Monday, September 21, 2009

Uncle Stan's family corn boil

Wow, is all I have to! So my dh's cousin Matthew asked Stephanie (another cousin) if she wanted to try something with him called "Flying yoga"...she said "ummm...okay!" So here are some pictures of them doing a few of the poses...wish I got the first set they did on camera because that was really really neat :). It reminded me of that kids game called Airplane, however you are resting your hips on his feet while you are UPSIDE DOWN. Yes, you read that are UPSIDE DOWN doing various stretches while upside down. Oh yeah, did I mention no hands are allowed either??? Yep, no hands unless of course you are holding hands with the person who is on the bottom and who is holding you up with their feet!!

Soon as she was done, he asked me if I wanted to try it and so I said sure :o!!!! The first set the
y did was the one that I got to try out, and WOW
, what a great stretch for your back and I WANT to take classes. Lol!

Stephanie said it felt AMAZING, and she was right it did feel was amazing how nicely stretched out and good you felt after it. We told Matthew that he should get certified or whatever he has to do to become a teacher, because he' be a great teacher...just hope I didn't hurt or break him since I weigh a whole lot more than Stephanie. Lol :p!

Here is my Father in Law roasting a hot dog for my dd...she doesn't look like she really wants one.

Cousin Matthew head shot! Had to take this picture after our Yoga :p! Thanks again Matthew :)!

Cousins on the back of Uncle Stan's tractor having a hay ride, they picked some squashes and other garden goodies from his garden.

All the cousins in the wagon, going all around Uncle Stan's yard...

Aunt Diane roasting a hot dog for Matthew (her son) , he couldn't go near the fire as he had just had Laser eye surgery done a few weeks ago. So, she was cooking his supper for him :)!

Uncle Stan's Sunflowers that he had out in his garden, were 6ft tall and some of them were taller.

Inky Hugs,