Monday, October 15, 2007

Your friendly enabler here posting a message for all you addicted to stamps I tell ya run to Michael's

Today, is a cold windy grey was sunny but not anymore, it looks like it is going to rain! Lol, thought you would find this kind of funny!! Okay, mistake number one was going to Michael's but we can blame that on my sons elementary school because they want (us the parents) to make our children masks to wear on the 31st. Not costumes...yes there is a catch and that is that you can't buy it you must make it with your children out of whatever materials you want. So, me being crafty mom that I am...I was going to get one of those foam masks from Michael's and have my son decorate it...but they didn't have any :(! Soooo, I am doing the next best thing...I am going to cut out a bat and cut out eye holes in the body part of the bat. Next, I am borrowing a bat stamp from Kim, and my son can stamp with white ink all over his mask a bat...thought that was pretty neat idea :). I was only there at Michael's to get some foam and some of the cork board for my coasters, lol, yeah right notice that word ONLY (lol, you can't just only get that right??) My Aunt calls me over to where she was, she says "look what I found!", the thought oh oh popped into my head...this can't be Aunt knows I am a stamper an addicted one at that. I thought to myself, no way she found something that I could possibly want...WRONG!!! Oh my soul, Stampendous and Fiskars has NEW clear stamp sets out there at Michael' RUN RUN RUN to your local stores and enjoy the new stamp sets. There are small one's for $13 and the bigger sets are like $21, they are beautiful sets!! The two that I picked up *I am soooooo bad* were a flower stamp set with the sentiments "hello,hello" and "many thanks" in it. The other stamp set I picked out was one with sentiments (sympathy type sentiments), with beautiful leaves and stem flourishes. There are 2-5 other sets I could have walked out with, but I was a good good girl :p...well, sort of :(! My reason for buying them is that my dh does a horrid job at getting me good stocking stuffers, so I have to do it what perfect stocking stuffers...what a cheater weater I am eh?
Well, have a great day...hope you are warmer than I am here...don't forget to Run ( I mean not run, stay away from :p) to Michael's. Lol, all your dh's or sig figs (significant others) are going to luv me :p!