Tuesday, September 1, 2009


Sorry, I am such a bad blogger...first we went away for my sister's wedding in Newfoundland for a week and then when I got home my computer was being a very bad computer. It wouldn't let me near google reader or blogger or anything and kept sending me to Google English...I was angry.
Anyways, I am back...I have tons to post for you all to enjoy and again I am sorry :(!
Oh yeah, tomorrow is my son E*'s first day of Primary and I AM NERVOUS...and not too sure if he is ready to be there! They haven't even hired his aide yet, they are planning to do that tonight sometime...ummm...hello school starts tomorrow. I was talking to the new vice principle on Friday and she said "Oh, it is okay because I don't even know what I am doing!" I told her not to broadcast that around too much, doesn't people a good feeling :p!