Sunday, October 14, 2007

two Christmas coasters

Here are two Christmas coasters that I have created this cool fall afternoon, the first one that I made I used the new "See-D's" mini stamp sets that I picked up from Carousel the other week :). The stamps I used were the holly and the "Happy Holidays" sentiment, then I colored in the stamped image using my Sharpie Markers. This is the end result, please let me know what you think :D because I am still not sold on how I stamped it onto the coaster...

The second Christmas coasters that I made were from a stamp set that I had picked up from the PhotoMemories store in Halifax, I am sorry to say I don't remember what company made these one's. I am sure Kim will help me out with this, just because she picked up the same stamp set as me :)! For both these coasters I used "Brillance" black ink and Sharpie markers to color these stamped images in :D! Easie Peasie right?? Well, what are you waiting for get creating :D!