Monday, March 16, 2009

My dd

Here are a few pictures of my dd, she was wearing a pretty spring/summer dress and I thought it would be a great opportunity to take some pictures. She asked me to take a few pictures with her feet, so I thought I could take a great picture of her if she was sitting on the coach and I was on the floor by her feet. I love this shot, because she was wiggling her toes for me as well...don't worry she doesn't have odd toes.   

Here is take two of this pose, I just love her rosey cheeks in this picture...she had just basically woken up from a nap a few minutes before I took this picture.   

She is starting to be silly here, she kept leaning forward to say "BOO mommy!", and I caught her just before she leaned forward towards me on the floor.  
Just also thought I would let you know that isn't a stain on her dress, it is my new watermark  :)...
sadly it looks like she stained her dress.

Lol, here my princess is telling her brother to stop and to leave her alone but of course he just keeps pressing her buttons. She kept saying "No, my turn!"  However, that didn't stop him at all...he kept coming over to torment her...gotta luv those big brothers.

Here is my final shot of her for you today, she wanted to show off her dress here....she called it her princess dress.  There she is just sitting pretty :)!



Tracy.H said...

So cute! :0)