Thursday, July 31, 2008

One in a million shots

My 4 year old ds usually doesn't sit still long enough for great photos to be taken of him, OR he will make funny faces but the thing is he thinks he is smiling nicely...yeah, not is cute I will give him that. Here is a shot of that squint like smile he gives when asked for a nice smile...
Here he is out on our "Spool Table" with his lil sis just hanging out, which is another thing that doesn't happen often. This spool table is made from one of the Power Companies LARGE spools that they carry their wires on. He asked if he could take one, since they seemed to be getting rid of them anyways and they told him sure he could take as many as he wanted (Large or small). He took several small one's and a large with the large one he stained it, then rolled it up onto our deck for a table. Cool eh?? Then he took the small one's, stacked them up on top of each other into a pyramid shape and then attached a slide on the side of it...and it goes down into our pool...what a thrifty guy :)!

A few minutes later I just happened to turn around to see the two of them sort of embracing each other, my dd is usually quite nervous around him and tends to stay I was shocked to see them doing this. Too cute eh?? He always seems to be bothered by her, or rough
with this was a nice change for him. However, THIS is my all time favorite of the two of them I said above one in a million shots. The bonus is that they are both smiling and they are BOTH looking at the camera :)!


Wednesday, July 30, 2008

2nd question

Lol, okay so I did have 2 questions for you earlier but I just totally forgot what that second question was. Until I was sitting here looking at Facebook, I saw Kim's page and whamo I got the second question I wanted to ask you all :D!

I was wondering what you all store these unmounted stamps in?? No, I don't mean the clear acrylic stamps...I mean the red rubbah stamps????? I am getting some soon (shhhh, it's a, and need some ideas for storage please drop me a line :)!


A Question

1) My first question to you is do you have any tutorials that have different ways of tying ribbons?? Ask everyone the other night at Julie's ( ), lol, I got so frustrated tying a simple bow and I just couldn't get it to look right. Finally, I just handed my ribbon and card over to Yvonne to tie it for me :p!



I must confess that I forgot to mention in my posts before with the two Spiral Blossom cards, that I cased them from Groppi girl blogs. I meant to put it in, but got side tracked and so I apologize for not putting that in there...Bad bad bad me :(!


Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Another Spiral Blossom card

Here is another card that I made using the "Spiral Blossom" stamp set by Papertrey, I just LOVE this stamp set a lot and can't wait to create more things using this set. Beautiful set :)! For the Sentiment, I didn't use a rub on...last night Yvonne for her card thought that the sentiment was a rub on. Here is my secret, I stamped the sentiment first with VersaMagic's Niagra Mist dew drop ink pad and then stamped close to cocoa over top. So it gave the sentiment a nice look, like it was outlined with the Niagra Mist ink :)!

The other week I bought a stamp set from a lady online, called "In Full Bloom" and with the stamp set she put in this card. I just LOVE that card that she sent along with it, don't know what stamp set that she used though :)! Thank you so much Stacy for your card, as well as the stamp set which I can't wait to use :D!


Last SU night with Yvonne

Here is my card for our SU night's card challenge/swap, I thought I would do a Christmas card since yesterday was a very muggy day and I wanted to keep cool :). The challenge was to use a stamp that you haven't inked up yet, and so I broke out the stamps that I got from Carousel the other day. I really enjoyed creating this card, but I think I need to play around with the coloring of that bird. It didn't turn out the way I wanted it to, but it had to do !

Here is the card that I got from our swap last night, we all drew names and then exchanged the cards we made with each other. I drew Louise's name, and she here is the beautiful card that she created for our card swap....nice eh? I always love Louise's work, everyone did such an amazing job on their cards and or little note book :)!

Last night was Yvonne's last SU night as Demo, so we gave her a few gifts to say thank you for all that she has done for us :). We got her a gift card to a local restaurant, a gift card to Carousel one of our local craft stores and Val made her a little something too. Here is the card I made for Yvonne, I just can't get enough of this set from Papertrey :p!! We will miss Yvonne and her wonderful workshops :(!!

Here are the two projects that we made last night, the first project we did was this beautiful card. We took some glossy paper, then we sanded it both length ways and sideways and then we took the Brayer to it. It made a linen look to it, then we stamped the flower on using Close to Cocoa and the Chocolate chip ink. Next we stamped the stem using the Chocolate chip ink, then added the leaves to the stem with the Close to Cocoa. neat technique eh?? We also stamped underneath the top layer using a soft pink color, with the flower stamp. LOVED this technique :)!

Baroque Motif stamp set, which I haven't used in a littleHere is the second card that we made, and this one I really really is a very elegant and easy to make card. I think it is the colors that Yvonne chose that really made the card have that elegant but soft look to it :)! We used the while and so it was nice to use it again :).

Here is a picture of the inside of the card, and the folds that were used to create this card. Yvonne said that she got this cards instructions from the Splitcoaststampers website, so if you want to know how to make it you can go there.
Val gave us each a cute little notebook from the dollar store, so our next challenge is to alter this little note book...thanks Val :)! Here's the catch though, we aren't allowed to use the usual colors we use (Kim, myself, Louise), we aren't allowed to use the usual stamps we use (Julie-no butterflies, Yvonne- no SU stamp sets, No house mouse for one of the other ladies, and Kelly nothing to do with alcoholic beverages) and Val has to color...actually color a picture :). So this challenge will be interesting that is for sure :D!!!! Poor Julie, not allowed to use her Butterfly stamps...wonder what she will use???

Thanks for stopping by, and I hope you have a super stamping day/night :)!

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Finally card creations

My Mom called me up last night and asked me to make up some thank you cards, 2 for men and 1 for someone else I can't say because they frequent this blog (tee hee, sorry guys). These people they wanted to thank, are people who helped them out during the time my father had his heart attack at their cottage last year during the Thanksgiving weekend. So my mom felt my cards was a MUST to be part of the gifts that they were giving these eh?? I thought so :)!
So the first two cards that I made were for the two men and the third card that used the set "Boards and Beams" is for the third mystery person or people's!
On a side note, I strongly believe that the "Boards and Beams" stamp set from Papertrey is a MUST have...I love it and can't wait to use it again :D...might break it out again for a card I have to make for a card swap that my stamping buddies are having. Here are the details of this challenge: You have to use a stamp or stamp set that you have never used, now gals n' guys (if there are any guys reading) I know you must have one stamp or set that you haven't touched yet somewhere in your collection. Okay, so you must use that set or stamp to make a card of your choosing...easy peasy right?? I thought so anyways, my only problem is to decide which stamp set or stamp to use since I just got a order of new rubbah the other day :D. So if you would like to join in we'd love to have you join in our challenge, we give out a new challenge to each other at every SU night we have.
This Monday night we are having a SU night, and are sad to say goodbye to our demonstrator Yvonne...she has been sooooo good too us. So we are going to make this an extra special night for everyone :)!

If you have any questions about any of these cards I have created, just drop me a line and I would love to answer them :)!

Have a super blogeriffic day :)!


Friday, July 25, 2008

Baby Shower gift for Tara

Here is the cute card I made using my Nestabilities, and since I folded my paper over in half it was thick enough when it ran through the Cuttlebug that it also got embossed too :)! Cute card eh? I have seen different versions of this card online, but thought I would try my hand at it...going to make another one later on today I think so we will see how it goes. The stamps for this card, I actually picked up from Zellers...gotta luv that and they were on sale too :D! Speaking of Zeller's, I noticed at Walmart the other day that they carry Martha Stewart items...not that I am into her stuff. Just thought I would pass it along to my fellow Nova Scotians who are into her stuff and it is probably cheaper than Michael's.

Anyways, I made this card for a friend of mine that I met through some of my other friends at a "Mommies Night out" and she is expecting her 3rd child soon. We had a surprise shower for her last night, and I thought since baby was getting lots of stuff that I would do something different. I made the mom one of my necklaces, so that it would be a reminder of this special day for her :)! Here is the necklace that I made for my friend, her daughter loved it and wore it for a bit.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Trip to LittleTancook

My dh's family is originally from a little island called "Little Tancook", I have never been there before and nor have my children or my dh for that matter but he had to work. So Aunt Nancy (my dh's Aunt), his grandparents, cousin April, cousin Emily, my 3 children and I all went for a day trip to Tancook. We also went to visit Aunt Francis and other relatives we haven't ever met before, it was great to finally meet these people that you hear so much about. We had a great day for our trip, but it was kind of muggy :)!

Here is cousin Emily talking to Nanny, we were also sort of celebrating Emily's bday even though it was on the 17th. HAPPY BIRTHDAY Emily :)!

Emily hasn't seen my dd in a long time, but took to her almost as soon as she saw her again. She wanted to have her picture taken with my dd, too cute! She had fun with my dd all day long, she watched her and played with her the whole day.

My dd isn't the type of child that goes with anyone, she is pretty picky as to whom she goes with. So lucky cousin April is one of the lucky few she will goto, I am sure April was happy she could hold her too. Look at the scenery behind them, can't go wrong with a fishing community for your backdrop :).

I love this picture :)! Nanny looks pleased and excited about our trip, so does dd is content to go just about anywhere.

Here is Aunt Nancy, the trip coordinator :)! She has tried to get us to goto Tancook with her on a day trip like this for 2-3 years now. I am so glad that we were able to go this year, and thank you Aunt Nancy for inviting us. We had a lot of fun :)!

Here is the ferry boat that we took over to the island, it had a dump truck full of gravel on it...which sort of made the trip a little more rocky. We were on the same ferry on the way home with the dump truck, but it didn't have it's load.

This is Aunt Francis' house, and she is my dh's Grandfathers sister...she has lived on this island all her life. There are about 30 people who actually live on this little island all year round, there is a one room school house with 3-4 children in it. They actually won a reading contest I think :)!

Here are some of us taking our time getting off the boat, walking along the warf to go to Aunt Francis' house.

This is my dh's grandparents walking together along, I thought this was a cute picture and thought to myself this is what I want to look like at their age. Still happily married, still enjoying life together walking along with several generations of our family.

Cousin April and my dd taking a look over the docks edge to see what things they could see :)! I am hoping that they won't get a up close and personal look at the sea life....

Here is my dd, just doing her own thing...being miss independent :)! What a cutie pie :)!

Here is the first house that my dh's grandparents were in when they first were married, and the house that my dh's father was born in. Pretty neat eh???

Here is my 6 year old son, what a handsome feller he is :D! He had a great time on this trip, and can't wait to go back again soon :)...I think he would rather spend the day picking raspberries or finding different shells. He is quite the outdoorsy kind of guy :)!

Here are all the cousins together in front of where this family began :)! I had a hard time getting my other son to cooperate to smile for the camera, that is to smile at the camera without having his hands or hat in front of his face. Lol, I tried!! Here is cousin April watching my dd get soaked :)!

Here is my dd getting soaked, not having a care in the world...well, except for that seaweed that kept rolling in on the waves.

Here is my all time favorite picture, it is of my middle son and of cousin April together :)! He also had a good day collecting shells (gotta do what big brother does)!

Pool Party 2008 at Aunt Nancy's

This is my middle child, going into the pool for the second time...the first time he just jumped right in. There were lots of adults around, both in and out of the pool so he was in good company :)!

Here is my dh trying to help my middle son put swimming goggles on, they were too big and so my dh is trying to adjust them. He just loves to use the mask and snorkel when he is in the is almost like he forgets he can't swim well and just takes off. With the mask and snorkel on he swims like a fish, without them he clings to you for dear life.

This is my Brother in law, helping my dd into a floaty car...she has finally taken to him. She swam around with him for awhile, then he went off with his wife. She LOVED the pool at Aunt Nancy's, but she doesn't like our little inflatable pool...funny girl.

Here is my dd in the floating inflatable car I told you about that my brother in law was putting her in. She loved it alot, didn't want to get out and she shrieked when her brother tried to use it. Love this picture :)!

This is my Sister in law with my son, helping him stabilized on the inflatable frog. Looks like he's having lots of fun :D! The frog was used by a few older guys in the pool, because they were trying to see who could sit on it the longest. The frog got a hole in him, and can't be used anymore :(!

Here is cousin April, holding my new little nephew who was visiting us from Moncton. She looks like she is loving every minute of holding the little guy. Everyone wanted to have a turn holding him, which gave his mom a nice break for a little bit so she could get into the pool.

We have this cute towel that we've had since our first son was born, and it has been passed down. It is a crab towel that has a hood, so the towel is like a poncho and keeps the child warm :)! Here is my cute little crab :)!

Here is my oldest, he is a fish in the water, he too seems to do better with the mask on and the snorkel. He is doing really well with swimming, before he was like his brother wouldn't let go of you at all. He was the last one out of the pool I believe, he still didn't want to get out even though he was cold. It was supper time, so he came out to get something off the BBQ from Uncle Earl...

These wonderful women are my dh's relatives, from left to right we have: Aunt Judy, nanny, cousin April, and Erin (my dh's cousins girlfriend). They are all watching the fun goings on in the pool, and relaxing in the somewhat sunny day :)!

My dh drying off and keeping our dd warm in several towels, but she didn't stay there long...she went back into the pool again.

Here is my dd trying to get a turn to hold her new little cousin, and boy was she excited when she had her turn. She didn't want to let him go, and surprisingly she was very very gentle with him but was quite upset when she had to give him up.

Every year Aunt Nancy has a candy toss, or pinata or a treasure hunt and so this year she decided to do a treasure hunt. All cousins of all ages were there to participate, and the other adults were to participate by throwing candy out to the kids when they finished the treasure hunt. For the final task they had to sing a song to us, they decided to sing "Old MacDonald" and then we threw candy out to them to say what a great job singing :)!

Here we have the people that were standing on the deck to throw candy out to the kids :)! We have my mother in law, Nanny, Aunt Nancy and Grandad. This is also the final picture I have for Pool Party 2008 :)!


Saturday, July 19, 2008

Spring Roll Adventures

My family is going to our annual family pool party over at my Dh's Aunts house tomorrow, and every year we are asked to bring something to add to the goodies to eat. This year I decided that I would make chocolate chip cookies, but that I would try my hand at something different and new :D! I was told how to make them, I can't really say I learned how to make them when no one really showed me how. Anyways, this first picture is of the filling and I made this yesterday morning :). Let me tell you after I made this I wanted to make the rolls right away, and my children wanted them too.
Here are the spring rolls that I rolled up and am putting into my pot to fry up, looks yummy...the only thing I must say is that my spring rolls looked nothing like my friends. Mine look like those spring rolls you get at the grocery store to serve as appetizers, and my friends are nice and thin/long looking. Mine taste really good though, going to have to figure out how to have more filling in them though the next time I make these.

Here is my finished product, and I am impressed, plus my house smells really really yummy. I really hope these are a hit tomorrow at the party, I am all nervous now. If you would like a recipe just leave a comment and I will e-mail one out to you :)!