Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Look at this cookie...frame it don't eat it

Over the weekend I went to an annual craft show with my dh's 2 aunts, we walked around and got a few things (fudge, a cute fleece coat for my dd, a ring made from a tea spoon handle and this cookie). This cookie was made by a lady who started her own business called "Fancy Shmancy" (thought you'd like the name), and she sells cookies and cakes. Cookies are yummy ( worked it off in Cardio kickboxing last night :p), the cakes are amazing but you probably would have freaked at the prices of the cakes. I certainly did freak at the prices, but then again I am not out buying cakes for my children't bday parties and certainly wouldn't buy one this expensive. These cakes were like the price of a wedding cake, I think I trained in the wrong field :p! Looks beautiful doesn't it :)!

Monday, October 29, 2007

my computer

sorry I haven't posted anything in a bit, but my computer crashed or something..actually both my computers have issues, but I fixed one of them. So I will be posting things later on once I get the better computer fixed :)!

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

First Cardio Kickboxing Class

Wow!!! That was not like anything like I thought it would be, well the moves were but not the intensity...lol, I think we were all hoping for a nice intro to it. Nope, no intro really...we just jumped right in to what felt like novice or pro class (it did for me anyways). Did I say wow already?? Lol!!
There were 5 of us ladies plus the instructor (we all varied in age), I was the second youngest and was surprised that I was able to keep up...ok, sure we sometimes got confused with some of the moves but she said that we will get the hang of it very fast. I think we worked every single part of our bodies and then some, but just to give you an idea of which parts we did most def. exercised: hips, every part of our legs, arms, abs ( the whole time our abs were engaged-thinking that this means held tight or in...may be one of you can enlighten me). We even did exercises for our backs, shoulders and we all did this to the high beat of the dance music that she had going the whole hour. We also did stretches that I was not familiar with, to stretch out the back or even the exercises that we did to strengthen your back were new to me.
Yip, a full hour...must say that hour went by slower than I thought it would but I am actually looking forward to the next class :)! The teacher said that by the end of the 8 week classes that we will have our abs looking good and other parts that needed work...even loss of weight for some of us. I am not going to lose the weight, I am going to tone things up like I said in a past e-mail and I think that this class is def. going to do that for me especially if every class is going to be as intense as last nights. Lol, this has nothing on Curves!!
I got home last night a little sore in the legs and back and arms ok and even hips...I had a bath, and then went to bed...dreading the thought of what I would feel like today. To my surprise when my feet hit my bedroom floor, I didn't hurt...I have a faint ache but I do not hurt like I thought I would. I got up, got dressed, got my children dressed, and walked down to the school bus stop, son got on bus and the 3 of us walked home. Still I don't hurt :), which I am kind of excited about...lol, this might mean I am in better shape than I actually thought I was.
I highly recommend that you try out one of these Cardio Kickboxing classes, my instructor says she has 64-70 year olds doing her class...they are all over the place with their moves but they are there and are doing it. Lol, I am serious...try it...you might have a blast !! Well, that is it for Kickboxing story...will keep you posted as the 8 weeks happen :)! One thing I have to do is go get a few bandana's to keep my hair out of the way,lol, was ready to shave my head bald by the end of the class...don't worry, I wouldn't actually do that :p!

Have a super day :)!

Monday, October 22, 2007

Herniated belly button

Well, sometime last week my dd managed to get herself a hernia in her belly button...something I am not familiar with or have ever heard of a little one getting. She used to have an innie, but now it is a definite outtie and it looked really bad on Saturday, it was about 1.5 cm in diameter and about that sticking out of her. You can see the color of the bowel through her belly button skin...so I took her in to the children's hospital (feeling silly all the while, because I didn't know if it would be considered an emergency or not). Of course by the time I got there it had popped itself back in, and the dr there (I have had in the past and am not a huge fan of) basically told me they couldn't do anything until it got stuck out. If you push the belly button in, it makes this gross slosh/gurggle noise and I don't know if you would do more damage if you stick it back in. Anyways, they said that they need it to be sticking out and for her to be upset about this...I explained that she isn't eating like she usually does, isn't sleeping well, is VERY irritable but apparently that isn't what they are looking for. It has stuck out all day today (I didn't dare push it back in), but it went back in at bath time and then popped back out again shortly after bath time. My family dr. is away for the next 3 weeks..trying to get in to see another one of her co-workers to see if they can refer me to someone else who is an expert in herniated belly buttons. Lol, if any of you have heard of this...have had it happen to one of your children, friends children anyone's children I would love to hear what you have to say about it :)!

Daisy D's Paper company Rub-on Tape

You should go over to Daisy D's, I thought that this was pretty neat...if you love the look of stitching on people's cards or paper projects but just don't have the patience or the equipment then you will love these. These are new rub on tapes that roll on easily and hug the curves of your projects with no problems. Each package contains 2 runner like cartridges in the same design- one black and one white. Each has 15 feet of transfer material. They have straight stitch, zigzag stitch and or decorative designs...I hope a store near me will carry this neat stuff :D!

Ttyl, will post some cards later :D!

Saturday, October 20, 2007

Mz.Penny blog candy

Please run over to Mz.Pennny Kreations, she has some rather yummy looking blog candy that is up for grabs :)!

Friday, October 19, 2007


I heard on someone else's blog that SU on November 16 (I hope that is the right date, don't quote me on that), that we can start selling our cards in retail spots and online...that is if you are interested in doing something like that. Have you ever thought of selling your cards?? Would you rather sell them online or in a store?? I am also wondering if we still have to stamp the SU handstamped stamps on the back of the paper projects we make using their stamps or not, anyone know??
Personally, I have thought of selling my cards...would love to, but just don't know where to begin..have been selling some to friends and family but haven't gone past that. I have been thinking about doing this for awhile, but life got in the way and got discouraged with the whole Angel policy thing.

Have a super day :D!!

Sympathy card

My dh's Great Uncle passed away at the beginning of this week, and so I needed a sympathy card...luckily I picked up the new clear Inkadinkado stamp set from Michael's for making sympathy cards. I LOVE this set, it is so elegant and the font is beautiful too :)! I tell you all have to go to get some of these new stamp sets, they are amazing :D... yes, I am the enabler for today. Guess the carstock is also on sale this week too at Michael's, will keep you posted on that!! I am also making another sympathy card, the same as the one for my dh's grandfather but it is for someone at my church. They lost their mother a week ago, but she hadn't been well for awhile so in a way this is a blessing and she isn't suffering anymore...I have known this lady since I was 9 probably, great woman that is for sure. She will be missed!!

I also have to make a few bday cards, lol, seems I am getting behind here a bit in terms of card making. I have to also get the CCE #6 group snail mail list because my dh seems to have accidentally thrown it out on me...so I haven't made the cards yet for that...but I have been busy dealing with my dad and mom. Well, I will keep posting as I make things :)! I also have to start making the stuff that I am making for my dh's extended family for xmas...over the past couple of years I have made them all something and I do have about 14 or so of them to make. Lol!

Have a great fall day!

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

unsure of what to do...

I have been wanting to stop the whole nursing thing with my dd, but it is easier said than done...here's why: she wasn't a fan of sippy cups or bottles, she did like the rubbermaid juicebox with pop up straw (ty, Julie) but she doesn't like the taste of milk...she takes a sip then lets it run out down the front of her. I tried expressing, nope, same thing happens and I tried formula...didn't work either...in need of ideas here, please!!!
My dd is also aking up almost every hour on the hour, my two boys didn't do this...so since I haven't been getting enough sleep I get migranes. Had one for the past 3 days, so I went to a duty dr. who gave me a needle of something and then sent me home with 2 samples of the same drug. My migrane is gone for now, but I feel it lurking...waiting for the right time to come out and bombard my head again! My dd will put herself to sleep no problem, the key is trying to get her to stay asleep all night...I have tried the following:

~feeding her something like her cereal before bed
~tried keeping her up later at night
~letting her cry herself back to sleep
~giving her a pacifier (which she hates, until I found one that she LOVES) but it is a short lived thrill

Nothing I have tried will get her to sleep through the night...again any ideas are welcome...Thanks in advance :)!

Monday, October 15, 2007

silly me

Lol, I totally forgot to take a pic of my card for my son's lil girlfriend for her bday..you may be able to see it over at Julie's. Plus, I forgot to take a pic of my friends sympathy card and the bday card that I made my other friend. What kind of blogger am I?? Sheesh, I promise that I will get the pictures before I send the cards to the people...do I feel silly or what...lol!!

It's Official

I start Cardio Kickboxing this coming Monday night at 7 p.m., turns out the instructor lives 2 houses up from me :D...who knew??? Lol, I am excited now :D!! I talked to her to see if this would help get rid of flab :p, and she said most def. and so that is what I will be doing for the next 8 mondays :D!! She said not too many people have been interested in this class, but she think it is because of the Kickboxing part...there isn't any contact between people...anyways, she said I could go Sunday night to check it out before I put myself through something I don't want to do. I may just have to go check it out...will keep you posted!

Crazy mom quilts blog

Head on over to this blog : http://crazymomquilts.blogspot.com/2007/10/200th-post-contest-and-giveaway.html and enter to win this purse...please, also let them know that you have been referred to her blog by me...also include www.mystampinggrounds.blogspot.com in the post too :)! Thanks

Cardio Kickboxing

I have a quick question for you all, have any of you done Cardio Kickboxing?? The reason I am asking is because I am thinking about joining a class out here by me...it sounds good...here is what the flyer said:

Come strengthen your heart, your body and relieve stress all at once!!! Sounds good eh?? 8 classes for $40.oo thought that was a good price too...specially for a female gym.

I am looking forward to joining this class, it is once a week for the next 8 weeks :) and plus I will get to meet other people in my area which I don't know that many of. I have done "Curves" loved it, but they are expensive and I wasn't really seeing any changes in me...in terms of toning things up and perhaps a little weight loss. I don't want to lose weight right now, since I have gotten rid of my baby weight from all 3 of my children...but now I just want to tone up those flabby areas. Lol, I am sure some of you are thinking "flabby areas?"...even I have flabby areas that need attention :p! Will let you know what I think of the first class, it is 21st or 22 I have to call to find out...I am nervous :p!

Your friendly enabler here posting a message for all you addicted to stamps :p...run I tell ya run to Michael's

Today, is a cold windy grey day...it was sunny but not anymore, it looks like it is going to rain! Lol, thought you would find this kind of funny!! Okay, mistake number one was going to Michael's but we can blame that on my sons elementary school because they want (us the parents) to make our children masks to wear on the 31st. Not costumes...yes there is a catch and that is that you can't buy it you must make it with your children out of whatever materials you want. So, me being crafty mom that I am...I was going to get one of those foam masks from Michael's and have my son decorate it...but they didn't have any :(! Soooo, I am doing the next best thing...I am going to cut out a bat and cut out eye holes in the body part of the bat. Next, I am borrowing a bat stamp from Kim, and my son can stamp with white ink all over his mask a bat...thought that was pretty neat idea :). I was only there at Michael's to get some foam and some of the cork board for my coasters, lol, yeah right notice that word ONLY (lol, you can't just only get that right??) My Aunt calls me over to where she was, she says "look what I found!", the thought oh oh popped into my head...this can't be good...my Aunt knows I am a stamper an addicted one at that. I thought to myself, no way she found something that I could possibly want...WRONG!!! Oh my soul, Stampendous and Fiskars has NEW clear stamp sets out there at Michael's...so RUN RUN RUN to your local stores and enjoy the new stamp sets. There are small one's for $13 and the bigger sets are like $21, they are beautiful sets!! The two that I picked up *I am soooooo bad* were a flower stamp set with the sentiments "hello,hello" and "many thanks" in it. The other stamp set I picked out was one with sentiments (sympathy type sentiments), with beautiful leaves and stem flourishes. There are 2-5 other sets I could have walked out with, but I was a good good girl :p...well, sort of :(! My reason for buying them is that my dh does a horrid job at getting me good stocking stuffers, so I have to do it myself...so what perfect stocking stuffers...what a cheater weater I am eh?
Well, have a great day...hope you are warmer than I am here...don't forget to Run ( I mean not run, stay away from :p) to Michael's. Lol, all your dh's or sig figs (significant others) are going to luv me :p!

Sunday, October 14, 2007


Lol, so I ordered some Bella's the other week and I forgot I did so...I went to my lil son's girlfriends bday party yesterday and my friend who ordered several Bella's for various people brought them to give to me. I got 5 Bella's, and the 5 are: clickabella, huggybellas, sposabella,teddybella, and teachabella. Then I remembered what I said yesterday about having to slow down...lol...oh well, I got these one's before I decided I had to slow down. so I didn't cheat right?? Now for my BIG problem...I have recently come to know the CTMH stamps, and I have been invited to a CTMH get together and am just going to have to get something there. That I am afriad is cheating!!

two Christmas coasters

Here are two Christmas coasters that I have created this cool fall afternoon, the first one that I made I used the new "See-D's" mini stamp sets that I picked up from Carousel the other week :). The stamps I used were the holly and the "Happy Holidays" sentiment, then I colored in the stamped image using my Sharpie Markers. This is the end result, please let me know what you think :D because I am still not sold on how I stamped it onto the coaster...

The second Christmas coasters that I made were from a stamp set that I had picked up from the PhotoMemories store in Halifax, I am sorry to say I don't remember what company made these one's. I am sure Kim will help me out with this, just because she picked up the same stamp set as me :)! For both these coasters I used "Brillance" black ink and Sharpie markers to color these stamped images in :D! Easie Peasie right?? Well, what are you waiting for get creating :D!

Friday, October 12, 2007

I just realized something

Oh boy I am sooooooo bad....I just came across a gift (a cross stitch) that should have been done ages ago...I am soooooo bad, better start doing that too and get it off to my friend. Yip, I cross stitch too on the rare occassion...I am not like a pro by any means, but I usually get one cross stitch done a year. Sorry, Allison for not getting this cross stitch to you sooner..I feel soooooo bad :(!
I also just realized that I have to make one of my fun knotted blankets for a friend who had a baby a few months ago, basically here is what I do: I get a meter and a half of patterned fleece and one meter and half of plain fleece fabric. Then, when I get home I lay both of the fabrics out on top of eachother and I cut the fabric out as straight as I can...can get pretty frustrating!! Next, I take my Fiskars scissors and I cut out strips (the strips are about the length of my scissor blades) all along the sides of my material...once you are done cutting out the strips all along the sides you are to start tying the two materials together. When you are done you have a snuggly warm blanket, that required no sewing and it is 2 fleece fabrics thick...great blanket for a fall night. I have made all my children one, my dh one, my mil one, my nephew one, several friends one....going to have to do one for my relatively new niece in Toronto for xmas (it's okay she doesn't read yet :p). They are a fun blanket to make, and doesn't take long at all :D! Try it out, makes for great gifts :)!

Xmas shopping

Sorry, had to mention that stressful/yet fun thing that we will all be either starting or finnishing soon :)! I have been getting a few things here and there, whenever I am out and I see something that someone might like I grab it and hide it in one of my many spots to hide things in. Well, today when I was out running errands I remembered that I usually get my mom a Boyd's Bear...and it was this time last year that I found a new one that had just come out. So I made my way to Carleton Cards at my local mall, and I found the perfect one for her...it is an adult bear and 3 little bears (look to be about the ages of my 3 lil one's) on a teeter totter. Then I am thinking that I don't know what to get my lil dd for her bday or second Christmas, both relatively close together and then it came to me...both of my boys got a bear from build a bear workshop. So I was going to go in and get a rabbit for her, but then I found this cute bear and it was a lot different than the bears my son's have...plus, with the purchase of this bear $1 of the proceeds goto helping sick kids. I had my middle son help me with making the bear, he got to kiss the heart, name it (patches, because it has colored patches all over her), then he got to help me dress it. You get to type in info. to go on the bears Birth certificate, you also get to put who the bear is from and so I thought it would be cute if her brothers gave her this bear...my Oma (grandmother) gave my boys their first bear. Cute idea eh? Lol, so that doesn't really take care of what I am going to get her but at least I had a cool idea :p!
Lol, I almost told you what I was going to make most of my family for xmas...but I can't because most of either my family and or my dh's family tend to read this blog too :p! Don't want to spoil the fun for them, but at the same time I am itching to tell/show you...tee hee...oh boy I got to get working on these projects soon. Every time I turn around it seems I have a new card to make...I think I have to make 2 cards tonight, and start on the secret xmas gifts because there are a lot of these things that I have to make...not just like 8 or so...try 14 or so....yip...gotta get started.

My oldest son's fiance's bday party tomorrow

Lol, yes I typed that right...my oldest son's (who is 5 year old) fiance is having her bday party tomorrow, and let me tell you I think it was love at first sight. He keeps telling me how much he loves her, how he has to watch all the princess movies so he can learn how to be a prince, how perfect she is etc. So you can only imagine the excitement when I told him that her birthday was tomorrow, I had to go out and find a "special" gift and it couldn't be a girly gift it had to be just right for his perfect gal. Lol, I did find something that fit that bill and he thought it was perfect too...I can't tell you what it is because the future mother in law tends to read my blog :p! I would also show you the bday card I made my future dil, but I won't...not until after the bday party, my son wouldn't let me incase his one true love saw it on here. Lol, strict rules one must follow I tell ya :p! I will take some pics of the party and post them when I post my card here tomorrow night :)! Myself and all 3 of my children will be there...still not sure if my dd will be there...we will have to see...

Gotta be a good girl for a bit :p!

What do I mean by saying I have to be a good girl for a bit?? Well, I have been buying stamps like crazy lately and I really need to stop for a bit...besides there is Christmas coming and my bday coming after that. So I MUST be a good girl :D! Oh boy this is going to be hard!!! I can't exactly give the stamp sets for hints, and then go ahead and get the stamp sets...that wouldn't be fair :p! However, I should add this clause....if there is a sale on or some little must have's like at Carousel or Michael's I just might have to give in :p...
I think I figured out what happened and why I have been getting lots of stamps and crafty things lately, my friend Kim a few months ago went on a stamp buying frenzy and I think I caught her bug :p. That' s my excuse and I am sticking to it :D!

Luren Meader's blog

Please head on over to Lauren's blog, and take part in her challenge...I have :)! Also have you gone PINK or added this smilebox to your blog??? Lauren's blog explains it best so as I said before check her blog out please :)! If you do take part in her challenge, and post a link to your site so she can see if you did it...you can win some pink goodies :D and I know you all can't resist goodies :).

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

My dad....

Over the Thanksgiving weekend, my dad had a heart attack while he was at the cottage trying to close it for the season with my mom. He was taken by ambulance to Yarmouth Regional hospital, it is a 45 min drive from my parents cottage and they declared he had a heart attack then. He was then transferred yesterday only for 48 hours to the city hospital (where he is from and lives and works) to do several tests, then he is going back to Yarmouth because they don't have any beds for him here. nice eh?? The dr. that was in to see him, listened to his neck and she heard a noise guess that means there is a blockage or a few of them somewhere. This blockage my mom tells me is the same one my great Uncle had just before he was diagnosed with cancer. My mom is having a hard time with this, as one would in this situation...but she really doesn't want to go back down to Yarmouth. We won't know anything until after this dye test is done, fingers crossed and prayers are being said....I will keep you all posted.

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Fun Thanksgiving weekend

We were staying with my sister in law and her husband in Riverview, N.B. to spend Thanksgiving with them as well as my Father and Mother in law :). We went to Centennial park (which is an amazing park to go visit, it has almost everything there to do), we spent most of the afternoon there and had a picnic there too :D! Here are a few of the things one can do at this park:

Here is my oldest son, playing in the large sandbox with a digger...there were 4 of these in this sandbox and the last time he was here he wasn't strong/big enough to operate this without help. Here is a picture of my Father in Law and brother in law on this long tube thing, trying to bounce eachother off of it, these two guys aren't people you'd want on something like this because they are both very competitive (lol, you might not get on it in other words for a long time). I think they sort of egg eachother on to see who can out do the other, or who can beat the other, lol!!

Here are some people walking a tight rope that they made themselves, and are trying to walk on it. There are about 6 people in total taking turns at trying to walk across it, lol, I know it doesn't look like there is a rope uner this guys feet but there is. From this picture it just looks like he is walking across the grass, but there is really a rope there and he is doing well...shortly after I took this picture he fell off. Pretty creative I thought :D!

This next picture is of my dd, who is 10 mos now, and this is her first time in a swing at the park :)! She loved it, but when it was time to go my mil (mother in law) took her out of the swing and she was very mad at her, she cried a bit...we did get back to a playground on Sunday afternoon and she sat on my lap while I was swinging...she loved it. I am going to have to get one of those Little Tyke swings for her...lol, so she can swing to her hearts content :)!

The next picture is of my middle child trying to use the same digger toy that was in the sand box, but as you can see he is having a hard time with it. My Father in law came over to help him out, and my son is declaring "No, I do it myself!" Typical 3 year old, eh?

This next picture is of the "Treego" obstacle course, this obstacle course is like no other that I have seen...this one is a 3 hour one and it is up in the trees. Or I should say it is from tree to tree, using zip lines, tight ropes, cargo nets etc...my dh and fil and bil all did this obstacle course. This is only one station of this course, thought it was neat and may have to try it next time I am there! This picture is of someone coming across the ball field on a zip line, this is one of the longest zip lines that I have ever seen...the neat thing is you can hear all these "zipping" noises all around you as you stand there. This next picture is of one of the stands that you land on after going on the zip line, kind of neat...beautiful scenery so I am told :p!

Here is my dh and my middle son enjoying the picnic lunch that we packed to eat there at the park, what a beautiful afternoon we had :)! I also took this picture shortly after the first one, lol, my middle son looking very relaxed and tired all at the same time...he didn't even want the sandwich that we made him.

Awww, look at this sweetie :)!! She was watching all the children run by us and watching them play on the large playground equipment. What a fun weekend :)!

Friday, October 5, 2007

Card for Julie and her dh for their Anniversary :)

This card is one that I made for Julie and her dh, their anniversary is this weekend :)! HAPPY ANNIVERSARY guys :)! I also wanted to do something else for them, didn't know what to do, then I had a great idea...I made one of those card folio's that I showed the tutorial for from someone elses blog. I had 4 cards and 4 envelopes to go inside the card folio, I think that if you have anymore cards and envelopes in there it wouldn't look nice. I am very very happy with how they turned out :)!! Sorry some of the pictures are dark, lol, go over to Julie's blog I am sure there will be better pics there :p!

For my card folio I used some light blue cardstock that I got from Kim, I scored the cardstock at 2" to make the pocket part of the folio. Next, I scored the cardstock at the 5 1/2" mark and then I took some brown cardstock and attached a piece of fall patterned paper to it. Then, I stamped the flower image onto a piece of white cardstock and attached that to some brown cardstock. The flower stamp is from Lizzie Anne Designs "Jolie's Fleurs" stamp set and the sentiment is from "Baroque Motif". The brown ribbon came from Michael's, and used my Crop-A-dile to punch the hole into the side of my folio.

The first card that I made I used some left over patterned paper that I got from Michael's, then I used some scrap piece of "Barely Banana" cardstock to make sort of a window to put my sentiment in. The sentiment I used came from the SU stamp set called "Baroque Motif", and I then cut out by hand two corner pieces attached them using come photo stickers. I really like that patterned paper that this card is made out of, I think it is the lovely colors that are in it :D!

The second card I made from Chocolate chip cardstock, attached it to white cardstock base and stamped 4 Paisely's on all the corners of the brown cardstock. The paisely and the flower stamp came from the Jolies Fleurs stamp set by Lizzie Anne Designs. I attached the stamped flower image on a piece of barely banana cardstock, which then got attached to my brown cardstock using photo stickers. I must say that I am really enjoying using the Jolies fleurs stamp set, dunno what it is I love about them...they are just a great stamp set :). Weird my card it straight, but it looks clopsided here

The next card I made I used white cardstock as my base, then I attached pattern floral paper to it, stamped a flower onto some white cardstock and cut out the flower. Next, I attached the flower onto the patterned paper using a dimensional...colored in the flower using my Tombow markers. Easy card to make but looks amazing :D!

The 4th card I made I used certainly celery cardstock attached a strip of floral patterned paper to the card using picture stickers. Then, I stamped on small flourishes all over the card using my versamark ink pad and I think the flourishes came from the Jolie's Fleurs stamp set too :)! I then stamped the "Get Well" sentiment onto the card using black ink by Brillance and voila!! Lol, sorry for this card being sideways :p!

Thursday, October 4, 2007

Pumpkin Spice Frosted Snack Cake

This is one of the yummy things we will be eating over our Thanksgiving weekend :D! Try it, it makes your house smell yummy :)!

Prep: 20 minutes
Total time: 55 min

1 pkg. (2 layer size) spice cake mix

1 3/4 c (1/2 of 28 oz./ 796 ml can) pumpkin

1 c Miracle Whip Dressing

3 eggs

1 pkg. Philadelphia brick cream cheese softened

1/4 c butter softened

2 Tbsp Milk

1 tsp Vanilla

4 cups icing sugar

Preheat oven to 350 degrees . Grease 13x9- inch pan; set aside. Beat Cake mix, pumpkin, dressing and eggs in large bowl with electric mixer on medum speed until well blended. Pour into prepared pan.

Bake 32 to 35 minutes or until wooden toothpick insterted into the center of the cake comes out clean. Cool completely in pan on wire rack.

Beat cream cheese, buter, milk and vanilla in large bowl with electric mixer on medium speed until well blended. Gradually add the sugar, beating after each addition until well blended. Spread over cooled cake. Cut into pieces to serve. Store any leftovers in the fridge.

Makes 2 doz. or 24 servings, 1 piece each.

Pumpkin Spice

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

KENT goodies

The other night I was talking to one of my sister in laws (she is also into the card making thing and also some other fun crafts), and she asked if I had seen the stamps that you can get at KENT (it is a big hardware store chain). I told her that I hadn't been there in awhile because I had heard that their scrapbook/stamping section was being shut down...anyways, I said I would go and check it out. So, I went to my local KENT and I got 7 sheets of cardstock (.69 cents each) and a Cuttlebug folder ($5.99 each)...guess who will be going back there another day??? I did see their stamp sets, they are clear or on purple rubber but they do look promising and will have to go back another day. My son had to goto the bathroom A.S.A.P., so I couldn't look for very long...isn't that always the way when you have kids with you in stores like that one?? Lol!!

sealer answer to a question for my coasters

Yes, I would say that sealer is def. needed because you don't want your stamped images to run or to bleed if they get wet. Even the stayzon ink will run/bleed if you do not seal it....


Quick post here, for those of you who are wondering what I used on my coasters in terms of a sealer...I used something called "Americana" Acrylic sealer/finisher and it works really well. I got it at Michael's I think it was in the artsy section, but I am sure you could ask someone and they could help you :).

Monday, October 1, 2007

Think I need to clarify something

All the pics and the tutorial on how to make those cute card portfolio's came from the blog I listed there in the post, I didn't make any of it...but am planning on making a few that is for sure...just wanted to share with you what I had found on the blog.Sorry, if I wasn't clear there.

More Coasters...

For this first coaster I used Lizzie Anne Design stamp set called "Jolies Fleurs", I stamped the little flourish in all the corners of my coaster and then I stamped the large flower in the center of the coaster. Next, I took my Sharpie markers and colored in the small corner flourishes using my lime green sharpie marker and it looked great :)! So, from there I colored in the center of the flower using my yellow Sharpie marker and I colored in the petals using a purple and an orage colored Sharpie. What nice bright, bold colors they are...even after I sprayed them with my acryllic spray they didn't lose any of their color which I was concerned about :)!

The second coaster I made, I used an unmounted butterfly stamp that I picked up from "Carousel" the other day when I was there and I also used the Sharpies to color it in. I stamped the sentiment "cherish" on it using the Imperial Purple stamp pad, and when I sprayed this coaster it made the sentiment look faded. It looked great :D!

The next coaster that I made, I used this floral stamp from "Jolies Fleurs" a stamp set from Lizzie Anne Designs and I used "Brilliance black ink" to stamp the floral design on to the coaster. Next, I used my Sharpie Markers to color in the designs on the coaster...think this one turned out great, but I might use a different color next time to add a bit more punch to the coaster than what the yellow did.

The next coaster I made I used the tiny doodle flourish from the SU set called "Doodle That", and I didn't color any of the flourishes in because I guess I was going for an black and white look...

The final coaster that I made I used the "Wild Things" stamp set from Gel-A-Tin, I picked up this stamp set from PhotoMemories in Bayers Lake. I love this set, and haven't used it a whole lot but should really start using it :)! I would recommend using the Sharpie markers though to color in any of your stamped images on your coasters, works better than any other markers that I have used.

Anniversary Card

Here is an Anniversary card for an older couple that goto the church we attend, they are celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary this weekend and we are unable to be there at their open house. We are going to be away that weekend to celebrate Thanksgiving with my sister in law and her hubby, plus my mil and fil :)!

For this card I used some of my light green cardstock from Carousel, stamped the script stamp on it using the black "Brilliance" ink pad. Next, I took a scrap piece of chocolate chip cardstock, and some white cardstock and stamped the "Barouqe Motif" flourish on it. I also stamped some of the small flowers from the same "Baroque Motif" set over top of the large flourish using "Versafine's" Imperial Purple stamp pad. I then attached them all to the green cardstock using my photo stickers, and then I added 3 heart shaped brads to the top right hand corner using my Crop-a-dile. I used the "Cherish" sentiment from the same stamp set and stamped it in the bottom left hand corner using the Imperial Purple stamp pad. I also stamped the large flower from the "Baroque Motif" stamp set onto a piece of white cardstock using Imperial Purple ink pad, and then I cut it out. I attached that big flower to my flourish using some dimensionals to give the card a bit of a punch :)!