Wednesday, October 17, 2007

unsure of what to do...

I have been wanting to stop the whole nursing thing with my dd, but it is easier said than's why: she wasn't a fan of sippy cups or bottles, she did like the rubbermaid juicebox with pop up straw (ty, Julie) but she doesn't like the taste of milk...she takes a sip then lets it run out down the front of her. I tried expressing, nope, same thing happens and I tried formula...didn't work need of ideas here, please!!!
My dd is also aking up almost every hour on the hour, my two boys didn't do since I haven't been getting enough sleep I get migranes. Had one for the past 3 days, so I went to a duty dr. who gave me a needle of something and then sent me home with 2 samples of the same drug. My migrane is gone for now, but I feel it lurking...waiting for the right time to come out and bombard my head again! My dd will put herself to sleep no problem, the key is trying to get her to stay asleep all night...I have tried the following:

~feeding her something like her cereal before bed
~tried keeping her up later at night
~letting her cry herself back to sleep
~giving her a pacifier (which she hates, until I found one that she LOVES) but it is a short lived thrill

Nothing I have tried will get her to sleep through the night...again any ideas are welcome...Thanks in advance :)!


Tracy.H said...

All I can say is just let her cry...even if it is for a few hours. She will eventually tucker out. It might take a bit...and you might be tired, but it truely is the only my opinion. Feeding her before bed is a good idea too. She tough it out...she will eventually give in. Good luck! :0)

Julia Stainton said...

Hi Catherine! How old is she? I've nursed and weaned five so I have a little experience with this. need to come check out this entry. :)

I need a little info. :)

Anita Hovey said...

Hi Catherine,

I agree with Tracy.h...crying it out is the only way sometimes. It's hard, but you have to stay strong and consistent. If you're giving in on the 3rd hour, then she's learning that you'll give in eventaully.

However, maybe you just haven't found the best blanket for her...or pyjamas...or room temperature?

The other thing is that Samantha didn't start sleeping all the way through the night until I put her in her toddler bed. She was getting her arms & legs tangled in the crib slats, waking her up. But Maiah is still a big young for that.

Samantha was also hard to get going on the bottle/cup, but I had no choice 'cause I was drying up. Have you tried the clear silicone nipple bottles? That's what worked for us. And a sippie cup with a soft spout (I still have that somewhere).

Good luck!