Saturday, January 31, 2009

My first Unity Stamp card :D

I won 3 Unity stamps in someone's blog candy giveaway several weeks ago, and tonight I decided that I just HAD to use one of the stamps I recieved.  So I combined 2 stamps, the Unity stamp was the sentiment, and the MFT stamp is the Yoga stamp that I used in the background of the sentiment.  I tried several different ways to do this card, and this one was the best looking of them all :D!

What I did was I stamped out the MFT stamp first of the girl meditating, and then I stamped the sentiment on vellum.  Next, I colored in the MFT stamped image then glued the sentiment over top...pretty easy :)!


Another dress card

So, I kind of improved upon my last dress card...for this card, I used my 1 3/8" SU circle punch to make the neckline of the dress. Then I used my 1 7/8" scallop punch to make the collar of this cute dress, and I used the floral/paisley kind of Cuttlebug Embossing folder for the dress.  LOVE these dresses :)!  Give it a try, would LOVE to see what you create :)!


Grandma's House of Cards blog candy giveaway

Please, go on over to Grandma's House of Cards blog because she has a cute Magnolia stamp set to give away :)!   This is one of the cutest one's I have seen too :)!


Dress Card cased

So I bought the March/April Paper Crafts  Mag last night, I didn't get around to going through it until this morning and that is when I came across this beautiful card.  It is a dress card, and you can get the template for it on and it is in the downloadable section.  

here is the card that I created using this template :)!  
Here is ju
st a little tip:  When I see a template that I want to use, I don't print it on usual printer paper...nope, I print it on some thicker SU cardstock and this way I can keep on using that template for a long time.  


Friday, January 30, 2009

Card Kabin blog candy giveaway

Card Kabin blog is having a blog candy giveaway, so please head on over and check it out...think you will like what she is offering :)!


My first star book using Nestabilities

Thank you Kim for this neat idea to use your Nestabilities (Large Scalloped rectangle), so I decided to give it a try...bare with me here, this is my first go at one. Had a few issues with it, but think I will make more :D!  This book isn't done yet, still needs work done to it...but I thought I would share what I had done with you :)!  I need to visit one of my usual crafty stores first before this project can be totally completed...

So while I am waiting for the pictures to upload, I thought I would share with you my mornings start it off I really didn't want to get out of bed would have been safer if I stayed there.  Then I forgot my son's Early Interventionist was coming here this morning, that is until I heard her pull in the driveway. *GACK* the house isn't clean and I am not ready for company...clothes are in the laundry baskets in the hall way. I tore around the house doing what I could to make it look presentable...well in the process of doing that I slammed my dd's bedroom door on my knuckle of my ring finger on my left hand. Didn't I get a slice of skin peeled back, thought it went down to the bone and I really didn't want to look so I grabbed a paper 
towel. Then ran to get the door...where I explained to her what happened to my finger and to hang on a few minutes while I did first aid on myself.  There is a large layer of skin that I managed to put back, but the problem is now there is what looks to be a large blood blister or something there.  My poor perhaps this is why I was having problems with my star book I made. Lol, oh well...going to get more ice to put on it in the mean time.


Blogs by Danielle giveaway

So you think your blog is dull, boring and needing something more?? Well, hurry on over to Blogs by Danielle and enter yourself in her might win a blog makeover :)!


Erin K Creations blog candy giveaway

It seems there are lots of thrifty women out there offering up bags they have made, Erin  K Creations blog is offering up a bag head on over and check out her beautiful bag :)!  Her draw will end on Superbowl Sunday, so hurry on over because you don't want to miss out :).


Designs by Tiffany blog giveaway

"Designs by Tiffany"  is having a great blog giveaway, now I know all you gals love bags....please head on over to her blog because she is giving one away. If you do enter to win her bag, please mention my name and that I referred you :)! 


Thursday, January 29, 2009


The other night at my gals night out, Kim one of the ladies there brought some tape with her to use on her projects. This tape is stuff I had never seen or heard of before, it is called Scor-tape and Kim let me use some that night. I LOVED it, it comes in lots of different widths...and it isn't expensive at is worth every penny I think.  So please go over to Scrapbook cafe to check it out :)!


The Scrapbooking cafe online

Please stop on over to this site if you live in Canada or Nova Scotia:

If you live in the Halifax area, I highly recommending going over to Kristy's house and checking out her store...she has scrapbooking and cardmaking goodies over there. She has Copic marker's in, she has Nestabilities in, she has Score pal in... 


Wednesday, January 28, 2009

another "Debendable" bracelet

Before I went to the gals night out, I made another bracelet to have a giveaway at some point throughout the evening.  Deborah just loved her hostess gift I brought, which was the first bracelet I made. Then we did the draw near the end of the night, and Kelly won this one...boy were these gals thrilled.  don't worry going to be making a lot more, just have to get more supplies :)!


My gals night out, thank you gals :)!

Last night,our usual bunch of crafty gals got together for a gals night out over at Deborah's but instead of bringing our 
own projects to do we decided to bring a project for all of us to do together. 3 of us had to prepare a project to do, and so: Julie, Kim and Deborah did our projects this time. Next time it will be Val, myself and Louise doing a project....let me tell you the bar has been raised very HIGH...thining I should have gone first :p!  anyways, here are the projects we made: the first one is Julie's and it is a small gable box for little goodies (like those yummy Bliss chocolates).  Cute box eh??

The next project was a lot of fun too, it was done by Kim and it was a gorgeous card...LOVED it :)!  We got to use some micro glitter (must get some), I am still covered in the stuff...but that is okay I need some sparkle in my life :p!!!  We got to use the Cuttle bug tiny heart dots folder, and the heart nestabilities for her card which was fun too especially if you were just new to this cardmaking thing. 

The last project we created was Deborah's, it was pretty is a pop up calender box :)!  How cool is that?? I must say though that the elastics for this project were giving a lot of us grief, right Julie?? Lol, I will be getting the template soon for this project and will definitely be creating more of them :)!
Then these wonderful women surprised me with a pile of Bday cards, thank you so much gals, you are the BEST....HUGE hugs for you all :)!  Yep, on February3rd I turn 31 (lol, a youngin' as Deborah keeps calling me)...not too sure how I feel about that number though but there is no stopping it from occurring.  Here are all the cards that they made for me, pretty neat and gorgeous cards from pretty amazing women :)! 

Julie's card, and of course there are butterflies involved :p! Beautiful card Julie...I LOVE it :)!! LOVED your new car too (nice brakes :p!), thank you so much for driving last night...see Julie's new car has heated seats.

This next card is from Val, LOVE that owl 
stamp and of course the gorgeous paper :)!  She added chrystals to for the owl's eyes...pretty
 neat effect I must say.  Should find out where she got that wonderful paper from :D! 

Here is a fun House Mouse card made by our new addicted to card making friend Germaine :)! Wonderful card, love the House Mouse stamps....even though there is sometimes a lot
 of coloring (right yvonne??) :)!

Now I first have to 
apologize for having this card's picture sideways...but I figure you need a good neck work out today.  This card is from Yvonne, and she vows to not stamp this stamp for a long time if at all just because of the coloring job needed for it.  Anyways, I just LOVE this card too...because inside there is a packet of yummy coffee :D!  LOVE her card design too :D!  Am actually in the process of making some of this coffee, will have to find out what kind it is...

Check this card out, Deborah made it and wow the detail and the work that must have gone into this beautiful card.  Check out the hardware too :D!  See the hearts on the right side of the card, well each of them have a small button that is sewn or looks sewin. The embossing done on the card too, WOW :D!

Here is Kelly's card, very soft colors...beautiful job on this card Kelly :)! It was nice to see Kelly out and Val out last night, since we haven't seen them in a long time...

Here is Louises card, very beautiful her asian style cards she makes...I always look forward to seeing what she has created next.  It is neat to see how after you have known some of your card making friends for awhile you can spot their card a mile away.

The final card is from Kim, and what a gorgeous card she made....LOVE everything about this card especially the stamped image of the lady :).

Again, thank you so much was fun :)!  


Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Papertrunk Blog candy giveaway

Hurry on over to the Papertrunk blog, they are giving away a LOT of goodies...don't miss out on this one either...I know I have posted a lot of blog candy giveaways, I just don't want you to miss out.


attempt #1

Here is attempt #1 at making a bracelet :)!  I call these bracelets "Flexibility" or how bout "De-bendable". Which name do you like better???  The beads are red, the center bead is pink with white swirls through the middle of it. cool eh?? 


Creating With Crissy blog Candy giveaway

Head on over to Creating with Crissy's blog, and enter into her wonderful blog candy have until Feb.1st to enter :)!


Fabric Family fun blog fabric giveaway

Please hurry on over to Fabric, Family, fun blog and enter in to her cool fabric giveaway, these are MUST HAVE fabrics too :)!


Monday, January 26, 2009

A Little Bit of me Blog candy giveaway

Who here is into ribbons?? I am serious here cuz if you like ribbon and I mean a LOT of ribbon please hurry on over to A Little Bit of me's blog and enter in to her blog candy giveaway. Get this there are 100 spools of ribbon up for GO NOW!!! 


rockin' Robin blog candy giveaway

Hurry on over to Rockin' Robin's blog  she is giving away fabulous stamp sets, don't miss out they are pretty neat sets :)!


Saturday, January 24, 2009

Stephs/Jeannette's blog candy giveaway

Steph is giving away some new great stamp sets, so please hurry on over to go be part of this great giveaway :)!  Jeannette is also giving away some goodies too, so pop on over there too while you are at it :)!


okay, so I am back in business here

I am back now, but I don't have any of my pictures transferred yet from the other computer to this one...will work on that next so I can get my watermark/signature back.


Friday, January 23, 2009

beautiful daisy card

Sorry Julie, but I just couldn't resist doing another butterfly card with this stamp I decided to make a daisy with the butterfly just sitting on the flower. Cool eh??

Here is the front view of the card...and I stamped the butterfly using VersaCraft white ink, just to change things up a bit :)!  Going to do more work to this card, but just thought I would give you the jist of it. 

Going to be offline for the next couple of hours, I got a new to me computer and it is AWESOME :D!!  So I got to take apart this one I am on now and set up the new one...I also won't be using my signature or watermark until I got all my stuff transferred over.


Thursday, January 22, 2009

Pollycraft designs blog candy giveaway

Head on over to this really neat blog: Pollycraftdesigns blog  and check out her cool blog  candy giveaway :)!  You have until Feb.2nd to enter, all you have to do is comment on your blog about her blog candy and then comment on her blog. 


Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Another butterfly card

Here is my second butterfly card, LOVE this stamp set :D!!!!  And I basically did the same thing to this butterfly as I did the first card I showed you, but this time I stamped it out on the white cardstock first. Then I stamped it onto the vellum using a slightly darker shade of blue, I wanted it to look like the butterfly had a shadow to it. Gotta love this patterned paper by Basic Grey, gotta get me some more of this paper. 

Here is the card at a different angle, wanted to show you what I did with the butterfly stamped on vellum.   Like how this angled shot turned out, they usually don't turn out this well :)!  


Amy Butler stamps card

Just had to do an upclose shot of the butterfly that I stamped on vellum, beautiful butterfly stamp and I thought Julie would like it too :)!  This whole stamp set is by K&Comany (Amy Butler stamp sets), is 
gorgeous and I would say it is a MUST HAVE. 

Lol, okay so every stamp pretty much is a "must have", with an exception to a few out there.  The patterned paper is by Basic Grey, and I believe I got it at the store that used to be Loomis and toole. 
I actually used my Touch markers to color in this gorgeous flower and flower stem...then I also used my blender pen a bit too.  


Tuesday, January 20, 2009


Just had to make this card...and I am sorry, but none of these stamps came from either of my 2 new Had to get this cards design out of my head before I could move on, know what I mean???  So my next card I will use my new stamp sets...tee hee, and I can't wait :)!! 

I am thinking about using the center part (where the French script is and the hearts stamp) to be on my Mom's coasters, what do you think?? Too busy??