Friday, October 12, 2007

Xmas shopping

Sorry, had to mention that stressful/yet fun thing that we will all be either starting or finnishing soon :)! I have been getting a few things here and there, whenever I am out and I see something that someone might like I grab it and hide it in one of my many spots to hide things in. Well, today when I was out running errands I remembered that I usually get my mom a Boyd's Bear...and it was this time last year that I found a new one that had just come out. So I made my way to Carleton Cards at my local mall, and I found the perfect one for is an adult bear and 3 little bears (look to be about the ages of my 3 lil one's) on a teeter totter. Then I am thinking that I don't know what to get my lil dd for her bday or second Christmas, both relatively close together and then it came to me...both of my boys got a bear from build a bear workshop. So I was going to go in and get a rabbit for her, but then I found this cute bear and it was a lot different than the bears my son's, with the purchase of this bear $1 of the proceeds goto helping sick kids. I had my middle son help me with making the bear, he got to kiss the heart, name it (patches, because it has colored patches all over her), then he got to help me dress it. You get to type in info. to go on the bears Birth certificate, you also get to put who the bear is from and so I thought it would be cute if her brothers gave her this Oma (grandmother) gave my boys their first bear. Cute idea eh? Lol, so that doesn't really take care of what I am going to get her but at least I had a cool idea :p!
Lol, I almost told you what I was going to make most of my family for xmas...but I can't because most of either my family and or my dh's family tend to read this blog too :p! Don't want to spoil the fun for them, but at the same time I am itching to tell/show you...tee hee...oh boy I got to get working on these projects soon. Every time I turn around it seems I have a new card to make...I think I have to make 2 cards tonight, and start on the secret xmas gifts because there are a lot of these things that I have to make...not just like 8 or so...try 14 or so....yip...gotta get started.


Tracy.H said...

We love much fun!! better get busy, woman!! ;0)