Wednesday, January 14, 2009


Lol, that is me boooing my son's elementary school and STOCK transportation because of the mess they caused this morning...grr!! It wasn't too bad for me, but am also booing for all the other parents at my son's!!  This morning we got up, put our local radio station on to listen to see if the schools were cancelled...nope NOT cancelled and so then we continued on with our morning getting our oldest ready for school.  We get him on the bus, it continues on it's route and next thing about 15 minutes later I get a call from the mother of a little boy I look after saying that I won't have to look after her kids today because the buses have been called off the road.  I asked her what I was supposed to do about Isaac, she said "keep him home", she didn't realize the bus picks him up on the way in not on the way out.  So she told me to go run outside to flag the bus down, lol, so I run out the door looking my absolute best (NOT even close) and I flagged the bus down.  I managed to get my son off the bus, but all the other kids had to goto school and wait for their parents/sitters to go get them...nice eh?? 

Once I got inside, got my kids settled again, I called the school and asked if they are closed...she said that they were so she thought.  You can't just cancel school when the kids are in transit...most of the kids parents are already out the door and enroute to work/school and it was a good thing I was home. I tried to get my neighbours kids off the bus for her, but the driver wouldn't let me get them I think I am going to call her tonight and talk to her about this for future cancellations.

Okay, there is my rant for the :)!



Tracy.H said...

Wow! I would be ranting too! Well enjoy the day at home anyway. :0)

Anita Hovey said...

It was a mess out our way too...I had to drive E in because her bus was stuck in traffic on the main road, due to ice, and wouldn't get to us in time...then they came home at noon anyhow.