Friday, October 12, 2007

Gotta be a good girl for a bit :p!

What do I mean by saying I have to be a good girl for a bit?? Well, I have been buying stamps like crazy lately and I really need to stop for a bit...besides there is Christmas coming and my bday coming after that. So I MUST be a good girl :D! Oh boy this is going to be hard!!! I can't exactly give the stamp sets for hints, and then go ahead and get the stamp sets...that wouldn't be fair :p! However, I should add this clause....if there is a sale on or some little must have's like at Carousel or Michael's I just might have to give in :p...
I think I figured out what happened and why I have been getting lots of stamps and crafty things lately, my friend Kim a few months ago went on a stamp buying frenzy and I think I caught her bug :p. That' s my excuse and I am sticking to it :D!


Kim said...

Hmmm...blaming it all on me huh?? LOL....oh well, what can I say! You can't stop buying quite yet, you are coming to my CTMH party?? LOL....after Can't believe I was able to post a comment today!! YEAH!!!! See you soon! :)