Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Embellish Mag Polka dot/color challenge

So the challenge from this neat new mag. blog called Embellish Magazine was to use the colors shown above, but to also use polka dots as well. Wow, I thought this would be fun to try out and what beautiful fall looking colors :)!

So here is my take on this challenge...hope you all enjoy and try your hand at this challenge.Now my take on this challenge, is plain and simple but sometimes that is what needs to be done...

Stamps used: Inkadinkado Autumn stamp set
Ink: Archival Jet black ink
Other: Martha Stewart polka dot border punch, double sided tacky tape
Cardstock: All SU cardstock except for the patterned polka dot paper (Coffee dot) by Bo-Bunny

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Wednesday, September 23, 2009

The Scrapping Cottage giveaway

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Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Card for a new friend

Last Tuesday I started to goto a Mom and Tot's group with my dd, since the boys are at school I thought it would be a great momma daughter thing to do. I have been seeing a mom with her little guy (about the same age as my dd), walking on our road and have been trying to "bump" into her at the grocery store. But as things would have it, it never happened...I know, I know why didn't I pull over and introduce myself??? Well, I am not that kind of momma to just pull over and do such a thing...but this mom I had been seeing is going to the same group we are and that is when we introduced ourselves :)...tee hee.

So today I thought that we wouldn't go since my lovely dd decided to be cranky today, but then I got a nudge saying that perhaps I had better go and that she would get better when we got there. Off we went with the slight chance she would still be nasty and cranky, but as luck would have it she was great and had a blast :)! The mom that I had been seeing on our road was there too, one of the other mom's asked her if she had anymore or if she was going to have more than her little guy. To that she said she only had her son, they also didn't want more as they think her little guy has Autism and will be going to be assessed soon! My ears perked up, lol, and so I just interjected tidbits here and thing I knew the mom was next to me looking for help. She looked like she thought she was alone, that she didn't know what to do or where to she asked me if we could get together soon. I told her sure, but that we would talk after the group...after the group she hurried off! Luckily, I know where she lives and if I got the wrong house I know her husband...he is our Pharmacist at our grocery store :)! I hurried home myself, whipped up this card and grabbed some chocolate chip cookies...hurried to their house to drop these goodies off. Her husband answered the door, told me that she was putting their little guy down for a nap, but that she couldn't stop talking about me and what I was telling her. He asked me if I had left my name and number with her, I told him it was all in the card :)!

So that my friends was my good deed for the day :D!

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Lost in creativity Blog candy giveaway

Wow, take a look over at Kristine's blog "Lost in Creativity", she is having a blog candy giveaway and this is what she is giving away. Looks good eh??

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Monday, September 21, 2009

Uncle Stan's family corn boil

Wow, is all I have to! So my dh's cousin Matthew asked Stephanie (another cousin) if she wanted to try something with him called "Flying yoga"...she said "ummm...okay!" So here are some pictures of them doing a few of the poses...wish I got the first set they did on camera because that was really really neat :). It reminded me of that kids game called Airplane, however you are resting your hips on his feet while you are UPSIDE DOWN. Yes, you read that are UPSIDE DOWN doing various stretches while upside down. Oh yeah, did I mention no hands are allowed either??? Yep, no hands unless of course you are holding hands with the person who is on the bottom and who is holding you up with their feet!!

Soon as she was done, he asked me if I wanted to try it and so I said sure :o!!!! The first set the
y did was the one that I got to try out, and WOW
, what a great stretch for your back and I WANT to take classes. Lol!

Stephanie said it felt AMAZING, and she was right it did feel was amazing how nicely stretched out and good you felt after it. We told Matthew that he should get certified or whatever he has to do to become a teacher, because he' be a great teacher...just hope I didn't hurt or break him since I weigh a whole lot more than Stephanie. Lol :p!

Here is my Father in Law roasting a hot dog for my dd...she doesn't look like she really wants one.

Cousin Matthew head shot! Had to take this picture after our Yoga :p! Thanks again Matthew :)!

Cousins on the back of Uncle Stan's tractor having a hay ride, they picked some squashes and other garden goodies from his garden.

All the cousins in the wagon, going all around Uncle Stan's yard...

Aunt Diane roasting a hot dog for Matthew (her son) , he couldn't go near the fire as he had just had Laser eye surgery done a few weeks ago. So, she was cooking his supper for him :)!

Uncle Stan's Sunflowers that he had out in his garden, were 6ft tall and some of them were taller.

Inky Hugs,

Mush A Mush Family church camp fun

She had just finished crying, as one of our good friends tried

to pick her up...and she was NOT ready to go over to see them. Thisfriend of ours has been trying to win her over for awhile now, and thought that this would be the perfect opportunity.

Here is a picture of a friends girl about to go down the zip line my father in law and a friend of his set up for everyone to use over the course of the weekend.

Here is Wendy and Wanda, and yes they
are sisters...Wanda has been coming for almost 4 years now. She thought it would be great to get her sister and niece to come this weekend :)!

Here is Heather Cox (one of the Youth group leaders) and one of the children there this weekend....Heather was about to lead us in some music.

I photo shopped this picture to make it look
aged...kinda neat I thought...but couldn't seem to get it to be brighter as it was washing out the picture.

My middle guy and Emily...

Heather is one of the Youth that I
am friends with, she wasn't going to come but decided to in the end and I think she is glad she did. There were 25 or so Youth there this weekend, and several families too, fun times :)!

E* and Emily again, too cute :)!

We were put into groups to do a family
activity, and the family activity this year was a Picture scavenger hunt. Meaning there were clues, you had to act out things and someone had to take a picture of it. So here are some of the pictures I took of our group doing some actions...the first one is of Noah and the Ark....we didn't have an Ark so we had to make do with a Canoe and children/teens as the animals.

The youngest in the groups had to make a silly face, here is my dd attempting to do a silly face for!

Lol, Warrick cracked me up...we had to get the oldest person in our group that is this guy here to do the Hokey Poky.

Yep, coffee was part of our fun weekend too...I just happened to have some coffee with me as I took pictures because it was a little chilly. Mmmmmm, coffee :P! Thought this picture was funny, because my coffee looks HUGE compared to the people in the field off the top left hand side of my mug.

Here we are hiding in the!

There were 12 things we had to act out, here is
our last thing we had to act out and that was to show each other you love them. We decided to do a group hug...

Inky Hugs,

Welcome to the Neighborhood card

There is a new family in our neighborhood who just moved here from Germany, anyways on Friday before we went to the family church retreat I made a batch of chocolate chip cookies. I also wanted to make a card to give to this family to go with some chocolate chip cookies, and so here is what I came up with. This family has a little boy who is in E*'s class at school, this is the little boy my father is helping out :)!

Inky Hugs,

Friday, September 18, 2009

Denami Design Blog Candy giveaway

Wow, check this out :)! Denami Designs blog is having a blog candy giveaway and what a giveaway it is too...they are giving away a $50 gift Certificate for their store. I know I am heading over there right now to check things out...

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Thursday, September 17, 2009

Whimsical Wishes blog candy

Hurry on over to Katrina's blog called Whimsical Wishes, she has this blog candy up for grabs....looks pretty good if you ask me :)!

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This Is photography blog giveaway

This giveaway is for local people, as in those who live near me here in Nova Scotia, sorry everyone else!! Please head on over to the blog called "This Is Photography", she is having an amazing giveaway:

She is giving away a free photo session (1hr shoot and 1 gift print, shoot must take place in HRM by June 30 2010)....pretty neat eh???

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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Crafty night

For this months challenge we not only had to make a card for everyone attending, but we had to make a single layered card. Here are the cards I received from all the other crafty gals...

Julies card, has a Asian feel to this card.

Val's GORGEOUS card...stunning work Val :)!

Germaine's (the Birthday girl)card, LOVE what she did with her card...just beautiful.

Kim's funny card, cute card :)!

Deborah's card, LOVE IT :)!

Then we did two crafty projects, that Deborah and Kim came up and provided all the stuff to make it there. The first project we did was Deborah's and she taught us how to do a neat technique which I forgot the name of, will let you know once of of the gals there last night sees my post and responds to it :p. With Deborah's technique we got to take it home and complete the card or whatever on our own, thank you Deborah for the fun technique.

The next project was by Kim, and what a fun project it was to do :)! Thank you Kim, for this neat my boys want me to make a lot of these. Kim even provide
d treats to go
in these neat coffins...yummo :p!

Here is the inside of the coffin, and would
highly recommend using super tacky tape or the Sookw
ang double sided tape to put this project together.

Thanks for the fun night out gals, I know I REALLY REALLY needed it with school starting for Ethan...things have been kind of hectic and stressful :)!

Inky Hugs,

Christmas cards

Here is the stamped image up close, with the puffy paint as falling snowflakes and I got the house stamp and sentiment stamp at Carousel.

Here is what the whole card looks like completed...

Inky Hugs,

Idea for Ethan's next Bday invitations

I know I am a year early for coming up with Bday invitations, but thought I would get a head start on them since I know what he is going to want his Birthday theme to be next year. He is now into Pirates, and so I was in Carousel Rubberstamp store last week when I saw this stamp that I HAD TO HAVE. How cool is this stamp???? I am also going to borrow a cool skull and Crossbones stamp from Kim to add to the card :)!

Inky Hugs,

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Card Challenge card for Crafty night

The challenge this month was to make a card that only had one layer, as in the card base plus one layer. Any embellishment was considered a what I did was start out with a black base for my card, and added a Very Vanilla layer to the card. From there I inked the sides, I also brushed ink all over the front of the card, then stamped several stamps all over the 1 layer I had to work with. Basically, I created my own Collage card :p!

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Monday, September 14, 2009

CardsnGreetings blogaversary candy giveaway

Please head on over to the blog called "Cardsngreetings", because she is celebrating her first Blogaversary and wanted to give up some goodies to help celebrate.

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Okay, so I haven't been over to the Dartmouth Crossings Michael's crafty store in forever just because usually I have 2 out of 3 kids with me but today I only had 1 so it was a little easier to do. I was still crazy to even consider going in, but I thought I want to go in and just take a peek....well the peek turned into a long long browse.

I walked into the store, and on your right there are the new wooden $1 whatever stamps there...I came across a set of apples, a cute mummy stamp, 2 cute tree stamps. Then I went over into the *GASP* clear stamp section *GASP*, what did my wandering eyes appear but NEW...yes, NEW stamp sets. So I could have come away with 10 or more sets, but I was going to be a good girl, instead I came away with 3 stamp sets:

1) Coffee Cafe set by TCP Studios (haven't heard of them, but LOVED the look of their stamps

2) Hampton art stamp set that has a cute apple and some pears in it along with other fun stamps
(really only got it for the apple), but then realized all the fun I could have with the other stamps

3) Baby stamp set by Katie&Co., and it seems that I need to make a TON of baby cards because there is something in the water in our city...I have now about 6-9 friends expecting. I am glad I am not on city water :p!

I also managed to print off a 50% coupon from a site this morning and they took it...which surprised me but they said it was good and I wasn't going to argue :p.

Inky Hugs,

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Crafty Makes Blog candy giveaway

Head on over to Kim's blog, which is called "Crafty Makes" as she is having a great blog candy giveaway :)!

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Friday, September 11, 2009


So I was on someone's blog this afternoon, sadly when I went back to get who's blog it was I found this link from little fingers did some walking. So I can't tell you where I got this link from :(! Here is the most AMAZING recipe, it is YUMMO!!!!! Okay, so I suppose you are now wondering what on earth the recipe is for???? It is for pretzel's, but I made pretzel bites...did I say they were YUMMO??? They are amazing :)! So here is the link for you to go try these things a try:

GO and enjoy :)....oh yeah, and you can't just have ONE...

Inky Hugs,

Squiggles and Giggles Blog candy giveaway

Over at the blog called "Squiggles and Giggles" she is having a blog candy giveaway, check out what she is offering up...looks pretty good don't you think??

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