Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Look at this gorgeous crafty bag from my parents :D

Look at the gorgeous crafty bag that my parents got me for my Bday (very early bday gift...my bday isn't until Feb. 3rd), it is by Vivid Allon and is handmade by someone in Canada (even better).  We found this bag over at a store called The Henhouse" in downtown Halifax over by my son's preschool.  It has 2 outter zippers, one if your bag isn't that full, and the other one you can use if your bag is going to be filled to the brim like I would have it. 

It has pockets all around the inside of the bag,can never have too many pockets...which is great for us crafty souls :)!  Thank you mom and dad, will use this for sure :D!!

My mother in law for Xmas offered to make me the crafty bag that I bought the pattern for, so that is still in the making...almost done but the good news is I will use BOTH bags for our crafty nights. I won't be coming with the recycled superstore/Telus/Michael's bags anymore :)!