Friday, September 11, 2009


Just thought I would give you all an update as to what has been going on around our house, since I haven't done that in a little bit. My middle guy shown above, has finished his first short week of school and what a week it has been! You know something is wrong on when the second day of school you get a call from his teacher, expressing her concerns about your little guy but at the same time are relieved that your sons teacher is so on the ball. She told me that she is quite concerned about him, that they are keeping a close eye on him and here are some of her concerns:

~He just takes off without any reason, and he is fast
~He is quite anxious, finds it hard to sit still
~He keeps repeating questions, answers, statements over and over again
~He has started to rock
~He needs a lot of prompting
~He doesn't do well with transitions or change
~He fell down the stairs on Friday morning, his poor Learning Center teacher was horrified, but he looked up and said "WOW, that was fun". They think that his responses aren't fitting the situations!!

This isn't news to me, although the rocking thing is new!! I do get daily notes from his teacher and Learning Center teacher in our "Communication Journal", and phone calls at the end of every week to update me with what is going on. His teacher told me "Catherine, in all my years of teaching...he fits the criteria for a child who has Asperger's but he also has other problems too which don't know what they are yet."
On Wednesday morning, I called the school to find out where on earth my son's E.P.A. was and to find out they do have 2 but are still figuring out scheduling. I got a call later on in the morning saying that they have upped E*'s E.P.A. time from 50% to 80%, he will be watched 100% of the time he is in their care. This is good news :)! He is also being observed by the Autism team that works with or in our school board, another good thing too...

Yesterday morning was my dd's assessment, they thought they should do her just to be safe...well she didn't get a diagnosis (no surprise there) but they felt she was anxious and might have a small processing disorder. They want to see her in a year, they want her to see an OT for a few sensory Issues that they hope to nab before she get's to be E*'s age. She is also going to be followed by the Developmental Center, but not as frequently as E* ! But I did step up and say to the Dr. who feels there is nothing wrong with E* that I believe strongly that he IS on the spectrum somewhere with other underlying issues, that I am going to fight and fight hard for him. That everyone else that works with Ethan all feel that he has Asperger's, except for you...well, I am here and I am fighting with everything I have. She looked so shocked, she didn't say anything except she looked at her co-worker for help...her co-worker didn't even look at her. She was too busy smiling and nodding at me!! Wow, did it ever fell good to do that, I had to say something to her as I didn't stand up or speak up when Ethan was assessed and I kicked myself for weeks for not saying anything. So I did yesterday :D!

I* is doing so well at school, he hasn't had any problems yet and LOVES his new teacher :)! However, he did have an unscheduled growth spurt on me without telling he woke up this morning and put on track pants for gym he looked like he was wearing Capris. Lol, at least he had one pair of jogging pants that fit!!! Hoping he doesn't have a HUGE growth spurt in the next couple of days or I am in trouble :p!

Inky Hugs,


Donna said...

I have been a special ed teacher for nearly 12 years. PLEASE insist that the pediatrician do an MRI on his brain immediately to make sure there are no physical changes there. I don't mean to scare you, but these changes at this age could have a physical cause.

Tracy.H said...

Good for you Catherine! You have to stick up for him. I can only image the difficult road ahead...but you are one strong Mom...and don't forget it! Big Hug :0)