Wednesday, September 2, 2009

FIRST day back to school

This morning was our first day back to school, and my middle guys first day of school :)! I was nervous as all get out with my middle guy starting school, well he hopped right on the bus without any hesitation...hurray for him but boo hoo for me.

Don't we look so ready and thrilled to be going to our first day of Primary???

my 3 beautiful children :)!

Isaac, my oldest going into grade 2 today...excited as all get out and ready as ever to get there :)!

There that is better, there's the handsome not so cranky fella all ready for his school bus to come.

There he to school, and yes I did meet him at the school it was a good thing I did. Not even 15 minutes after setting foot on the playground they couldn't find him about heart stopping. I don't know his E.P.A.'s name yet, and was told he is going to be in the learning center which I didn't know. I thought he was going to be in the classroom with the other to talk to someone about it but need to wait for the first couple of school days to go by.

Inky Hugs,