Monday, October 15, 2007

Cardio Kickboxing

I have a quick question for you all, have any of you done Cardio Kickboxing?? The reason I am asking is because I am thinking about joining a class out here by sounds is what the flyer said:

Come strengthen your heart, your body and relieve stress all at once!!! Sounds good eh?? 8 classes for $40.oo thought that was a good price too...specially for a female gym.

I am looking forward to joining this class, it is once a week for the next 8 weeks :) and plus I will get to meet other people in my area which I don't know that many of. I have done "Curves" loved it, but they are expensive and I wasn't really seeing any changes in terms of toning things up and perhaps a little weight loss. I don't want to lose weight right now, since I have gotten rid of my baby weight from all 3 of my children...but now I just want to tone up those flabby areas. Lol, I am sure some of you are thinking "flabby areas?"...even I have flabby areas that need attention :p! Will let you know what I think of the first class, it is 21st or 22 I have to call to find out...I am nervous :p!


Shannon Tompkins said...

I found this on the weekend at Beacon Hill Mike's. I got a hero arts butterfly set with a 40% off coupon.