle's blog, because she is giving away all these goodies in this picture, and am sure you don't want to miss out on it.  I am on my way over there now to add my name to her draw :)!


Friday, March 27, 2009

Very sick here

I am still here, well partly anyways...just wanted to let you know that I have come down with a very nasty germ as did 3 of my children. I have a chest infection/throat infection/flu, My oldest has a throat infection, my middle has a throat infection/ear infection/flu , and my youngest has an ear infection/flu.  So we are feeling pretty miserable here :(!  


Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Crafty Goings On copic marker giveaway

Hurry on over to Crafty Goings On blog, they are giving away Copics so go check it out :)! Here is my card that I forgot to add to this post (tee hee), I also used this card in a challenge my crafty friends issued to us for faux stitching.  Thought I would shoot 2 birds with one stone this time :)!


Whimsical wishes blog candy giveaway

Whimsical Wishes blog is also having a nice blog candy giveaway too, that I just thought I would let you know about...so go on over please and check it out. 


Crafter's Kitchen Blog candy giveaway

Wow, over at Crafter's Kitchen blog she is giving away 85 unmounted stamps plus some other goodies...hurry on over and see what else she has on her blog...leave some inky hugs too while you are there.  


Card for Jen Tapler Designs blog challenge blog candy giveaway

I was blurffing this morning and came across Jen Tapler's Blog , she is having a blog candy challenge and thought I would participate in this challenge. It is for a good cause to help Alzheimer's Association, she is going to be having a charity auction...and needs all the help she can get. 

Bonus part is there is a giveaway involved, plus do ya really need an excuse to make another card?? If so here is one that will help out a few people :)!  So here is the card that I created for this challenge, plus I used a sketch that was on someone's blog but sadly I had a power flicker and my puter flickered itself off :(!  


toolbelt box

I was blurffing yesterday and I came across this really neat template for a Toolbelt box, great for Father's Day ideas. I found this template over at Mel Stampz blog, and I printed it out on 2 pieces of  SU Very Vanilla cardstock so that I could use it again another day :)!  Go on over and try your hand at it...it was very fun to make :)! Here is my version of the Toolbelt Box, pretty neat eh??

  The first view is the front of the toolbelt box, going to go look for some tool embellishments or candy I saw at a candy store called "Freak Lunchbox" to put in the front pockets of the toolbelt.  The second view is of the inside of the card, and the final view is of the back...to give you an idea of what it looks like. 


To give you an idea of how much cardstock you
 will use for this project, to be safe I would use 2 pieces of 8 1/2" by 11" cardstock. I also used 6 eyelets, faux stitching all over the toolbelt box, and I also sponged some "Coffee" Archival Ink all over the Toolbelt box to give it the well used look.  


Monday, March 23, 2009

NO, I Do mommy

My lil dd has become even more Miss Independent, this is her newest thing to say: "No, I Do Mommy!"  She just started to say it the other day, but today she said it to me about washing her hands.  

There is even a look I get too when she says it, and I was fortunate to catch that look I am talking about as she says "No, I do Mommy!" Her hand even comes up into your face to tell you to stop, just as she is in the middle of theeling you she will do it herself.  

She actually brought the bench over that she uses herself as well, I wasn't allowed to help with that either. My lil girl is growing up too fast!


Sunday, March 22, 2009

My Crafty World blog candy giveaway

Hurry on over to My Crafty World blog candy giveaway, it is HUGE...so hurry on over before Monday morning....GOOOOOOOO!  


Saturday, March 21, 2009

Phoenix Crafts Easter Blog candy giveaway

Head on over to Phoenix Crafts Easter Blog candy giveaway, and guess what???? There are even some Copic Markers up for grabs too, so please hurry on over and DON'T miss out on this.


Friday, March 20, 2009

Scrampin' Mama Blog Candy Giveaway

Scrampin' Mama blog candy giveaway that you also don't want to miss, heck  you don't want to really miss any of the one's I mention here...lol.  So hurry on over and check out her blog :)!


Ellieskeeper's Creation Blog Candy Giveaway

Please head on over to Ellieskeeper's Creation Blog, she too is having a great giveaway...so pop on over and say hello. Check out her blog too while you are there :)!


All The Things I Love Blog Candy Giveaway

Head on over to "All the Things I Love blog" to check out her giveaway, this one is great because she is giving away a few different embellishments and some other goodies too :)!!  Hurry on over, because she is going to draw on March 22nd I believe and I know you don't want to miss out...


All The Things I

Thursday, March 19, 2009

New Indoor playground

Today, I dropped off my middle child at preschool (no they weren't closed for March break, they don't close for hardly anything) and then I took my other two children to do something fun.  My mother in law and I took them to a new indoor playground near my mother in laws house, it was great for my oldest son's age (7 years) and also great for the wee one's too.  Today, if you wanted to decorate Easter cookies the fee was cheaper and your playtime was free...so we went with that option. 

 We sat down first and had a snack (Easter cookies, juice boxes for the kids, coffee for myself and my mother in law), then the kids went to play in the play areas.  The first area by the tables and cafe, was for 0-4  years of age
 (Toddlers according to the staff) and the other play area had a climbing structure which they called the Clubhouse was for the older children.

 In that same area they also had another area for the little one's to play while the parents were in the room looking after the older kids.  

In the clubhouse area they also had 2 small climbing walls there for the older children to try, which my son LOVED :).  So he wanted me to take 2 pictures of him climbing, and they also HAD to be at 2 different angles too. 


Sleepy girl

Yesterday afternoon, I got my dd some juice and I was doing dishes in the kitchen when I realized I hadn't heard my dd. I went into the living room to find my dd asleep on the floor, here are some pics of her and how I found her when I went to check on her.  

I personally didn't think she looked that comfortable, but I also didn't want to disturb her either. Sadly she wasn't asleep that long, because her middle brother came running into the living room and jumped over her with a great thud.  He didn't remember she was sleeping on her Dora 

I also thought I had better get a close up of her face too while I was down on the floor with her taking some of these pictures. I was glad that I did, because the picture turned out really really gret :)! 


Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Train stamp from my mom

My parents visited the Chatanooga trainstation, and various other places in Chatanooga last week while they were helping my dad promote his new computer program that can be taken at Dalhousie University. Anyways, my mom came across this really nice train stamp and thought I should create something with it this morning to show her tomorrow when I see her again.  LOVE this stamp :)!  She also brought me back a Tennessee small table cloth, some Canadian Moose ribbon, some postcards and coin.


Want to win a pair of Leghuggers??

Want to win a pair of leg huggers for your little one?? Please head on over to Mommies with Cents site and follow their directions on how to enter to win these wonderful leghuggers :)!  


DCDB Challenge #119

I decided this morning that I would actually do a sketch challenge that I found over on "Diva Coffee Break Designs Blog" , I also needed a card for a friends Bday that is coming up this week and have to get it out in the mail today too.  Here is my take on the challenge, hope you like :)!  Give this sketch a try :)!


Monday, March 16, 2009

My dd

Here are a few pictures of my dd, she was wearing a pretty spring/summer dress and I thought it would be a great opportunity to take some pictures. She asked me to take a few pictures with her feet, so I thought I could take a great picture of her if she was sitting on the coach and I was on the floor by her feet. I love this shot, because she was wiggling her toes for me as well...don't worry she doesn't have odd toes.   

Here is take two of this pose, I just love her rosey cheeks in this picture...she had just basically woken up from a nap a few minutes before I took this picture.   

She is starting to be silly here, she kept leaning forward to say "BOO mommy!", and I caught her just before she leaned forward towards me on the floor.  
Just also thought I would let you know that isn't a stain on her dress, it is my new watermark  :)...
sadly it looks like she stained her dress.

Lol, here my princess is telling her brother to stop and to leave her alone but of course he just keeps pressing her buttons. She kept saying "No, my turn!"  However, that didn't stop him at all...he kept coming over to torment her...gotta luv those big brothers.

Here is my final shot of her for you today, she wanted to show off her dress here....she called it her princess dress.  There she is just sitting pretty :)!


Here is my Mom's Bday card

Here is the card that I made for my Mom for her Birthday :)!  I wanted it to be elegant (like the necklace/choker), yet simple and I think I accomplished both with this card. I tried to use other flourish stamps that I had, but they just didn't look right or they were just the wrong kind of flourish for what I was looking for.


My Mom's Bday gift

I am once again lucky (sorta) that my Mom is one of those computer literate people, so Dad if you see this post don't show her my blog!!!  Here is what I made for my Mom, for her Birthday that was last week...see we would have had a party for her but she went away for 2 weeks.  So we will be having a party for her once we can find a date that everyone can attend, which is hard to do when you have more than 10 people involved.  I thought I would give her Birthday gift tomorrow morning when I see her :)!  

The first picture isn't the
 best, I took another one up close so that you could see the pendant better. All these jewels and pendant came from Michael's, and are by Jolee's collection of jewels :)!  I saw this, and thought of my mom...knew she had been eyeing the jewlery I have been making and thought this would be perfect for her. will be back with her Bday card that I made :)!


Saturday, March 14, 2009

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