Monday, September 21, 2009

Mush A Mush Family church camp fun

She had just finished crying, as one of our good friends tried

to pick her up...and she was NOT ready to go over to see them. Thisfriend of ours has been trying to win her over for awhile now, and thought that this would be the perfect opportunity.

Here is a picture of a friends girl about to go down the zip line my father in law and a friend of his set up for everyone to use over the course of the weekend.

Here is Wendy and Wanda, and yes they
are sisters...Wanda has been coming for almost 4 years now. She thought it would be great to get her sister and niece to come this weekend :)!

Here is Heather Cox (one of the Youth group leaders) and one of the children there this weekend....Heather was about to lead us in some music.

I photo shopped this picture to make it look
aged...kinda neat I thought...but couldn't seem to get it to be brighter as it was washing out the picture.

My middle guy and Emily...

Heather is one of the Youth that I
am friends with, she wasn't going to come but decided to in the end and I think she is glad she did. There were 25 or so Youth there this weekend, and several families too, fun times :)!

E* and Emily again, too cute :)!

We were put into groups to do a family
activity, and the family activity this year was a Picture scavenger hunt. Meaning there were clues, you had to act out things and someone had to take a picture of it. So here are some of the pictures I took of our group doing some actions...the first one is of Noah and the Ark....we didn't have an Ark so we had to make do with a Canoe and children/teens as the animals.

The youngest in the groups had to make a silly face, here is my dd attempting to do a silly face for!

Lol, Warrick cracked me up...we had to get the oldest person in our group that is this guy here to do the Hokey Poky.

Yep, coffee was part of our fun weekend too...I just happened to have some coffee with me as I took pictures because it was a little chilly. Mmmmmm, coffee :P! Thought this picture was funny, because my coffee looks HUGE compared to the people in the field off the top left hand side of my mug.

Here we are hiding in the!

There were 12 things we had to act out, here is
our last thing we had to act out and that was to show each other you love them. We decided to do a group hug...

Inky Hugs,