Monday, September 14, 2009


Okay, so I haven't been over to the Dartmouth Crossings Michael's crafty store in forever just because usually I have 2 out of 3 kids with me but today I only had 1 so it was a little easier to do. I was still crazy to even consider going in, but I thought I want to go in and just take a peek....well the peek turned into a long long browse.

I walked into the store, and on your right there are the new wooden $1 whatever stamps there...I came across a set of apples, a cute mummy stamp, 2 cute tree stamps. Then I went over into the *GASP* clear stamp section *GASP*, what did my wandering eyes appear but NEW...yes, NEW stamp sets. So I could have come away with 10 or more sets, but I was going to be a good girl, instead I came away with 3 stamp sets:

1) Coffee Cafe set by TCP Studios (haven't heard of them, but LOVED the look of their stamps

2) Hampton art stamp set that has a cute apple and some pears in it along with other fun stamps
(really only got it for the apple), but then realized all the fun I could have with the other stamps

3) Baby stamp set by Katie&Co., and it seems that I need to make a TON of baby cards because there is something in the water in our city...I have now about 6-9 friends expecting. I am glad I am not on city water :p!

I also managed to print off a 50% coupon from a site this morning and they took it...which surprised me but they said it was good and I wasn't going to argue :p.

Inky Hugs,