Monday, March 16, 2009

My Mom's Bday gift

I am once again lucky (sorta) that my Mom is one of those computer literate people, so Dad if you see this post don't show her my blog!!!  Here is what I made for my Mom, for her Birthday that was last week...see we would have had a party for her but she went away for 2 weeks.  So we will be having a party for her once we can find a date that everyone can attend, which is hard to do when you have more than 10 people involved.  I thought I would give her Birthday gift tomorrow morning when I see her :)!  

The first picture isn't the
 best, I took another one up close so that you could see the pendant better. All these jewels and pendant came from Michael's, and are by Jolee's collection of jewels :)!  I saw this, and thought of my mom...knew she had been eyeing the jewlery I have been making and thought this would be perfect for her. will be back with her Bday card that I made :)!



mudmaven said...

This is absolutely gorgeous! You are definitely going to be her favorite! ~chris