Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Fun Thanksgiving weekend

We were staying with my sister in law and her husband in Riverview, N.B. to spend Thanksgiving with them as well as my Father and Mother in law :). We went to Centennial park (which is an amazing park to go visit, it has almost everything there to do), we spent most of the afternoon there and had a picnic there too :D! Here are a few of the things one can do at this park:

Here is my oldest son, playing in the large sandbox with a digger...there were 4 of these in this sandbox and the last time he was here he wasn't strong/big enough to operate this without help. Here is a picture of my Father in Law and brother in law on this long tube thing, trying to bounce eachother off of it, these two guys aren't people you'd want on something like this because they are both very competitive (lol, you might not get on it in other words for a long time). I think they sort of egg eachother on to see who can out do the other, or who can beat the other, lol!!

Here are some people walking a tight rope that they made themselves, and are trying to walk on it. There are about 6 people in total taking turns at trying to walk across it, lol, I know it doesn't look like there is a rope uner this guys feet but there is. From this picture it just looks like he is walking across the grass, but there is really a rope there and he is doing well...shortly after I took this picture he fell off. Pretty creative I thought :D!

This next picture is of my dd, who is 10 mos now, and this is her first time in a swing at the park :)! She loved it, but when it was time to go my mil (mother in law) took her out of the swing and she was very mad at her, she cried a bit...we did get back to a playground on Sunday afternoon and she sat on my lap while I was swinging...she loved it. I am going to have to get one of those Little Tyke swings for her...lol, so she can swing to her hearts content :)!

The next picture is of my middle child trying to use the same digger toy that was in the sand box, but as you can see he is having a hard time with it. My Father in law came over to help him out, and my son is declaring "No, I do it myself!" Typical 3 year old, eh?

This next picture is of the "Treego" obstacle course, this obstacle course is like no other that I have seen...this one is a 3 hour one and it is up in the trees. Or I should say it is from tree to tree, using zip lines, tight ropes, cargo nets etc...my dh and fil and bil all did this obstacle course. This is only one station of this course, thought it was neat and may have to try it next time I am there! This picture is of someone coming across the ball field on a zip line, this is one of the longest zip lines that I have ever seen...the neat thing is you can hear all these "zipping" noises all around you as you stand there. This next picture is of one of the stands that you land on after going on the zip line, kind of neat...beautiful scenery so I am told :p!

Here is my dh and my middle son enjoying the picnic lunch that we packed to eat there at the park, what a beautiful afternoon we had :)! I also took this picture shortly after the first one, lol, my middle son looking very relaxed and tired all at the same time...he didn't even want the sandwich that we made him.

Awww, look at this sweetie :)!! She was watching all the children run by us and watching them play on the large playground equipment. What a fun weekend :)!