Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Look at this cookie...frame it don't eat it

Over the weekend I went to an annual craft show with my dh's 2 aunts, we walked around and got a few things (fudge, a cute fleece coat for my dd, a ring made from a tea spoon handle and this cookie). This cookie was made by a lady who started her own business called "Fancy Shmancy" (thought you'd like the name), and she sells cookies and cakes. Cookies are yummy ( worked it off in Cardio kickboxing last night :p), the cakes are amazing but you probably would have freaked at the prices of the cakes. I certainly did freak at the prices, but then again I am not out buying cakes for my children't bday parties and certainly wouldn't buy one this expensive. These cakes were like the price of a wedding cake, I think I trained in the wrong field :p! Looks beautiful doesn't it :)!


Julie Mutch said...

Oh, those are the ones that I saw in Windsor at the Pumpkin Race. They're so pretty, almost too pretty to eat! I bet it was yummy, though! :)

Tracy.H said...

Very pretty...maybe she should start designing stamps!! :0)